Nikol Peterman Success Coach for Creatives New York City

Coaching has given me the opportunity to give back to the community I have spent 20 years of my life in, and empower creatives to success. Today I leverage my experience, expertise and what I’ve learned in the business to help others!

Nikól is very much at home on stage. Her core background is in musical theatre performance and choreography. As an actress, she has toured internationally, appeared in short films, modeling gigs, trade shows, and commercials. She’s even kicked up her heels – eye-high – as a Radio City Rockette. With side careers in fashion sales, bookkeeping, and professional organizing for office filing systems, her talents, skills and tireless work ethic have kept her in demand throughout a 20-year career in one of the world’s most bustling cities: New York.

Yet despite all this, something was missing. Nikól realized there were parts of her that were not utilized and given a voice. That was when she discovered the potential of coaching for creative individuals.

“I have always had great curiosity around the motivating origination of people’s actions, and coaching has given me understanding and insight to connect with those around me on a profound level. At the same time, it has given me the opportunity to give back to the community I’ve spent 20 years of my life in.”

Becoming a professional coach enabled Nikól to step into her wholeness as a person. She now uses coaching skills in combination with her treasure trove of personal experience to empower other creatives to wholeness and success. Her approach is unique in that she uses a co-coaching methodology – the sharing of process knowledge from peer to peer. This facilitation has been a key element in her success when clients are feeling stuck and hitting resistance. Common shifts include:

  • How to create a consistent routine
  • How to deal with the rollercoaster of rejection and short-lived elation
  • How to build a solid financial foundation that feeds your creative projects
  • How to deal with nerves and the fear of being seen
  • How to effectively network within your industry

Today Nikól has an international roster of clients ranging from her hometown of New York City to the Netherlands. She specializes in coaching creatives who are collaborative and ready to be seen and celebrated. Many are often looking for ways get their work out to the world, whether it’s a book, art, music, speech, or related product. Others are launching their first business, creating new websites, discovering work/life balance, or deepening meaningful relationships. The one thing they all share in common is a desire to sustainably overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that have kept them stuck – a process Nikól has experienced firsthand.

“My confidence has soared, and I feel much clearer about my purpose and message. I am connecting to so many more inspiring entrepreneurs and artists, and stepping into the collaborations I have wanted to cultivate my whole life. In turn, my clients are stepping into their inner resources and recognizing they are capable of their dreams!”

In addition to her co-coaching sessions, Nikól is creating her first group program, which will launch mid-January 2017. An avid public speaker, she is preparing to debut her third summit (Fall 2016), and has appeared as a guest on a variety of other summits, podcasts and interviews. Her 15-day free training, “Center Stage and In Demand,” further showcases her devotion to the success of others. Never far from the stage, she is also currently collaborating on dance projects and related entrepreneurial endeavors.

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