It’s tough being a parent 24/7, right? You bet, but the gifts we receive make it so worth it every single time.

So, what if you had a hundred kids? No one has that many, right? One thing is true: ask any teacher about her students, and she’ll refer to them as her kids.

We want our kids to learn, to be motivated and successful in their lives. But who’s motivating their teachers to be at their best?

Look, the obstacles are there — bureaucracy, long hours, lack of funding … the list goes on. But coach Ryan Murtfeldt wants us to realize that the bad moments are just as valuable as the good ones.

Hard times help us develop the authentic wisdom and skills we need to thrive.

Whole Person Coach Ryan Murtfeldt coaches teachers on how to find inspiration before they become burned out, and he knows what he’s talking about. With fourteen years of classroom experience and a master’s degree under his belt, he’s definitely earned his stripes.

Watch and be inspired as Ryan explains how he coaches teachers to use self-care to connect with their students and become truly rich in a profession built on giving.


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Okay. Give it up. We’ve all had mentors who have changed our lives. Share your experiences to lift up a teacher who might feel stuck in the trenches.

What teacher did you connect with and why? How did they use their quirks to honor yours?