Let Your Passion Light the Way in Your Business

YOUR Passion is the fire that lights the way for others to see you and follow you. It’s natural and comes to you intuitively.

The energy that you exude when you are passionate becomes magnetic so that it draws in others that want to learn or experience it with you. Yes, it’s truly that magical!

Your passion is what will keep you in motion – even when you’ve had a bad day, when a piece of your marketing plan is failing miserably, when you get a great job offer that seems too good to be true – so you must have it in your business.

When you are not aligned to your deepest passions, it become impossible to plod along. Your work is drudgery.

Those who are unstoppable and are surefire magnets to all around them are deeply passionate about their work. They are willing to do whatever it takes. Some people physically move, others end their love lives, and still others…well, just imagine something you could give up that would be hard for you.

These entrepreneurs are in love with their business and the life it creates for them. They are on “fire” in all the right ways. Their blaze attracts millions to the glow.

Why Is Passion So Powerful?

Think about the last time you were really excited about something – so excited you couldn’t stop thinking about it. You might have even told others and gotten mixed responses. But you were so excited about it that you didn’t let those naysayers get in your way.

Yes, it may be true that you inner critic had it’s words with you – but in the end you kept feeling that deep intrinsic motivation to move forward on your dream. So that voice quickly faded into the background and you rushed bravely onward.

Here’s where most of us get stuck, though. There might be many things that light us up, some we get excited about in the present moment, other things might last for a few days or months.

What you really need – the powerful part – is when that passion is so strong, so pulling, that you can be at mile 18 of the marathon for years and years. You see…

At the Heart of Your Passion Is You
What we are looking for in our formula to success is your CORE passion. It is what truly matters most to you and is at the CORE of WHO YOU ARE.

I know, I’m getting a bit esoteric on you, but that’s because when you are aligned with your deepest passions you are essentially unstoppable. The best and fastest way to connect to your passions is to step inside of your heart and put your magnificent brain on “pause.”

Why? Because your mind is intensely trained to be highly effective and keep you “safe” which means that the creative power your brain has is also packed with a lot of survival stories, real and perceived.

Your heart on the other hand is where you can listen for what it is that truly juices you up and what, at the core of you, is seeking to emerge from your most passionate interests.

How do you find your elusive passion?

My deepest invitation to you is to be okay with giving yourself some time to explore what really matters to you, and align your business, career and life with that. If you are in a business that you don’t love – go inward and listen to what really wants to emerge. If you are starting a business and you don’t know what direction to follow – oh so many ideas and possibilities – again go inward.

Entering the silent space where you can hear your inner truth requires effort. Here are a few of my favorite ways to settle the mind and make space for what is truly inside.

  1. Step out into nature. Regardless if you are sitting on a mountain or by the sea, nature does wonders to calm the nerves.  I often will take a journal, my favorites snacks and my favorite kombucha tea out for a 1/2 day adventure.
  2. Visit a local park. Now, I’m spoiled living in Portland, Oregon – our parks are abundant and a few of them big enough you can walk around for hours… But you don’t need that much space to wind down into a green lush space.
  3. Take a long dreamy bath. Short of a trip to the spa, slipping into warm soothing water can be the perfect place to “float” just long enough to relax into a space where you can put your mind to rest.
  4. Dance and sing. I know I said mind at rest and there is no better way to get out of the logical side of things then moving around and singing out.

When you feel ready to explore (and your inner critic or logical parts are tucked away) ask yourself:

  • What truly makes me feel alive?
  • What am I most passionate about?
  • How does my work align to my passions?
  • What might I do differently tomorrow to get closer to my passion?
  • Where does the fuel of your inner fire truly live?

I take passion very seriously. As a serial entrepreneur on my fifth “baby” the one thing I can say is true is this: When you don’t love your work you suffer and so do your clients. Sometimes it’s a matter of reinvention and at other times it’s a matter of completely letting go and creating a new business. Your precious time should be spent doing what you love and anything short of this (for me) is insanity.

Love What You Do. And once you’re in love – find yourself the right mentor and leverage the right business and marketing strategy and your business will love you back!

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