Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have so much time?

Your friend is writing a book, another is launching a web series on cooking. How is this possible?
Dr. Kim Kutsch is one of those people. So what’s his secret? Well, Dr. Kutsch figured out how to apply coaching skills to all aspects of his life.

His intention was narrower at first though; he was looking for a way to coach his dentistry patients on preventative care, rather than just fixing dental problems.

What Dr. Kutsch found was that he was about to embark on a personal quest that would teach him to nurture his passions. Whether he was writing a nonfiction book about preventative dentistry, writing a fiction trilogy inspired by his grandson’s imagination, or balancing business relationships, Dr. Kutsch found that coach training helped him navigate the greatest hero’s journey — life.

And as you watch the plot thickens, as learns some very valuable lessons to writing a happy ending to all stories!

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