Fight that personal sense of discouragement and attract clients by realizing that, while others may offer similar services, there is only one YOU.

Every business owner occasionally becomes disheartened. As a coach and “soul-preneur,” it’s easy to fall victim to fear and insecurity fostered by the belief that you’re one among millions trying to make your difference (not to mention a decent living) doing what you love.

Does this sound familiar:

  • You search online and see page after page of other people who seem to be doing exactly what you do
  • Your email box fills up with communication from people you’ve chosen to follow because their message or insight appeals to you
  • You go to a networking event filled with like-minds and many of them are just like you – coaches or someone similar who specialize in helping others

It almost seems as if everyone is doing exactly what you’re doing. So “why bother?” But I’d like to start today by highlighting the fact that (1) this is completely normal, and (2) it’s the result of a nearly universal psychological effect known as selective attention. If you’ve ever bought a new car you can probably guess what I’m going to say next.

You’ve spent weeks or even months selecting the perfect car: from the ideal body type, passenger seating, and space in back for the furry friends, to customized color, comfort add-ons and safety features. You sign on the dotted line, drive off the lot, and suddenly that cute little Boxster is passing you in both lanes and sitting next to you at every stoplight. Before you purchased yours, you didn’t notice them anywhere. Now it’s like they’re the only car on the road.

While selective attention once filtered out that particular automobile, your familiarity and focus have removed that filter. As a coach, you notice anyone and everyone who is doing something similar to you. And just like the new car, it feels as though you’re navigating a crowded freeway at rush hour – boxed in by similar cars on every side.

STOP: Reshape your focus

While technically, yes, there are countless others pursuing the same interests at any given moment, here is what you aren’t seeing:

  • Those selective few are small in comparison to the millions of people needing your particular brand of help. We tend to count only the people doing what we do and forget about the people that need to be served.
  • Within every profession (not just this one) you’ll find hundreds of people doing something equivalent to those also pursuing a similar path. In my first business (Foto:Grafika), I was a photographer and graphic artist. At the time, I thought I’d fall over if I met one more person slinging a camera. But it seems there was room enough for everyone – I made six figures that year.
  • Even though you might feel surrounded by others who do exactly what you do, you are not those other coaches: you are you.

In short, you being you is what enables you to stand tall among all others. Your whole person(ality) shines through. Your unique approach, expertise, and informed opinions light the way for your audience in a way that only YOU can.

GO: Your Signature Self revealed

Armed with the knowledge that no one else can do what you do, it’s time to let your audience know what separates you from the rest. Here are three ways to differentiate yourself and magnetize your ideal clients to you:

  • Transform yourself – Nothing speaks louder than firsthand knowledge and experience. Someone who has traveled the path and courageously addressed their own learning edges serves as an example and inspiration to potential clients (and everyone else around them). Most importantly, this coach has successfully made their way through the same changes they’re asking others to do for themselves. Live the risk and leap into the life you really want. As a transformational coach, walk your talk.
  • Shine your light – Be brilliantly you and lovingly share your wisdom, insights and stories in meaningful ways so that others can learn from your experiences. Your personal brand begins with your transformational story. What brought you to coaching? What changes have you made in your life? What is your story of success or survival?
  • Bring lasting change to the lives of others – Train and develop yourself professionally so you can consistently produce results in your clients. Bringing change to others isn’t easy. That’s why you need to be able to work with the “Whole Person” and their whole life. When resistance presents itself, you’ll have multiple tools and modalities to help your clients break through their stopping blocks. Hint: No matter how good your marketing is, if you can’t produce results, your clients will seek out those who can.


Standing out is mostly about standing up for what you believe and acting upon your dreams. By starting from this vantage point, you’ll not only feel good about yourself and your life, you’ll also believe in the possibilities you see for others – inside and out. Transform yourself, shine your light, and bring lasting change to the lives of others. In a cut-and-paste world, this is sure to set you up as an original.

Becoming a professional Whole Person Coach isn’t just about you – it’s about your clients too. Unlike standard trainings, Whole Person Coaching is a life tool kit that gives you the power to reinvent or level-up your own life, and help others do the same. If you’d like to learn more about how you can “be you” at your absolute best, leading a dream-come-true life and business while lighting the way for others, sign up for a free consultation today.