Meet Executive & Leadership Coach Dan Bartholomew who is based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Dan currently is a Certified Professional Coach, but is also minutes away from becoming an ICF Professional Certified Coach.

As an avid learner Dan has embraced credentialing way before it was “hip” to do so on LinkedIn, Coaching CEOs, Corporate Storytelling, Executive Relationship Building, Gender Intelligence, Gender Intelligence Deep Dive (Ambassador), Helping Clients Succeed, Lean Six Sigma (Black Belt), Key Account Management, and Strategic Selling.

What brought you into coaching?
I spent my career climbing every step on the corporate ladder. After reaching the top rung, I realized that what was most satisfying to me was seeing others succeed and coaching individuals and teams to be the best they could be. I sprang from the ladder into the world of coaching nearly 20 years ago and truly began to love what I was doing. 

What was your background prior to coaching?
Consulting was my career of choice for the first chapter of my business life; working my way up from associate to Partner. I spent my days solving big, thorny business issues and acting as a sounding board for executives at my Clients. After a brief sabbatical (more on that later), I re-entered the business world as a CXO for my second career chapter, applying all I had learned along the way in decision making, process optimization, and team building in the high tech and healthcare industries. Now, I’m in my third and best chapter. . .

What types of clients do you work with?
I work with emerging and current Leaders (women and men) in business that are looking to bring their best balanced, whole self to their work and life. Together we discover the forest in the trees and create achievable and actionable visions, objectives, goals, plans, and activities that bring success to them and those around them.

What is your secret sauce in helping others?
Finding their inner strength and trusting in themselves is often the root of solving a leader’s immediate problem or opportunity. Second to that is cutting through all of the incoming information, options and opinions to discern the problem and break it into achievable chunks to hit a longer-term goal, and the courage to step boldly to solve an imminent issue.

What else should we know about you?
I’ve “been there and done that,” and probably more than once. My first paid job was cleaning fish at a seafood restaurant at 14 years old, my last set of positions were Big 4 Partner, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer and Board member in the high tech and healthcare industries. This means I can sympathize AND empathize with the issues my Clients face; I bring all of these 30+ years of work and life experiences to help give me a deep understanding of my Clients in their lives as professionals and whole humans.

During my sabbatical, in 2000, I founded a school and orphanage for the street children of Kenya. Currently, I live a beautifully balanced life full of a rewarding career, loving relationships, activities that bring a kinetic balance to my life like fly fishing, dog dad, and caring for a charming, but demanding 100-year old craftsman bungalow.

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