Get more clients today by knowing how to sell your services. Hint: your prospective clients do a lot of the heavy lifting.

As coaches and “soulpreneurs,” our biggest struggles revolve around enrolling a dependable stream of high-value clients and knowing how to attract and convert them with ease. But over the years, I’ve developed five proven secrets that instantly make the process easier, allowing you to confidently and calmly talk to anyone about your services. But first, a little perspective…

Does this sound familiar:

  • Discussing money is awkward and feels salesy – you’re more focused on the client saying no to your numbers than on the problems you solve and the benefits you can provide
  • How or when to ask for the sale is confusing and intimidating – you lack a proven process that allows for an easy conversation and conversion
  • You find yourself coaching your prospects in hopes of enrolling them and, because you’re good, they don’t need you after the sample session

If you’re like me when I first started, one (or more) of the above rings a bell. But you also may have noticed: these examples are all grounded in a fear of rejection. As a coach – someone who typically has a predisposition toward the well-being and success of others – asking for money in exchange for something we do naturally can be difficult for us.

We feel we’re being pushy and obnoxious when it comes time to present our offer. In addition, many often believe that if we “show them what we do” they will come to respect our work and (in a perfect world) offer us the sale.

As I said, I’ve been there myself. And that’s exactly why it’s so important for me to share what I’ve learned – hoping you’ll benefit from these empowering perspectives that follow.

You are not selling time. You are selling transformation.

As a professional coach, you are not hired by the hour but by the transformation your clients enjoy. Your clients are ultimately investing in a solution to their problems. They are seeking a result they can’t achieve on their own. Whether or not they realize it, they’re considering a classic cost-benefit analysis: the level of transformation they can have by working with you versus the cost required for your services.

True Value: What you offer is priceless.

Take, for example, the person who has spent the last 15 years of their life on nutrition and exercise; now they’re finally free of the poor health that results from inactivity and obesity. Or the single mother of two who finds her dream husband; now she has someone to share the burdens as well as the joys. And the high school senior who discovers and pursues their dream career; they can take what they’ve learned to find a path that is meaningful to them.

In short, the value lies in: problem gone, timeline condensed, money saved, frustration eliminated. This is priceless!

Clarity and confidence = cash.

Most people who are clear, confident and comfortable with their offers use a step-by-step process that allows them to focus on what matters most in the moment. Having a process alleviates the anxiety around that pivotal moment where a financial commitment is discussed. Using a process, successful individuals feel relaxed and are able to show up authentically as who they are: a gifted, talented and caring person.

Build rapport, trust and respect.

The success of your offer is also highly related to how well your prospective clients connect with you. When your mind is elsewhere and you’re worried about losing the sale, you aren’t present in the conversation. And the disconnect is obvious.

Being present in the moment allows you to sense what information they really need. It also gives you the opportunity to position your offer in a genuine way that speaks to your clients and their needs. Ultimately, you want your prospect to hear their name in your words and say yes to your offer because they know you “get” them.

Be prepared, sit back and relax.

Being prepared with a process means you have appropriate answers to the objections and will be confident in asking for your true value. The fear of rejection drops away and you no longer take it personally when someone negotiates or feels that the cost or services aren’t right for them. In fact, a good process will prequalify your prospects so they are already coming to you as a “warm” lead.

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