Networking with Purpose

Get Clients Fast

Inside this course you’ll learn the fastest, easiest ways to get clients through relational marketing techniques. While the focus is on generating relationships through in-person experiences, these strategies are also effective inside the digital social arena.

Please note: this course builds upon “INFUSE: Live Your Brilliance” and its focus on personal marketing. Make sure you’ve completed that introductory course before proceeding.

In this module, you will:
  • Explore the distinctions between digital and relationship marketing
  • Build your ideal tribe of clients and referrals
  • Discover your ideal clients
  • Create your ideal client avatar
  • Finesse your 30-second pitch
  • Create your “results-based” title
  • And more!

Do you dread networking? Does the thought of pitching yourself and your services give you anxiety? You’re not alone. While some people enjoy “working the room,” many more would rather do just about anything else. But most of these people are under the assumption that networking has to be disingenuous, impersonal, even sleazy. It doesn’t.

This course is about getting clients. But more than that, it’s about learning how to build relationships authentically and in direct alignment with your personality and unique brilliance.

If you’re an introvert, you’re in the right place (and in very good company). Too many people take an adversarial approach to marketing. But prospects aren’t the enemy – quite the opposite, in fact. They’re people who are excited and passionate about you and what you have to say. So why not learn to engage with them as you would a friend?

Let’s get to work!!!!

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