Results… What Your Ideal Clients Really Want

Results! Results! Results!

In the last three modules, we have engaged in a rich exploration of your passions, purpose and what interests you most, took inventory of the skills, knowledge, experience and expertise you’d like most to share with the world and we started looking at how you might leverage your wealth of wisdom to create change in the world, in particular looking at:

  • What new opportunities you might create for others
  • What problems you might solve for others
  • Ways in which you can enhance the existing skills or knowledge of others

In addition we explored how you can apply what you are most passionate about to the different areas of a person’s life such as relationships, career, etc.  Lastly, we identified and described your strategic audience using “egoic identifiers”, so the people who you are most interested in helping and who want and/or need you the most can hear you call their name with your marketing endeavors!

Next up… we are going get strategic by identifying the ULTIMATE RESULTS that matter most to your Strategic Audience as we progress toward finalizing your Signature Solution.


People pay for the RESULTS you create for them!

First, it’s important to know that people do not buy you or your process, what they buy is the end result they desire. Although who you are and your way of helping them is definitely part of the decision, this information alone isn’t going to get you to record sales, unless you are putting thousands of dollars into your marketing and branding so they can’t forget you! 

Because people pay for results we are going to focus on the four most important types of results that people seek and ensure that your Signature Solution speaks at this level.

There are 4 types of results people seek:

  1. They want to have something – such as a new job, new relationship, or new home.  They are looking for something that feels tangible – meaning it is obvious whether they have it or not.


  2. They want to be able do something – learn a new skill, increase their effectiveness at an existing one or do something completely differently – that will ultimately get them to a desired outcome. This is typically a skill, knowledge or strategy that they see as the missing element in achieving a particular goal or outcome, like learning how to ski so that they can spend time with their partner who loves to ski. Or they want to speak in front of large audiences so they can more effectively share their message. Or they want to quit their job so they can travel the world.
  3. They want to become someone new (reinvent/up-level themselves). They want to be able to change who they are – for example go from being manager to company leader, employee to entrepreneur, shy wallflower to vibrant speaker, etc. They are looking to step into a bigger or different role in one or more aspects of their life. This kind of identity-level result becomes tangible when someone can see him or herself in the new identity or role, as a skier, speaker, leader, etc.
  4. And ULTIMATELY what people want the most underneath every other goal or desire: to feel better in some way – to replace whatever discomfort, stress, anxiety, poor health, discontent or dissatisfaction they feel with something they desire more: joy, peace, love, contentment, meaning, happiness, zest or to feel healthier, less stressed, more alive. 


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