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Since 2005, Coach Training World (formerly Baraka Institute) has trained and certified 1000’s of Whole Person Coaches around the globe on 6 different continents. Our graduates have gone on to make their greatest impact in industries throughout the world by serving their ideal clients within corporations and their own businesses. Their secret? They learned how to bring their whole self into the work (and the world).

If you are new to the coaching profession, you’re at the beginning of something truly life-changing. You will enjoy the countless opportunities that enable you to make your unique impact. That’s because coaching allows you to serve the people and address the issues that mean most to you!

Once the best-kept-secret among a successful few, coaching is now relied upon by individuals, businesses, and professionally credentialled coaches in more than 147 countries internationally.

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Can I earn a living as a coach?

As a professionally trained coach, you get to choose who you’ll help. More importantly, you choose how you serve as a coach:

Four of the most popular options currently include:

  1. Internal Coaching. Here you address everything from small family-run businesses to multinationals. Industries range from high-tech and medical to wellness and financial management. Everyone values the support of an internal coach to develop employees.
  2. Coaching Firm. This is ideal if you value your independence but want someone else to do the marketing and sale to get coaching clients. Within a coaching firm, you are a subcontractor who commits to serving your firm’s clients. You maintain flexibility in terms of schedule and have the free time to work on your own (and build your business).
  3. Be Your Own Boss. If you crave independence and want the ability to customize not only your day but also choose exactly who you work with and how you help them, becoming a CoachPreneur is for you.
  4. Add-ons. When you add coaching into your existing business, you increase the scope of your services. More importantly, you boost your capacity to effect holistic change for your clients, patients, or anyone you currently serve.

This 310+ page step-by-step tutorial gives you the big picture and details on how to transition into a highly rewarding career or business as a professionally certified coach. This coaching book covers everything from training, getting certified to attracting your ideal clients or job.  It also includes coaching tools, real coaching examples and case studies and more!

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1-Day course for those who seeking to define their ideal niche and profit from their passions.

Figure out what are your most valuable skills, expertise, and life experience. Choose a niche that allows you to become the go-to-coach leveraging your best.

1-Day training where you can discover and explore the inner workings of Whole Person Coaching® for yourself.

Our holistic model and self-innovating process enable you to specialize in a coaching niche entirely your own. It’s the secret to standing out in a crowded marketplace. Experience the renowned support of our diverse learning community and expert led programs.

What is the difference between a “coach” and an ICF certified professional coach?

Many people call themselves “coach.” Yet few have ever been formally trained as a coach. In the same way, many organizations also use the term “coaching” when referring to advice given by mangers or HR professionals. In these cases, the interaction isn’t so much coaching but more of an advisory role.
With this in mind, it’s only fair to address the importance of attending an International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

Learn more about why earning a credential is important

In short, credibility. An ICF credential signifies to potential clients – whether they’re companies or individuals – that you have been vetted by the leading credentialing body of professional coaches in the world. As the gold standard for the coaching industry, a credential awarded by the ICF is now increasingly required by by many corporate clients and even individuals.

Learn more about the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Reporting nearly 50,000 members in 147+ countries and territories as of August 2020, the ICF represents the global benchmark for coaches and professional coaching. Recently celebrating their 25th anniversary, the ICF’s primary mission is to advance the coaching profession. In doing so, they establish ethical standards, provide independent certification, and maintain a searchable network of credentialed coaches across a variety of coaching disciplines around the world.

When you become an ICF credentialed coach, you signify to prospective clients and employers that you have completed standardized requirements. These encompass both the latest techniques as well as time-tested best practices. A credential elevates your expertise and profile from that of an amateur to an esteemed professional.

Should you earn an ICF credential?


Feel like you might be in the right place?

“I really benefited from the depth and breadth of Feroshia’s experience and skill. It is so valuable when she is teaching concepts as well as when she is modeling them. It is a gift to learn from a master. I was pleasantly surprised how well the Zoom format facilitated learning. I attribute a lot of the value I got from the weekend to my class mates as well. This is likely the most self-aware, open-to-learning, and non-judgmental group of students I’ve studied with. The environment was safe and conducive to learning. I really appreciated the breaks about each hour. It allowed me to fully concentrate during our learning time. Homework on Friday and Saturday was good too – it helped cement learning. Finally, opportunities to practice were so valuable.

I am completely engrossed with this content. Everything I am learning resonates as incredibly valuable. The further I progress into this training, the more certain and excited I am that I am on exactly the right path, with exactly the right program.

Brandee Gerke | Whole Person Certified Coach

How do you choose a coach training school?

You’re here for a reason. You’ve been called to become a coach. Yet there are so many different training options available, it’s hard to know which will be the best for you. We recognize this is an important choice.

Since 2005, we have helped thousands of individuals and businesses achieve their goals through professional development. In that time, we have identified several factors that produce a good fit between student and training program.

