Your Essential Coaching Business Plan

Your Essential Coaching Business Plan

Business plans are essential to procure financial backing. As a coach, you are more likely to use your business plan as a “living” document – something to help define and clarify your business. Over time, you will sculpt and revise your plan as your business grows. This guide will help you drive success on your terms!

For many, the process of creating a business plan is daunting. Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed is common and normal. It’s also unnecessary. This course helps you think strategically through these essential steps in an inspiring and, dare I say, fun way!

You’ll gain a firm picture of where you are going, discover how to track your success, and learn from any setbacks. Far from being fixed in stone, the best coaching business plans are fluid, adaptable and allow for the addition of products and services down the road.

In this course, you will:

  • Draft your coaching business plan
  • Get radically clear on your vision and mission
  • Build a sustainable budget that identifies where to invest your money
  • Identify potential streams of income (active and passive)
  • Explore your competition
  • Discover what your difference is and why you are the best one to share that wisdom

Think about the last road trip you took. Not to the market or your local pet store, but to a place you’d never been and needed help to find. You probably asked for directions, looked it up on Google Maps, used the GPS on your phone to navigate there or, if you’re truly adventurous, consulted a printed map (yes, they still make them!) and traced the route with your finger.

The point is: to get somewhere new, you needed a plan.

Same goes for your business. You are investing precious time, money and energy into something that could land you stuck in the tall weeds without proper support. So this next task is an important one. A strategic business plan will help you long-term, keeping you on track and identifying areas for growth and development. More importantly, it puts you into a success mindset.

When your business is outlined on paper, it’s no longer a hypothetical. It’s real!


Prior to starting this course download and read your course material. The audio/video content compliments and expands upon your reading material.

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