Introducing Wholly Sober Coach Teresa Rodden

“After becoming a certified professional coach, I had the freedom to explore my unconventional process of living sober without struggle.”

Introducing Chief Empowerment Officer Yvonne Chang

“Coaching has enabled me to help individuals find in themselves the kind of value, meaning and grounding that it took me years to find in myself. Through coaching, I can consolidate my experiences and studies into a personalized plan and approach matched to each client’s needs and aspirations.”

Ala Carte Coach Training & Business Development Courses For New & Seasoned Coaches and Change Makers.

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INSIGHT: Whole Person Coaching® Tool Kit

(10-Module Online Course + Coaching Toolkit)

is an on-demand digital program. It teaches you how to facilitate the first foundational coaching meeting with your clients, known as the Self-Discovery Session. This program includes our customizable “Coaching Business Starter Tool Kit,” getting you up and running immediately.

To solidify and deepen your learning, this robust training program also includes demonstrations and sample coaching sessions. Here you’ll learn the specific techniques to maximize the value you can offer your clients.

With this course, you will:

  • Learn how to clearly distinguish Whole Person Coaching from other methods as you establish the value and benefits you offer as a professional coach.

  • Utilize a step-by-step process to work with others immediately as you generate positive momentum and sustainable change.

  • Establish critical parameters for success. Your tool kit includes: coaching financial agreement, goal-achievement and Vision-to-Action planning tools, self-assessments, and productivity tips. Easily adapted to your target audience, specialty and personality, each tool helps maximize the value your clients receive through your coaching.

  • Create a high-value coaching plan for your clients while demonstrating a strong ROI with your clients. This ensures you produce the value and results they’ve hired you for, and will be excited to refer you to others, creating strong word-of-mouth.

  • Customize your coaching toolkit, tailoring it to your unique offerings and personality.

The key to change mastery lies in a strong foundation from which to elicit change. The Self-Discovery Session is essential to both coach- and client-success. It’s one of the fastest, most reliable ways to reveal your client’s strengths, learning styles, values, MindStyles archetypes and much more!

Your clients will become confident in you as their guide. More importantly, you’ll be well equipped to serve them at your best by knowing: who they are, what truly matters most to them, and how to elicit their very best.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to start coaching, confident in your capacity to create awareness and self-understanding. It’s worth noting that many people begin charging for their services at this point and start earning back their training investment.

INSIGHT is offered à la carte and is also included in our coach certification training programs.



Integral: Whole Person Coaching®
Explore the neuroscience, psychology & business of change

INTEGRAL is our 2-day introductory personal group coaching program for those interested in becoming a professional coach and starting a career and business.  Gain the clarity and confidence you need to know if training to become a coach is your next step for your learning journey.  — YOUR INVESTMENT: ONLY $795

INTEGRAL: Whole Person Coaching

With this course, you will:

  • Understand the Whole Person Coaching Methodology and the importance of a holistic change process to create sustainable transformational change.

  • Explore the underpinnings of Whole Person Coaching including its roots in: Interpersonal Neurobiology, Narrative, Archetypal, Energy and Somatic Psychology.

  • Develop your capacity for Catalytic Communication™ to influence and motivate others in authentic and empowering ways.

  • Employ our Whole Person Coaching DreamStorming process to holistically design and strategically plan your next steps to create a life, career and business you’ll absolutely love.

  • Gain practical experience working with others and be able to translate your new coaching skills into your current profession and personal life!

As someone who is interested in leveraging the power of coaching to make your impact and income, influencing others… you’ll appreciate the depth and focus of this action packed training.

You’ll not only be able to decide for yourself if training to become a coach is your next step as a professional changemaker in the world… but you will also know exactly how you leverage your life experience and most passionate interests into your own life changing career or coaching business.

You may attend this course on it’s own. It is also included in our Level II & III Coach Certification training programs.

ATTEND: Online via Zoom Conference (Recording Available)

IMPACT: Revolutionary Relationships

(3-Day Intensive – Available Online, In-Person & Recorded)

At the core of Whole Person Coaching is the power of the coach-client relationship. We call it a “revolutionary relationship” because it’s one of the only ways that a client can truly come to know, embrace and fully express their wholeness.

IMPACT explores the critical elements vital to the creation and ongoing development of an empowering partnership, one rich in trust and connection. This partnership allows you as coach and your clients to bring out the very best.

With this course, you will:

  • Explore Relational Neurobiology and Adult Attachment Theory to understand the effects of relationships on brain development, decision-making and habits.

  • Employ various interpersonal mindfulness tools and other mind-body state management techniques to shift resistant or distracted clients toward becoming receptive and open to learning and change.

  • Develop the five trust-maximizing skills of attunement, sensory processing, compassionate communication, authenticity and reflection.