These include:

  • Coaching Methodology. As someone interested in the business of changing lives, it’s important to obtain your training from an ICF accredited coach training program capable of demonstrating their adherence to established curriculum, methods, and best practices.
  • Business Development & Trainings. Word-of-mouth marketing isn’t enough for most coaches. To effectively sell the intangible idea of a future outcome, you need full business and marketing support, as well as instruction on how to profit from your coaching business.
  • Network & Community. If you’re looking for a reliable network of supportive peers and instructors, people willing to contribute to your ongoing success as much as you are to theirs, this is definitely not to be overlooked.
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What is the foundational roots of the Whole Person Coaching method?

To provide the results people expect, a coaching methodology should be backed by verifiable science, not just theory. This is especially true when working to improve creativity, innovation, personal success, and happiness long-term.

Learn more about the Whole Person Coaching Methodology

Our programs are built on a combination of interrelated scientific disciplines that include:

  • Mindfulness
  • Positive Psychology
  • Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP)
  • Narrative Psychology
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Whole Person Learning
  • Meta-Learning
  • Archetypal Psychology
  • Expressive Arts
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Adult Attachment Theory
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB)

As a Whole Person Coach, your training enables you to work simultaneously with your client’s narrative, energy, and emotions. This facilitates supportive partnerships and interactions that produce results exponentially in every aspect of that client’s life.

You need more than a coach training program to succeed

 Transitioning into a new career or business can be scary… and more than a little overwhelming. This further underscores the importance of a supportive community and a coach training school that offers continued development.

Coach Training World has developed a wide range of opportunities that allow you to expand your expertise and horizons while easily keeping in touch with your support system. From our complete business school, the CoachPreneur Academy, and free trainings to helping you find clients and keeping you connected through online communities, we remain with you every step of the way!

We’ve walked the same path and know how it feels – the moments of elation, as well as the struggles. Here, you always have someone at your side and never have to face a decision or challenging situation alone.

“I love working for myself and the flexibility it brings.”

Frieda Levychy, WPCC, ACC
Life Coach for Legal Professionals

Meet Frieda…

How do you want to leverage coaching personally and professionally?

One of the biggest factors to look at in a coach training school isn’t just what you’ll be learning, but what you’ll be able to do as a result of your investment. Training to become a Whole Person Coach positions you to work with the widest variety of people and coaching contexts. More important, the impact you make will be far more sustainable because it’s rooted in the holistic needs of each individual.

Whole Person Coaching gives you life-changing tools and techniques. They allow you to work with the multidimensional and interrelated aspects of the core self. This is in contrast to simply addressing one aspect of a person’s life – an approach far too many other training methodologies take.

People are not one-dimensional. Nor should your coaching method offer a single process for everyone.

Our unique multimodal approach teaches you to remain highly adaptive when working with others. You learn how to dig to the depths necessary to help your clients release outdated versions of themselves and markedly improve their lives.

With you as their champion, people become highly effective and achieve their very best, experiencing joys they never thought possible!

“Radiance is about bringing your inner light into the world.”

Yvonne Change, WPCC, PCC
Leadership Coach

Meet Yvonne…

Don’t you need a license or degree to become a coach?

Don’t you need a degree to become a coach?
No, you are not required to hold a degree to make your difference. Nor do you have to have a license to offer coaching services. Of course you can go to college to earn a full degree as a coach. But depending on your focus, you may not need or want to. That’s a huge investment and if you’re like most coaches, you want to get started helping others and add additional education as you need it.

Pros & Cons of a degree in coaching

There are several factors to consider…

Coach training is faster and (way!) more affordable than a four-year degree

A bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD program in coaching can cost you between $9,400 and $32,400 per year depending on your program. At the upper limits of this path, you will invest just under $200,000. You will also be in school full-time from 2 to 6 years.

Alternatively, you can supplement your experience and existing education with a coaching credential. The one offered through the International Coach Federation (ICF) is currently the most popular and recognized as the global gold standard for the profession.

This path allows you to train through programs offered at a school like Coach Training World. Here you learn not only how to coach others but also how to start, run, and develop your own coaching business. These skills and knowledge are critical to your success.

For an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), offered independent of a college or four-year university, expect to pay between $8,000 and $20,000 for a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) training program. Most students complete their training within 1 to 2 years and are working with clients within their first few months.



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Introducing Vedic Astrologer & Coach, Jonathan Crews

“Professional Coaching has been a wonderful adjunct to what I currently do. It assists people in discovering their purpose and unfolding the gifts they are meant to give in this life. Practical yet profound, it’s a vehicle for helping people bring into manifestation their heart’s desires.”

Introducing Life Coach Tara Stricker

“Starting my own coaching business through CTW gave me back my freedom! Not only am I my own boss, but I get to work from home and take my business on the road to visit friends and family.”