Okay – let’s start with a really tough question. In fact, don’t worry if you don’t get the answer correct right away.

What makes an expert an expert?

If you know a professor holds a PhD, the answer is easy; they spend eight years studying to obtain a doctorate. The answer is also easy when someone holds a nursing degree, or certification as a mediator, for example.

You are also an expert. (I heard you snicker, but it’s true!)

It’s likely that it has taken you more then eight years to get where you are. You’ve traveled a road, you have a story to tell, strategies that have helped you along the way and secrets that if told, could save others from struggling like you have. And if you’ve achieved a level of success – there’s a story in that too. And if you are still on your journey, whether it is of struggle or success, there are others who aren’t far behind you. So, no matter which way we look at it, you have a set of knowledge to impart.

You have a unique set of skills that are specific to your life path and are valuable to others. These assets are unique to who you are, your perspectives and time-tested approaches. They are no different then what other experts (even gurus) have done to create their businesses. Regardless if you attended University or the School of Life, you’ve got assets to offer others.

So let’s be honest, are you hiding out from those who need you the most? Are you withholding valuable information that could really help someone else if they only knew?


Don’t disguise your mentorship.

As the go-to-person you help others by solving their problems. You dole out the advice, hear their challenges and with grace, you say, “Awe, really it was nothing. It’s just nice to be of service.”

That is wonderful and kind of you, but what if you were able to do that for more people and receive some affection back. What if you could earn a little gold coin for yourself and the brilliance you are sharing?

A colleague of mine has a diabetic son and was frequently counseling other mothers in her circle on how to recognize low blood sugar symptoms in children, who obviously can’t speak for themselves, and how to effectively run a sugar-free household. Her expertise (and passion!) was right there hiding in plain sight. The key is to recognize your gifts and translate them into a blooming business.

HINT: Your true gifts might not be what you think they are, so pay attention to the advice that you give to friends and family. And we’re not talking about what a great accountant you are. We’re talking about the oh-hello advice you’ve got to share that shakes up the world and really makes folks smile.


Leverage your Know-How

Perhaps you already recognize that you give out your best to anyone who wants to listen, but you’ve yet to see how that might translate into profits for you. As a go-to-person at all you’re actually further along in the process of generating cash and leveraging your know how than you recognize.

How could this be true? Well, you’ve been helping people for awhile. You know their story, their pain, their problem and what keeps them up at night. This information is golden and what you’ll leverage to market you solution, also called “your way” of achieving results.

One of my clients was deeply influenced by the loss of a close friend. As a result he choose to focus his extra time and attention on helping others to recognize the signs and symptoms of this death-causing disease. After volunteering for several years he found himself up in front of the masses speaking on this topic with passion as a paid influencer. He is now working on his book, which I suspect will be the first of many.

HINT: Many author-speaker-coach experts in the world began because other people had sought them out for their wisdom. They looked up to them. Is that you? What do people have you on speed dial for?


Be the Changemaker

Yesterday, a colleague chuckled at me as we discussed topic ideas for an upcoming conference. “You think like an entrepreneur,” she said, “Not everyone wants to turn what they do into a business.”

Why not?

If you have a passion, and you want to make it something that also pays your bills, don’t you owe it to yourself to monetize your systems and create the life that you’ve always wanted for yourself?

Helping others to create the change they seek is not only highly rewarding – it just feels good and of course when you are paid to do what you love it feels even better.

That’s what turning passions into profits really means.


Where do you begin?

Stop holding back. You are the perfect mentor for someone. And the sooner you recognize how much value you have to offer the world, the sooner you can break free of everything that’s stopping you.

Whatever it is you’ve accomplished in life – getting married, getting divorced, having a job, losing a job, becoming a mom, caring for a parent, getting a degree, changing careers – each step you took defines intellectual property that only you possess.

Now, let’s chat about how your unique set of knowledge can be turned into all the best things that life has in store you for, shall we?


Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jinterwas/