Your step-by-step guide to becoming a fully-booked transformational coach in 2024.

  • Confidently shift from an unfulfilling job to a meaningful coaching career without all the confusion and overwhelm.
  • Seamlessly embark on your journey into coaching with a comprehensive A to Z guide to succeeding in the business of change.
  • Identify your niche in professional coaching and seize the abundant opportunities that await.
  • Discover what you’ve got that you can leverage into coaching so you aren’t starting over.

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Take your first steps into coaching…

Build your coaching business in 2024. Work from home. online. around the world.

Learn how you can translate your current skills, wisdom and passions into a successful, deeply rewarding coaching career or business.

This digital 300+ page insider’s guide places you on the fast track to successfully train and certify as a professional Whole Person Coach®. It also shows you exactly how to position yourself for long-term success.

Whether you’re brand new to coaching or already on the path, you’re in the right place.

This guide will help you map out the practical process of building a coaching practice that is uniquely you, with up to date advice and strategies that actually work in 2024 and beyond.

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Become the Successful Coach You are Meant to Be eBook
will help you:


  • Leverage your unique experience, expertise, and interests into a career you’ll love
  • Identify your purpose in reaching the people and causes that matter most to you
  • Discover the professional coaching method that is right for you
  • Gain the tools of Whole Person Coaching used by thousands of coaches around the world
  • Understand how to earn your ICF credential and leverage it to gain clients and high-ranking positions within innovative companies
  • Follow my step-by-step approach to achieve your goals and help your clients achieve theirs as well
  • Increase your impact as a coach in tandem with your income
  • Learn the pitfalls to avoid so costly, time-consuming mistakes won’t inhibit your income potential
  • Receive the insights and information you need to stand out in a crowded marketplace

This book is perfect for you if…

  • You’re ready to be a coach but not sure what your next step is?
  • You’re considering becoming a coach, but want to know more before you go too far.
  • You’re overwhelmed by all of the coach training options
  • You don’t want to waste your time or money doing something that won’t earn you the money you need
  • You’d like to figure out what kind of coach you want to be before you start your training
  • You’d like to feel confident that you are making the best choice for you and your future.

Hi, I’m Feroshia

World-renowned ICF Master Certified Coach, founder of Coach Training World, and creator of Whole Person Coaching, I draw from three decades of coaching and entrepreneurial experience. I wrote ‘Become the Successful Coach You are Meant to Be’ to provide you with a rare insider’s view into the world of professional coaching. While the coaching profession has certainly boomed, it’s more confusing than ever, from an overload of acronyms to an abundance of training options and career choices. This book will equip you with the knowledge and coaching skills needed to strategically enter the coaching profession with ease and confidence.

Filled with data on today’s hottest trends and segments, personal success stories and wisdom, and proven best practices to grow your business, this is the ultimate guide to entering into the field of holistic coaching you’ve been searching for.

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Why should you read this coaching book?

When I began my journey into coaching,  I had no clue how to successfully transition into coaching. Back then, the field of professional coaching was not nearly as expansive as it is today, and there were limited resources for me to turn to.

At the time, I wished there was a self-starter, comprehensive guide to get me on the fast track toward choosing the right training, finding my ideal clientele, and getting paid what I was worth.

And that’s exactly what I’ve created for you!

Get it free for a limited time with coupon code: COACH2024

Take a peek! Here’s what each chapter entails…

CHAPTER 1: The Changemaker You Already Are: You are the one they want.
Learn how coaching can transform the lives of people just like you. Understand how you can leverage your existing skills, experience, training, and expertise to embark on a new career and business venture, providing substantial value to your ideal client base or company.
CHAPTER 2: Your Life-Changing Career Awaits: Answer the Call.
Delve deep into the essential elements of becoming a sought-after and successful coach. Discover precisely what you need to embark on a professional coaching journey, leaving you confident in your abilities and next steps. We’ll dive deeper into the details inside the rest of the book!
CHAPTER 3: Whole Person Coaching: Tools for Change.
Take a sneak peek at what you’ll learn when you train to become a whole person coach. Spoiler alert: I’m giving you what you need to get started coaching. Your success is our mission, so why not share some coaching tools and powerful questions with those we believe in… the change makers… that’s you!
CHAPTER 4: Innovate Here: Whole Person Coaching.
Witness the power of working with the whole person through a multi-modality approach to coaching. Inside this chapter, you’ll get a felt sense of how our method can help you help your clients (yourself included) overcome any self-limiting beliefs and other invisible factors that hold them back from achieving their goals and being at their best.
CHAPTER 5: Uniquely You: Specialize in Your Ideal Niche.
The best part about becoming a coach is that you can step into meaningful work that enables you to contribute your best. Creating a self-defined niche that allows you to stand out in a crowded marketplace begins with you. Get started figuring out what your options are!
CHAPTER 6: Be Exponential: From Impact to Income.