  • Effectively read verbal and non-verbal cues, addressing any disconnects in communication and process with compassion and care.

  • Create rich rapport and a Courageous Space, empowering your clients to become risk-takers, calm and confident in their every move.

The coaching process doesn’t have to be long, hard and arduous. But without the proper levels of trust and rapport and the capacity to work with the whole person, that’s usually how it ends up. This course is designed specifically to help you maximize the impact you make on the lives of others through the power of your presence and solidify the relationship you co-create with others.

Most participants have shared that the learning and tools they take away from IMPACT have singlehandedly transformed their personal and professional relationships. This training has made it possible for them to be ‘openly authentic’ as well as ‘heard, seen and trusted by others’.

You may attend this course on it’s own. It is also included with all three of our Coach Certification training programs.

ATTEND: On-Person (Portland, OR) -or- Online via Zoom Conference (Recording Available)

IGNITE: Catalytic Communication

(3-Day Intensive – Available Online, In-Person & Recorded)

Catalytic Communication is the core engine that produces those game changing conversations. It’s a unique form of communication that allows you to invite change by employing powerful questions and reflective techniques. This allows your clients to see, hear and feel for themselves – enabling them to be far more self-responsible and self-innovating.

These game-changing and often life-changing conversations have the power to catalyze fresh perspectives, pave the way to new approaches, deepen self-trust, and cultivate an unparalleled sense of self-understanding and knowing. As the coach, this level of communication can give you a noticeable edge, both in terms of the results you can help your clients achieve, as well as your personal positioning as an influencer and luminary.

With this course, you will:

  • Employ techniques based in Motivational Interviewing and Positive Psychology to generate positive momentum in others.

  • Be responsive in the moment, prepared with the right questions that maximize your ability to generate the right shifts in the client’s thinking, beliefs and actions.

  • Develop the core holistic coaching communication skills of observing, listening, powerful inquiry, appreciative feedback and advanced reflection techniques to create awareness and learning.

  • Actively listen and know exactly what to pay attention to in your client’s verbal and non-verbal cues. This skill enables you to leverage their strengths while removing any barriers and limiting beliefs.

  • Gently “give the work” back to the client, igniting their capacity to be self-innovating and operating at their very best.

Build your street cred by employing the tools and techniques available in this course, your communication prowess earns you a solid reputation. You become known as someone who can reliably deliver targeted, highly-valuable insight into any personal or business process. This not only improves the value you provide to your clients; it also boosts referrals from the success stories you’ll create.

This course is designed to teach you how to affect change in others through intrinsic motivation and self-awareness. Many coaches have shared that these skills revolutionized their role as an influencer. Popular applications range from the conference room to the stage and from business transactions to your children and loved ones.

You may attend this course on it’s own. It is also included with all three of our Coach Certification training programs.

ATTEND: On-Person (Portland, OR) -or- Online via Zoom Conference (Recording Available)

Feelings of self-doubt and panic are tough to overcome and often make you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. The training (and Feroshia’s support) provided such a comprehensive framework for learning – not just how to coach but how to market your coaching and grow your business – that I now feel I am a ready to be in this profession. I’m empowered to move forward with my own business as a result of the coach training experience, having gained the skills and confidence necessary
to take my career to the next level.

Janelle Peotter, CPC

INTEGRATE: Holistic Change Mastery

(3-Day Intensive – Available Online, In-Person & Recorded)

Step into the arena as a transformational change maker. This advanced coach training program teaches you to assist others as they dive into their greatest potential and bring their whole self to life.

INTEGRATION reveals the highly personal, individualized emergence process. This is where you empower your clients to successfully reclaim their wholeness. They’ll shift beyond the invisible patterns that (up until they met you) have been holding them back.

With this course, you will:

  • Advance your change mastery capacity, employing best practices rooted in Narrative and Archetypal Psychology, Expressive Arts and Somatic Mindfulness processes.

  • Create gentle and sustainable breakthroughs employing holistic tools and processes to overcome the deeply held beliefs, fear, resistance and discomfort that plague your client’s capacity for success.

  • Work with the Transformational Learning Journey model to assist your clients to understand and overcome any mental, emotional, physical, social or spiritual blocks as they restore, level-up or reinvent their lives for the better.

  • Move quickly beyond the surface symptoms that “appear” to be the cause of your client’s setbacks and struggle. Release any self-limiting stories, ineffective strategies, and less resourceful states of being that inhibit your client’s progress.

  • Employ an approach that cultivates a deep sense of self-worth and identity within your clients as they step holistically into all of who they are leveraging a body-centric focus that promotes integrative neuroplasticity.

In INTEGRATE, you learn how to work with the invisible factors that inhibit positive momentum in your clients employing body-centric and creative process that assist clients to step through any limiting factors into a fully integrated whole person.

