Do you ever dream of success? What about money? Success and money, no way! It’s too much to ask for. Not so. Brian “BJ” Kang is the real deal. After years of climbing the corporate ladder and acquiring a high-paying job in software sales, Brian got to the top, looked around, and realized it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Cultural and familial traditions taught him that doing well in school, going to college, and getting a high-paying job defined success. It wasn’t what Brian needed; he still wasn’t happy. Brian wanted to be an entrepreneur, but how could he change course?

Envision it. Step into it. Try it on. You might fail (it’s true), but you also might succeed. Worst-case scenario: you reassess and reinvent.

Brian realized that he had to take the leap and put all of his energy into his passion. After attending an entrepreneurship conference and discovering Coach Training World, Brian learned that he didn’t want to give people advice. He wanted to ask them the right questions.

Now, well on his journey toward developing a coaching business, Brian has created the Asian-American Voice, a podcast that focuses on traditional expectations, culture, and how to unpack what you’re taught so that you can move toward a more fulfilling professional life.


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It’s your turn to share.

How do cultural and familial expectations shape what you think is possible, professionally? What might it look like if you set those aside to reassess your passions?

Share your ideas and be detailed. You might find that what others expect from you has helped and hindered you, but true success is the assessment of the journey.