Coaching, in many ways, has few limits on how you can earn income. From working with individuals to taking the stage as a speaker or author, there are many ways to build income streams that allow you the financial freedom to live the life you want while getting back your time. Design a business model that works for you and/or explore working for others too!

CHAPTER 7: Credibility Counts: Rise Above and Get Discovered.

Credibility comes in several formats, from generating the results your clients have paid you for to adding additional certifications that showcase your devotion to the field of professional coaching. Figure out if earning an ICF credential is right for you!

CHAPTER 8: The Road Ahead: Treasured for Who You Are.
One of the most powerful tools you’ll learn as a coach is how to overcome deeply embedded fears around change. When you become a coach, often you are your first client. Believing in others requires that you focus on you too! So you can bring your best.
CHAPTER 9: FAQs: Change is Coming. Are You Ready?
Phew! We’ve covered a lot on the road to becoming a successful coach, and that’s why I thought it would be helpful for you to have answers to our most frequently asked questions. This is where we’ll get into the details so you can make a wise decision for yourself and the future you want to create.

Coaching simplified, a great intro or reference

I keep this book handy! It served as a great introduction to coaching before I took the course and it continues to serve as a helpful guide and reference as I help other dentists and healthcare professionals utilize coaching conversations in their wellness practices.
Even if you don’t plan to become a coach, you will learn valuable tools to empower yourself as well as improve your friendships and family relationships. Easy to read and apply!

Julie K.

So valuable, no fluff!

This book is phenomenal and the case studies are illustrative—not fluff! From the first day I started reading this, I could feel it in my bones that I needed to learn from this woman. I had an intro session with Feroshia earlier that day, but what really convinced me was just reading her writing. I was able to walk myself through the processes she proposed and illustrated, and things made sense in a way they hadn’t before. This is profound methodology, and Feroshia is an amazing writer.

Christine Embree

Learn from a Master!

There is so much wisdom in this book! You can use it to guide you as you go forward on your path. I first read it three years ago, then enrolled and took Feroshia’s entire professional coaching program. Now a certified Whole Person Coach, I recently dipped into this book again, only to realize—there’s little nuggets of gold everywhere! Feroshia presents so many options of what you can do as a coach. And she is a master guide. Do try her in-depth holistic program—you’ll never look back.

G. Conrad

Read this and decide if you want to be a coach

This book is for you If you’re exploring becoming a coach. You’ll either head for the hills or head into a coach training program after reading this book. Feroshia writes in a personal and relatable way that is interesting and informative. This book is a great first step for potential coaches.

Daniel k sather

Solid, Engaging Information. Highly recommended.

I learned so much about the direction of my coaching business and used this as an overall way to determine if I wanted to work with Feroshia Knight one-on-one through her coach training program. The information provided her is invaluable, as I’m sure working with her to get my second-level certification through her Whole Person coach training will be. Highly recommended, especially for new coaches looking for clarity and direction to take their coaching to the next level.

Andria Porter

Full of fantastic information and motivation!

I loved this book! I found “Become the Successful Coach You are Meant to Be” to come into my life at just the right time. Life took over, as it does for many people, and when I needed to get my Coaching Business back into alignment with me I knew I could trust in Feroshia’s knowledge to assist in that process. The mindful information embedded in these pages is a wonderful tool not only for someone questioning whether or not they should begin a career in coaching but also for a beginner, intermediate and expert coach. Sometimes you need a resource to remind you of what your resources are and how to get there. The words on the pages were written in an inspiring, empowering and motivational way. Grateful for this book for really helping to get me back on the path!


The Ultimate Coaching book to help you navigate becoming a successful coach

So many aspiring coaches get stuck somewhere on their journey because they just can’t find the answers they need to succeed.

I know exactly what it takes to become a coach that doesn’t just book clients, but gets incredible results, and I’ve put everything you need into this book, so you don’t have to keep wondering if you’re doing the right thing. 


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Feroshia Knight in Russia Speaking at ICF Conference

How to Become a Successful Coach

I’d like to share my knowledge and steps to success with you. Let my lessons learned be that inner edge that propels you to the level of impact and income you’d like to making your difference.

It is with great joy that I launch this in-depth guide and share the blueprint that has led to my great success as a professional coach and global speaker.

Get Started Coaching Today!

You too can translate your skills, experience, and passions into a prosperous coaching career or business in just a few months.

Don’t wait until tomorrow when you can make an impactful life-change today. START TODAY.

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