6: Your Spiral Business Matrix

Your Spiral Business Matrix

A breakthrough business is one that creates breakthroughs as its key offering – meaning a business built around helping other people or businesses achieve their desired results by breaking free of the things that hold them back from success.  It is the most effective way to leverage your brilliance to make your difference in the world and create the wealth you desire.

Your breakthrough business could include working one-on-one to change the mindsets or behaviors of others.  Or it could be designed to educate and empower people in masses to learn the best way to achieve their results – for themselves. Or it could be a number of different combinations that we will now describe.   As a breakthrough business owner, you’ll be creating a Spiral Business Matrix (SBM) – which outlines the various ways in which you will offer your Signature Solution to your Audience.

The first step in creating your (SBM) is to identify the ways in which you will “transform” your audience leveraging your Signature Solution.


Transformation Methods (Delivery Styles)

Although there are many ways to create wealth and transformation leveraging your Signature Solution, here are the very best and easiest methods to create change in others:

  • Coaching
  • Teaching/Educating
  • Mentoring
  • Advising
  • Therapy

Coaching – One of the fastest growing professions, coaching is a process in which the “coach” leverages the client’s own wisdom, resources, experiences and capacity to make the changes they want. A coach will rely on the power of a game-changing conversation to impact, influence and ignite the clients into their own actions.

  • Pros: Coaching let’s the client learn   as they go and they leave the relationship with more confidence and capacity to make the change on their own.
  • Cons: Because the client is being asked to provide their own ideas, solutions and answers – coaching requires the client to discover their own resources which can mean a slower process – although the benefits of learning to trust in themselves and their ability to come up with their own answers often outweighs the slowness of change in the long run. In situations where a client needs to respond quickly to a situation or to make rapid changes, such as in financial or health crises, coaching may not be the best choice.

Teaching/Educating – Teaching is a popular method of disseminating knowledge, skills or expertise in an organized format. Teaching typically follows an agenda created by the teacher in advance. One might say the work for the client is pre-planned.

  • Pros: Very fast way to download a lot of information. Can cover a lot of topics and/or can provide a lot of information on a single topic.
  • Cons: Client is discovering someone else’s answers and methodology rather than their own.

Mentoring – Although often confused with coaching, mentoring is distinct in that the mentor possesses knowledge, skills, expertise and experience that is desired by the client and transfers their knowledge and their way of doing things to the client as they mentor them along their pathway.

  • Pros: Can be very effective especially if it’s a longer-term relationship where the mentor can watch the client grow, learn and adapt their mentoring skills and content accordingly.
  • Cons: Client may not learn to adapt on their own behalf but become reliant on someone else’s blueprint for success. Once the mentor is gone, client may get stuck not knowing how to navigate beyond the mentor’s success formula.

Advising – Advising or consulting is a process of problem solving and providing solutions for the client. The advisor is doing most of the work and coming up with the answers while the client is taking their advice and using it to make decisions or actions.

  • Pros: Fast answers, Problems Solved. Instant Gratification.
  • Cons: Client isn’t doing any of the work in creating the solutions and doesn’t learn how to take care of such needs in the future.

Therapy – is also a specialized way of creating change in others and can also be highly effective especially if someone needs a lot of mental, physical or emotional support. Therapy could take the form of physical therapy such as yoga therapy, physical therapy, mental or emotional help that you might find working with a social worker, counselor, spiritual etc.  Therapy is something that requires advanced knowledge, skills and education – and if those are your skills, therapy may just be part of how you facilitate your Signature Solution.

  • Pros: Has a specific range of healing that is not found in the other modalities. Can provide a deep level transformation particularly at the emotional level.
  • Cons: Requires advanced knowledge and training in the therapeutic range, so not recommended if you do not have this training and skill set.

With these options in mind, you can do a mixture of these transformational methods, as you need to, to make sure that your Signature Solution creates the impact, influence and change you are seeking in others.

Now that we’ve explored the methods that you can use to evoke change let’s talk about programs, products and services. That is the format in which you will offer your Signature Solution as you employ the various delivery methods discussed above.


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The Numbers Game

Welcome Back!  This module deepens your understanding on how to create your Spiral Business Matrix and answers the questions… How much should I charge for my services, programs and products!  Enjoy!


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