Ever wonder how some people are able to follow their bliss while the rest of us stay stuck in dead end jobs and unfulfilled lives?

You’re on the precipice of career burnout — your  work-life balance leaves you emotionally exhausted and at times physically sick, and  despite all that you know, you just can’t take that leap of faith…

Meet Claire. After grueling hours climbing the ladder as a successful attorney and fighting a debilitating, mystery illness as a result, Claire walked out.

Witness Claire’s  journey of self-discovery — one that began the moment she crossed over the threshold that divided other people’s expectations of what she ought to do from her own happiness. All she had to do was employ the “Eighty-Year Rule” and ask herself what she would regret not doing in the time she had left.

What did she find out? Sometimes one person’s fear of a “road to nowhere” is really the journey of a lifetime. Trust yourself; you’re heart will map a route once you let go.

Hear Claire’s story of how she went from exhausted, sick, and unfulfilled to passionate, purposeful, and prosperous as a professional coach, author and speaker..


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Now it’s your turn.  I want to hear your story.

What would you regret not doing in your lifetime, and how can letting go of other people’s expectations help you achieve it?

Share your ideas with as much detail as you can. It’s time to start a revolution and step onto the path toward true, personal and professional, success.