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This new 300+ page insider’s guide places you on the fast track to successfully train and certify as a professional Whole Person Coach®. Written by Coach Training World founder and Master Coachpreneur Feroshia Knight, it walks you step-by-step through the process of becoming a coach, discovering your niche and marketing yourself successfully.

You’ll also discover how to maximize your opportunities within the coaching profession by staying true to yourself and your ideal clientele. Now available on Amazon!

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2018 Fast Track Summer Intensive
Join us July 22nd-28th for our Lucrative Luminary Launchpad program.

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Intro to Whole Person Coaching

Tour our program and see if Whole Person Coaching is your next step. (On-demand video)

What is Whole Person Coaching?

In this short 5-minute video you'll learn how a Whole Person Coach works with their clients to bring their whole self to life to accomplish their dreams and goals. As a Whole Person Coach you support your clients to come to deeply know their whole self. In doing so...

Does what other people think, feel or say about you count?

In previous posts we saw how easily and universally fear affects us and our clients. Yes, it serves a purpose by offering protection from potential dangers. But our days of fleeing prehistoric lions and global pandemics are over. Nevertheless, in today’s society, our...

The Gift of Fear

What I’m about to say is definitely not going to earn me the popular vote. But here I go: it’s time we stand up and fully embrace our deepest fears for the tremendous gift they have given us. In fact, if it wasn’t for our drive toward self-preservation (one ingrained...

Introducing Vedic Astrologer & Coach, Jonathan Crews

““Professional Coaching has been a wonderful adjunct to what I currently do. It assists people in discovering their purpose and unfolding the gifts they are meant to give in this life. Practical yet profound, it’s a vehicle for helping people bring into manifestation their heart’s desires. “

Introducing Life Coach Tara Stricker

“Starting my own coaching business through CTW gave me back my freedom! Not only am I my own boss, but I get to work from home and take my business on the road to visit friends and family.”

Introducing Soul Translator Michelle Wirta

“Becoming a coach helped me bring my core passions together in a way that benefits people greatly. In turn, it also allows me to run a business that is my true calling.”

Introducing Spiritual Healer Elysia Hartzell

“Starting my own coaching business through CTW gave me back my freedom! Not only am I my own boss, but I get to work from home and take my business on the road to visit friends and family.”

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