Sample Whole Person Coaching Sessions

Welcome! We’re excited that you are here to discover how Whole Person Coaching is applicable for a wide variety of coaching applications.

From life coaching to executive coaching, Whole Person Coaching allows you to work with the Whole Person (mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual) in any coaching context.

As a Whole Person Coach, you are championed to bring your whole self into the process as you create a customized coaching process based on your client’s needs.

The first few videos are with the creator of Whole Person Coaching, Feroshia Knight, MA, MCC… the following videos feature various graduates at the end of their training experience.

The Power of Trust (Self  & Others)

Gain an insider’s look at how Whole Person Coaching empowers client’s to gain the perspective they need to trust themselves and others when it comes to important medical decisions.

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Stuck at the Starting Line… What’s my niche?

Take an insider’s look at how Whole Person Coaching champions client’s to self-discover the clarity they need to figure out their ideal coaching niche.

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How to Connect with your Ideal Clients

Watch how Whole Person Coaching invites client’s to figure out their marketing strategy so they can attract their ideal clients.

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Aligning to your purpose and dealing with the inner critic…

Listen to how Whole Person Coaching enables coaches to connect with their client’s way of understanding the world to help them get out of their own way.

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Working with Internal Conflict

Watch how Whole Person Coaching assists client’s to overcome self-doubt and reclaim trust in their chosen pathway.

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The Niche In-Between

Watch how Whole Person Coaching assists client’s to figure out what’s best for them through the power or self-reflection.

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