Should you become a Whole Person Spiritual Coach?

Spiritual coaching can take many forms. By training to become a Whole Person Coach, you’ll ultimately shape the foundation of your coaching practice upon your spiritual or religious preferences. This is how you will attract your ideal clients.

As a spiritual coach, your clients gain access to the inner guidance that lives within. Drawing upon their unique way of connecting with the divine, their belief system is the starting point for your work. Through their beliefs, you then offer them a myriad of tools, techniques and spiritual practices.

By connecting with the divine wisdom of an individual’s spirit, you help your clients identify and remove any barriers standing in the way of their path to happiness, fulfillment and life success.

Who hires a Spiritual Coach?

Many believe in the presence of a higher power. This is described by many names, including God, The Divine, Source or Collective Conscious, to name a few. Regardless of how your clients refer to their particular system of belief, they desire a deeper understanding of themselves, their purpose and true potential. As a spiritual coach, your clients seek to work with you side-by-side as they access their spiritual insight and connection. You accompany them as they course-correct their life direction onto the path that is most meaningful to them and in direct alignment with their inner guidance and resources.

A popular subcategory of spiritual coaching is divine manifestation. Those who identify with “The Secret,” “Law of Attraction” and similar titles centered on personal transformation often desire to work with a spiritual coach. Like the pathways found in these bestsellers, clients are most interested in tapping into the energy and vibrations that lead to manifestation.

Why you might love becoming a Spiritual Coach?

The drive to seek meaning and our purpose in life is part of what it means to be human. Operating within this framework, many individuals who specialize in spiritual coaching tend to have a spiritual background themselves. Among many others, this may include a background in ministry or a similar form of spiritual training or practice such as Buddhism, Hinduism (Yogis), or meditation. In the same way, other successful spiritual coaches have employed tarot, astrology, intuitive readings and complementary tools to help their clients find their own way.

Also, interesting to note is a growing interest in spiritual coaching by practitioners of specific religious creeds. For one reason or another, they no longer wish to continue with the particular dogma or ritualized practices of the religion. But they have not let go of their faith. Training to become a spiritual coach allows them to keep in touch with this aspect of self while helping others do the same.

Though it is not necessary for you to share the same system of beliefs with your clients, shared beliefs may lead to greater levels of success in some cases. Nevertheless, as someone who understands the deeper dimensions and multiple access points to the divine, you are well-equipped to support your clients in a myriad of ways. The cornerstone to your success within this niche is an understanding and acceptance of the belief systems of your clients, as well as your commitment to help them access the divine as they define it.

Like all other branches of coaching, spiritual coaches are soul-driven individuals who delight in helping clients attain their best possible future on a soul level. Unlike other coaching niches however, this branch places the soul’s yearning and spiritual fulfillment front and center. It taps into an individual’s divine connection and gifts as the primary source of wisdom.

Further subsets of this niche are found in those who enhance their spiritual coaching services with a focus on:

  • Energy and vibrational fields
  • Imagery and soul collage
  • Intuitive painting
  • Manifestation
  • Divination
  • Soul work
  • Shamanism and spiritual journeys
  • Religious or spiritual practices related to coach’s background
  • And an extensive range of specialized rituals and practices that serve individual belief systems


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