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Your Tipping Point Story / Bio

Stories are a powerful way to engage and build relationships with others. They tug at our hearts and remind us of who we are. Your story is a window into your life experiences. It reflects who you are. It also offers one of the fastest, most authentic methods of connecting with others. Your goal here is to leverage that story to help your ideal clients envision working through their journey as you share yours.

This course teaches you how to demonstrate to your prospective clients that you understand their unique situation and needs. You will discover the tools that enable you to build intimacy before ever setting foot in the same room with your prospects. By creating content that speaks to the present moment and inviting your readers to connect through relatability, you become the guide they need.


In this course, you will:

  • Review an example of a Tipping Point Story
  • Choose between a Phoenix Rising, Road Traveled or Expert Guide Story
  • Write your own tipping point story using templates to customize
  • Learn the difference between features and benefits
  • Craft copy for some of your most important webpages
  • Explore frequently asked questions


Prior to starting this course download and read your course material. The audio/video content compliments and expands upon your reading material.

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