Transformational Group Coaching Training

As a professionally trained coach, you offer your best to each and every client… but it’s time for you to spread your wings…


Pivot into group coaching to amplify your influence…
as you accelerate your business

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This group coach training allows you to:

  • Become a leader, confidently presenting yourself and your ideas to groups of any size
  • Shift from working with individuals to coaching groups and teams
  • Gain the capacity to transform thousands of lives while leveling up your income and clientele
  • Be unlimited in helping those who need you most (not just the clients with abundant disposable income)
  • Convert more prospects into clients with ease, qualifying them in advance to generate warm leads
  • Be the next superstar in your niche market
  • Cultivate sustainability that gives you the income and lifestyle you’ve dreamed of
  • Avoid burnout, moving away from a business model that no longer serves you while spending more quality time with friends and family

From one to millions: helping those who matter most, your way…

Introducing the…

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A hybrid digital and live program for new and seasoned coaches who want to go big and stop trading all their time for money. It’s the ultimate proven pathway to help you build a lucrative, efficient and fulfilling business as a transformational group leader leveraging online programs and in-person events.

This program is for you if you want to coach groups and/or coach teams…


  • Cultivate Transformational Learning environments. Working with groups and/or teams to effect positive change.
  • Thought Leadership. Craft your own platform and establish your personal credibility. Integrate your knowledge and experience into a customized live or online program that demonstrates your expertise, capacity and originality.
  • Financial Security. Build a new business model that incorporates group events with online and in-person coaching. Accelerate your coaching business growth by broadening your reach through group offers. (And have a tremendous amount of fun doing so!)
  • Amplify Your Impact. It’s time to take center stage and expand the scope of your impact. Maybe that’s a group of 10 people. Maybe it’s 1,000… or even more! The unique brilliance you share is at the heart of your coaching process. You’ve already got the wisdom and insight – all you need now is a process upgrade.
  • Expedite Sales. Why spend time and energy to book one client at a time when you could spend the same amount (or less!) and book 10, 20, 50 or more simultaneously? As a group leader, you save countless hours selling your services through introductory workshops. Make a difference and show your ideal prospects you are the one they need through an educational process. It’s not sales, it’s fun.
  • Your Time & Life: Reclaimed! Group coaching gives you a greater return for almost the same time commitment as coaching one-on-one. How? More money in a single block of time. This translates to greater freedom – now and for the rest of your life! It also means more time for hobbies, travel or family and loved ones. What’s calling to you?
  •  A Tribe of Your Own. You can’t build a community one-on-one. Group events easily amplify your potential to attract people that not only love you but become ongoing clients for all your future offerings. Who wouldn’t love to have a tribe of their own?



Focus. Clarity. Guidance. The system, support and confidence you need to create and lead your own transformational coaching events online and in-person. From masterminds to exotic retreats. Sales events to in-depth workshops. Internal team coaching to leading your own corporate events. We’ll give you the practical know-how to make it a reality… and a success.

Our step-by-step process allows you to design, develop and deliver your ideal group coaching programs with your wisdom and personality at the forefront.

Your attendees will not only love you, but the transformation you make in their lives.


You became a coach to help others. In that role, you’ve remained largely out of sight… perhaps even undiscovered by many who could benefit from your expertise.

It’s time to step into the light of who you are. That requires a different way of being…


What comes to mind when you think of yourself up front? We’ll help you remove any self-sabotaging barriers that prevent you from showing up as anything less than confident and real. A powerful presence resides within.

If you thought becoming a coach was liberating, wait until you stand in front of your first group. You get to be 100% authentic. And rewarded for it!




Connection and support are two of our greatest assets at Coach Training World. Our network of like-hearted coaches, entrepreneurs, HR professionals and trainers are traveling the same path. You’ll never feel alone, from struggles to success.

We laugh. We dance. And we pool our collective expertise to ensure everyone exceeds their dreams. That means you!

It’s your choice: Join us at our training hub in Portland Oregon’s Alberta Arts District. (OK… it’s not Bali. But the scenery and local eateries are just as good.) Can’t travel? You can also achieve the same results with us exclusively online. Whichever method you choose, we’ve created a supportive environment that allows you to learn and grow yourself and your business.

Know this: our community is not a place. It’s a lifetime membership. You take us with you as you continue your journey… no matter where it takes you!


You’ve already honed your brilliance. Now it’s simply a matter of amplifying it! Here you receive customized mentoring and support tailored uniquely to you.

With three decades of experience and thousands of graduates making their impact throughout the world, we’ve got you covered. Our attention to detail and attention to you go hand in hand!

The Transformational Group Leader program allows you to step into the biggest, brightest version of yourself.

It’s a powerful shift in focus from working with one individual to standing confidently in front of hundreds (or a whole lot more if you choose!). From conference rooms to auditoriums, we’re behind you all the way.


The ultimate program to create, lead & prosper from group and team coaching events online & in-person.

Here’s what you’ll learn…


Program Strategy & Planning

Design an enriched learning experience for your online and in-person group coaching programs, workshops or events. This “roll up your sleeves” training gives you in-depth consultation on the design and marketing of your group coaching program.

Leveraging transformational learning theory, you’ll craft a customized experiential learning pathway for your participants to follow based on your signature coaching program. Confidently work with any stakeholders to ensure your team coaching will produce the results they are looking for.

You’ll feel confident about the value you offer your audience as you position yourself as the go-to change maker within your niche!

Plus we’ll have you ready to start marketing your program even before it’s finished.


Curriculum & Content Curation

Whether you plan on delivering your coaching program in person or to a virtual summit of international (and adoring) fans, you’ll be confident in the rock-solid value you provide each attendee.

