What could you achieve if you were no longer worried what others might be thinking? How different would your life be if you felt totally comfortable in your own skin?

Discover your holistic path to wellness by joining Feroshia Knight (Master Coach and founder of Coach Training World) and Joe Rugnetta, a leading holistic wellness coach in Everett, MA. Joe draws upon all aspects of the whole person to help his clients hone in on feelings of success as the catalyst for achieving their personal and professional goals.

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Key segments in our discussion include:

  • 0:35 – Joe’s personal story and how he overcame his struggles with weight from a young age, eventually losing over 130 pounds!!!
  • 3:45 – One of the most powerful tools in the universe to affect change in your life
  • 12:00 – Tips to improve any area of your life – from career to wellness goals

Joe has walked a path many of us confront at some point in our lives (and often repeatedly): an intense struggle with weight that led him to combat feelings of depression and social anxiety. Addiction soon followed. But Joe discovered a way out. With the support of a friend at work, he found the strength to conquer a source of real anxiety and intimidation: the gym.

After braving his first few visits, Joe discovered things he could do without embarrassment. Walking led to running. Running led to weights. And eventually Joe had reshaped his life from the outside inward. He made new friends and began to connect with others on a whole new level. His depression faded. And as people noticed his transformation, some offered additional tips that propelled Joe’s success that much further.

“I really learned to appreciate help in the process – it’s such a powerful thing,” Joe says. “It’s why I want to be a coach, and how I want to help my clients.”

Today Joe coaches others by focusing on the thoughts, feelings and actions of their whole being – mind, body and spirit. His practice is also informed by a spiritual belief in the power of belief, specifically how our thoughts directly impact our reality.

“Your thoughts create your feelings, and your feelings create your actions… or inaction,” Joe says. “Because sometimes they’re what hinder us from doing the things we want to do. But who wants to be stuck in [limiting] feelings? If there’s a way to get out of yourself and experience something different and thrive, why not take advantage of it? Why not latch on, feel that feeling, then drive for that feeling?”

Join Joe and Feroshia for this personal glimpse into the world of coaching and the approach of a wellness coach who has leveraged his life lessons into a highly successful coaching practice.

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