You’ll emerge from this training confident in your ability to support anyone to navigate life’s rough waters and unexpected turns. Most importantly, you’ll possess the tool necessary to help them create a thriving, sustainable life, rich in who they are, as a whole person.

You may attend this course on it’s own. It is also included in our Level II & III Coach Certification training programs.

ATTEND: On-Person (Portland, OR) -or- Online via Zoom Conference (Recording Available)

INNOVATE: Holistic Change Mastery

(3-Day Intensive – Available Online, In-Person & Recorded)

Explore the domains of mind mastery and human excellence through a left and right brain approach to meta-learning. This course leverages a whole person approach to spontaneity, creativity and problem solving by tapping into the unique wisdom of the individual. You will become highly effective in your coaching process and learn to operate at multiple levels to propel your client forward with ease by revealing the insight of their combined wisdom: mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual.

With INNOVATION, your results become exponential. Using this process, many Whole Person Coaches have reported a trickle-down effect, with clients becoming aware of and eager to make changes in other areas of their lives.

With this course, you will:

  • Incorporate the proven findings of Developmental Psychology, Transformational Learning, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Meta-Cognition – building your services on established scientific and psychological foundations.

  • Employ right and left brain-coaching tools to promote your client’s capacity for: creativity, intuition, visioning, decision-making, organization and strategy.

  • Draw upon your client’s multiple intelligences: mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual to create clarity, focus and direction and a strong foundation of self-knowledge.

  • Explore the lens of holistic thinking to view your clients inside multiple interrelated dimensions as you shift from polarized points of view into the potential of the whole.

  • Use powerful questions and learning-in-action, gaining the insight and perspective required to know exactly how to understand your client’s unique learning and informational processing styles.

INNOVATE teaches you how to improve your clients’ innate ability to learn and leverage their innate wisdom to dramatically bolstering their potential in all future endeavors. This is the one ability above all others that can give you the leading edge as a change-master.

The result? Your clients live within a new place of self-trust and life-success. INNOVATE is the tool responsible for optimizing life’s opportunities and challenges when they present themselves. Your clients recognize their strengths and possess the confidence to step into new and more empowering directions, putting their self-doubt aside. In fact, many have reported feeling enhanced energy and enthusiasm. Most importantly, they are empowered to create the time and space to live the life they’ve always wanted.

You may attend this course on it’s own. It is also included in our Level II & III Coach Certification training programs.

ATTEND: On-Person (Portland, OR) -or- Online via Zoom Conference (Recording Available)

ICF Certification

(3- to 12-Month Mentoring Course)

Earning  or Renew Your ICF Credential: 
As a trained professional coach, you’ll appreciate the credibility and recognition your ICF credential offers you. The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the gold standard for the coaching profession. ICF-credentialed coaches are known throughout the world for their adherence to the highest standards available. Not only does this provide you with an operational framework and best practices, it also has the potential to open countless doors. Unlike most other certificates, your ICF credential can be used to identify you in all 50 states domestically and within any of the 126 ICF member countries around the globe.

This comprehensive program offers you up to 24 hours of personal group ICF mentor coaching hours. In addition you’ll receive three private mentor coaching session and the additional ICF mentoring requirements to earn or renew your credential. Need hours for your practicum? We’ll help you with that too!

With this course, you will:

  • Earn your ICF, ACC or PCC Credential (Upon successful completion of requirements)

  • Accrue your required practicum hours

  • Be confident and fully prepared for your final credentialing examination with the ICF

  • Accelerate your capacity as a coach with appreciative, constructive mentoring and rich feedback on your coaching skills (as per ICF requirements)

  • You will learn how to authentically and directly communicate vital information to your client in a way they can easily understand and accept, empowering them to take action upon your words of wisdom.

  • Clearly understand and align with ICF ethics and best practices to ensure the smoothest, most fluid client relationships that lead to success (theirs as well as yours!)

When you boost your profile with an ICF credential, you become recognized by corporations, businesses and individuals alike for your devotion to quality, reliability and, most importantly, sustainable results.

You may attend this course on it’s own. It is also included in our Level III Coach Certification training program.

PREREQUISITE: Completion of 2 or more of the Whole Person Coach Training Courses (above) – or equivalent training elsewhere.

Want to Start or Grow Your Coaching Business?

Train to become a professional Whole Person Coach® and leverage your experience and expertise as the go-to-coach in your area of passionate interests.

“Taking life coach training through Coach Training World is the most powerful thing I’ve ever done for myself professionally! Having the structure yet interactive learning style of CTW, about the unlimited possibilities of the coaching process, has helped me in my pursuit fulfilling what I believe I am meant to do. Feroshia’s work isn’t just about training coaches, it’s about creating successful, and truly effective coaches. I am more clear than ever on what I’m here to do, how to do it, and how valued my contribution is in the world.” Gary Warford, WPCC, PCC