Ideal Client Avatar (Infuse Module 3)

Your Ideal Clients Await!

We are now at that precious time, where you will identify who is most likely to benefit from your brilliance as you identify your Strategic Audience! Let’s jump in!


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Ideal Client Avatar (Perfecting)

Your ideal client avatar is the culmination of insight, personal knowledge and market research you possess on your ideal clientele. Even though it’s an imaginary exercise, think of your avatar as someone who represents the challenges you specialize in. You’ll take time to craft a full picture of their life, including finances, relationship status, occupation, and any other personally revealing markers you can think of.

This profile will help you understand the motivating beliefs, fears and secret desires that influence your client’s buying decisions. It will also serve as the backbone of your marketing content when you begin to strategically brainstorm ideas for your website, blog and other marketing tools.

In this bonus content, you will:

    • Learn what to do if you can’t decide on one type of client
    • Write your Egoic Title and get help from others
    • Solidify the psychology for your ideal client avatar
    • Discover ways to figure out your ideal client’s inner dialog through story and role-play
    • Recognize where your client is in their transformational process
    • Identify the real problems your client will pay to resolve
    • Recognize the true outcomes your clients secretly desire
    • Build your own “language” dictionary
    • Identify your ideal client avatar’s barriers and beliefs


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