Do you ever wish you had a healthier, more satisfying relationship? Even wish things were the way they used to be?

It’s not easy to fully honor your partner each moment of each day, after all life gets busy, the job, the kids there’s very little time for yourself let along for your partner.

For relationship coaches Bob and Holly Dorhman, it’s the five percent rule: Only five percent of what you’re upset about truly matters. And, according to the Dorhman’s it’s up to you to discover what five percent matters most and how to communicate that to your partner with love and respect.

With over 40 years of marriage under their belts, Bob and Holly Dorhman coach couples on how to sustain their marriage for the long haul. It’s not just about getting through the days, weeks, and years, but about how to come together and be happier and more connected.

Bob Dorhman found Coach Training World before his partner Holly, but she soon realized that working together in business was just another extension of working together in marriage. The Dorhmans muscled through much of the turbulence of early marriage. They now know it would have been much easier to navigate those moments if they’d had a trusted advisor to coach them. That’s where the Dorhmans’ expertise comes into play.

So, what’s the secret to a long, healthy and satisfying relationship?

Here’s one hint: That 50/50 bit, it’s not true.

There is no such thing as a 50/50 split in marriage — it’s 100/100. If you’re not curious you should be. So, grab your partner, listen in, and find out what secrets relationship coaches Bob and Holly Dorhman have to share.

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