Our “Done-with-You” approach to developing content expedites your process. (It’s a result of all the expert support and care you’ll receive!) We save you time, frustration and money by assembling everything you need to go from concept to finished product.

Using your strategic course outline and vision board, you’ll package up your brilliance into your signature program content, including coaching tools, worksheets, presentation slides and scripts for live and recorded presentations. You audience and stakeholders will love your ability to offer an informational and transformative experience for their needs.


Leadership & Group Dynamics

Ensure you are confident, stage-ready and prepared for a sea of admiring faces.

From community building to leadership and presentation skills to group management, we’ll equip you with everything you need to facilitate your own live transformational learning events.

Discover the secret to making everyone in the room feel like they are the only one. Create safe and transformative environments, ensuring active engagement and positive group management.

Above all, you’ll show up in your authenticity and be the teacher, guide and master of change in group environments that you want to be: comfortable and competent.

Plus, you’ll learn how to assess and demonstrate the effectiveness of your group coaching events for stakeholders and future clients.

Also included in this program…

Showcase Your Work

We’ll even help fill your workshops. With opportunities to market yourself via our network with student spotlights and our events calendar.

Lifetime Access

We give you full lifetime access to all the recordings, online curriculum and content associated with your TGL training.

Plus, you get any new content as it becomes available!

Online Community

Join an intimate group of like-minded individuals across the globe committed to making their impact in their own way. Receive support, encouragement…and some well-earned applause!

If the idea of “training” conjures packed lecture halls or conference rooms, you’re in for a surprise. Transformational Group Leader is limited to an
exclusive group of only 14 people.

This provides you with the level and depth of support you’ll need to successfully create and delivery your own programs.
You may end up in front of thousands. But here you start with a handful of peers and grow step-by-step, your way.



  • 6 Days
  • 3 Training Modules
  • Hybrid Live & Digital Content
  • Showcase Marketing Opportunity
  • Lifetime Access to Courses
  • Online Community Membership
Your Investment $550/mo
(3 monthly payments)
FULL PAY (Save $)


  • 6 Days
  • 3 Training Modules
  • Hybrid Live & Digital Content
  • Showcase Marketing Opportunity
  • Lifetime Access to Courses
  • Online Community Membership
Your Investment $1497
(Save $)

Goes above and beyond any other coaching school that I have seen. This program is more comprehensive and fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. I highly recommend.

Karyn Snyder

Highlights of what you’ll learn…

Program Planning

  • Instructor Outline
  • StoryBoard

Content Design

  • Writing & Graphics
  • Scripts (Audio/Video)

Content Creation

  • Video Production
  • Audio Recording & Editing

Audience Engagement

  • Ice Breakers
  • Student Engagement

Course Sales

  • Sales Page
  • Ecommerce

Live Course Delivery

  • Facilitator Training
  • Group Management


What is the difference between group coaching & team coaching?

Team coaching is a form of group coaching.  While a group may consist of a number of different people coming together for an event. A team is a group of people that work together within an organization or business.

Inside this program we look at coaching both teams and groups. One of the main differences in team coaching is that the company and its stakeholders may play a role in the program and coaching you offer.

How is this program delivered?

The choice is yours how you decide to attend.

While we love offering live trainings, we also understand that many of our students require a self-paced opportunity to make the dream coaching business a reality. With that in mind, you may attend this program 100% digitally. You would be completing the content at your own pace and have full access to the live recordings. You’d also have the opportunity to drop-in the live classes should you change your mind.

If you’d like the camaraderie of others on a similar journey and to receive “hands on” support from your instructor we encourage you to attend the 6 live intensives as well as complete and digital assignments.

What are the "live dates"

For those seeking to attend the program live, we’ll be on Zoom during these days and times delivering content (AND) offering hands on assistance as you develop, design and deliver your signature coaching program.

  • June 17th, 8a-1p (Pacific)
  • June 24th, 8a-10a (Pacific)
  • July 1st, 8a-1p (Pacific)
  • July 8th, 8a-1p (Pacific)
  • July 15th, 8a-1p (Pacific)
  • July 29th, 9a-10a (Pacific)
  • TBD – Launch Party*

Please note the final day will be determined by the group for the live presentations. Most groups decide to debut their programs about 4-6 weeks later. The intention is that you’re able to beta-test your program.

What if I miss part or all of one of the courses?

We record each session. Simply review them when it’s convenient. Remember, your membership includes lifetime access to the TGL content vault and online community.

What if I haven’t been a coach for very long?

Some coaches build programs based on their direct experience with clients. Others however find success by leveraging their brilliance to build a program that attracts their ideal clients. We are more than happy to speak with you further about this opportunity so you can make the right decision for yourself.

Can I earn ICF CCEs?

If you’re looking to earn an ICF Continuing Coach Education (CCE) credits, please contact us.

Is this for someone who wants to create a digital course.

The answer is maybe. Transformational Group Leader is focused on you facilitating change with groups and teams. While we’ve certainly had people create digital programs, we dive much deeper into how to create and marketing digital coaching programs in Invent program.  There are many details that go beyond working live with your audience that go into serving and selling digital content.

Are there additional expenses?

If you don’t already have them, you may need to purchase things like a microphone, camera, computer, and/or software to create your content with. We’ll cover what you need and what you don’t! Plus, there are several options on how you can distribute and manage your event content if you leverage a digital program format.

What is your refund policy?

Please be committed. Our tribe is counting on your presence and so are we! We are limiting the group to 14 people.

You have up to 14-days prior to the program start date to withdraw from the program. After that there will be no refunds as we won’t be able to replace your spot.

You are welcome to reschedule though for another training. Thanks for your understanding.

Please note if you paid by credit card there will be 3% refund fee to cover the charges we incur from the credit card banks.

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