Professional coaching is more popular than ever, especially within business applications and niche segments. Its proven effectiveness continues to help countless individuals realize their fullest potential in every aspect of their lives and careers. With so many applications, it has opened the door to a wide variety of coaching styles and techniques. So what sets a Whole Person Coaching apart from standard coaching techniques?

Simply put: Whole Person Coaching cultivates a more complete, more lasting adoption of the lifelong changes the client initially sought help for. It does this through a process called Self Innovation which ultimately replaces the client’s inner critic with their own “inner coach.” This happens through the power of the coaching relationship cultivated by the Whole Person Coach and the client. Within this framework, the tools, techniques and processes of WPC are leveraged and ultimately adopted into the client’s life-success toolkit.

Let’s explore how this works: A Whole Person Coach (WPC) partners with you (the client) in a co-creative and highly strategic process. From there, you gain the insight and innovative capacity you need to easily and successfully accomplish what matters most to you.

Strategic learning for lifelong success
At the core, a Whole Person Coach becomes your behind-the-scenes partner, a human-effectiveness strategist who champions you to be who you are. You are supported to do what you love and given the tools of effectiveness to be at your very best – in every aspect of your life. It’s this applied strategic learning process that separates WPC training from other coaching models.

Through Whole Person Coaching, your coach supports you to recognize and leverage your individual strengths, knowledge and experience. This insight is applied throughout your life, not just an individual function as often seen in standard trainings. It’s a unique awakening that allows you to accomplish your dreams as you create your preferred future, often revealing personal insights you may know subconsciously but not be aware of in your day-to-day life (those pesky stopping blocks are a common example!). A Whole Person Coach also enables you to accurately and appreciatively see yourself and your life from multiple perspectives and understand yourself and your life in-depth.

Individualized, unconditional support
How many times have you had a brilliant idea and shared it with others only to be met with contrary advice or criticism? Maybe you were told why your idea wasn’t such a good idea after all. Or what about those moments when you just wanted to express yourself or bounce ideas off someone and have a neutral and safe sounding board? You were looking for someone to sit back and really just listen to you.

Working with a Whole Person Coach, you’ll find yourself inside a unique relationship – one that’s designed to help you be your best and achieve your goals. This is where we often find another difference between Whole Person Coaching and the standard approach. A Whole Person Coach doesn’t have a template or strategy they apply to every client or business process. Each process is unique because your goals and individual abilities are also unique.

In a WPC relationship, you are the driver and your co-pilot is someone who trusts that you know what is best for you. From this point of view, the Whole Person Coach helps you gain clarity and perspective, empowering you to make the right decisions and live your life according to what you want.

Whole Person Coaching is more than just attentive support. It’s a reliable system that can be used for creativity and innovation, driving you toward your personal and professional best, concepts we’ll examine in the conclusion to this article. Read: What makes Whole Person Coaching distinct from other coaching methods? (Part 2)

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