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Welcome to the CoachPreneur Academy!

This is the place to be to learn the A to Z to designing, building and succeeding in your one-of-a-kind coaching business. This is a ROBUST program. To maximize your benefits, you’ll want to create the time, space and energy to dive in!

Your Next Steps…

  1. Join & use the private CoachPreneur Academy Facebook Group to get feedback from others on your marketing collateral.
  2. Complete INFUSE: Live Your Brilliance ASAP (This is a prerequisite for the CoachPreneur Academy. You will be lost if you have not done this program…)

The CoachPreneur Academy program utilizes streaming audio and downloadable (.pdfs). The CoachPreneur Academy is designed to support you to profit from your passions as a professional coach. Please read below for usage rights and responsibilities. We are excited to share this work with you and wish to maintain integrity with this program.

Unauthorized Use Prohibited Use of these materials to coach, train or certify others is strictly forbidden without the express written permission of Feroshia Knight and the Coach Training World.

Copying Prohibited In an effort to preserve the value of our work and the uniqueness of our methodology and business offerings we ask that you do not modify, copy or distribute any portion of Coach Training World’s training materials including worksheets, manuals, ebooks, or the content within.

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