Set Up Your Business Basecamp

Set up your Coaching Business Basecamp

Ready to make it official? Set yourself up for success while saving time and money. Establish the base of your coaching operations with these foundational steps.

In this course, you will:

  • Complete the legal and administrative requirements to name and establish your business entity
  • Establish yourself online with a domain, professional email and merchant accounts
  • Leverage technology and identify your virtual team
  • Design your physical and/or virtual office space with location, equipment, software and décor

Starting a business is kind of like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Depending on your path and area of expertise, the end result will be entirely unique to you.

The following course is meant to serve as a generalized startup checklist. Though the list isn’t complete, the topics covered here will help you plan effectively for the main expenditures and tasks related to startup.


Prior to starting this course download and read your course material. The audio/video content compliments and expands upon your reading material.

If you have questions please post them in the comments box below. Alternatively, you can post them inside of the private CoachPreneur Academy Facebook page.

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