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INFUSE: Live & Brand Your Brilliance

(10-Module Online Course)

Get Niched & Successfully Market Yourself and Your Services: You don’t have to break the bank to build a successful coaching business. Your skills, expertise and willingness to learn are all you need. Despite the myriad of business elements competing for your attention, there is a simple way to build your coaching business. But you have to know where to center your attention.

INFUSE is all about you leveraging your natural strengths into a coaching business where you can focus on what you love most – helping others. This course is for you if you are certain you want to go into business and want to start off with a strong understanding of the foundation of magnetic marketing and how to attract and convert clients into your coaching business.

You will be able to:

  • Translate your gifts, skills, experience and passionate interest into a highly specialized profitable niche.

  • Streamline and become radically clear on who your ideal clients are.

  • Identify your specific audience, and be able to effectively communicate the value you offer them to generate warm leads and easy sales conversions.

  • Supercharge your value and step away from comparing yourself to others – a position that leads to greater income and less stress during your sales process.

  • Create a reliable map for selling your coaching services, workshops and products that is easily adapted to any niche or future coaching initiative.

  • Fill your pipeline with ideal clients – both online and within traditional service outlets – by being who you are, shining at your brightest!

INFUSE: Live & Brand Your Brilliance is one of the most effective coaching business trainings for new and seasoned coaches alike. Working on your own schedule, you design the right business model and marketing plan and actions to attract your ideal clients. You also learn how to command top-dollar for your services (and how to determine exactly how much that should be).

Logo for Convert: Clarity, Confidence & Clients

Convert: Clarity, Confidence & Clients!

(10-Module Online Training)

CONVERT is a specially designed business development course that provides you with the exact language and actual steps for attracting and converting clients comfortably and politely. It’s a proven client attraction and enrollment process that teaches you the best way to convert prospects into coaching clients. You will learn how to share your brilliance authentically with others through a process that reflects the heart and soul of your business. Best of all, it’s an approach that is easily customized to you and your specific audience.

CONVERT enables you to incorporate your own signature style and market your services authentically by speaking conversationally rather than using high-pressure sales tactics or, even worse, stalling when it comes time to ask for the sale. You’ll leave with a step-by-step process and a range of tools that enable you to easily manage objections and other obstacles to the sales process. I’ll show you how to convert clients simply by making them feel good about themselves and the decision they’re making.

You will be able to:

  • Create captivating copy that positions you and your services to ideal clients (whether you create it yourself or sub-contract the writing to one of our reliable partners).

  • Leverage our “Convert” template as a starting point to design your own authentic sales process regardless if you seek to market in-person, via webinars, video sequences or an online sales page.

  • Learn the five biggest setbacks to sales success and exactly what you can do to circumvent them, answering the question: What does the client really need to know to say yes?

  • Gain a deep understanding on how others make decisions, especially when it comes to investing in themselves and their future.

  • Learn how to value and price your coaching services, packages and coaching programs for your market niche.

  • Avoid the countless hours and considerable expense involved in creating your own presence from scratch or hiring a boutique design agency to do it for you.

CONVERT shifts your focus from the agonizing process of sales to that of your chosen specialty: being of service to others. With this vivid insider’s look into the world of sales and marketing, you’ll be feel confident and at peace with marketing your coaching business. Plus – if you complete all of the homework assignments, you have created one of the following: A full sales page for your website, 3-part video/email marketing program, 2-hour webinar or a 1:1 consultation putting you in the fast lane of getting clients now!


Digital Gold

(10-Module Online Training)

This Online Coaching Program Creation Program offers you the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to produce and distribute a professional online coaching program for your ideal clients. Simplifying the often-confusing world of program and curriculum development you’ll possess the know-how, skill and confidence to build your own programs and leverage technology with ease.

You will be able to:

  • Translate your know-how into digital gold by focusing on your specific audience and their desired outcomes.

  • Outline and create the step-by-step “Transformational Journey” required for your clients to produce the results they paid for.

  • Integrate stories, examples and testimonials, and other YOU-centric content into our proven templates, crafting curriculum that delivers a robust experience for your ideal clients.

  • Be comfortable when that red recording light goes on as your natural and authentic self. Stay connected to your audience by engaging with them through a conversational tone.

  • Learn time-saving recording tips and tricks and easily script, record and edit quality audio content within an optimal sound environment.

  • Script and shoot high quality video, including lighting, sound and the technical aspects associated with video production.

Upon completion of this program, you will possess everything you need to create and launch your online program and generate an unlimited amount of passive income. You’ll also feel confident that your program will fully represent the standards for quality and care you give to your clients in-person, each and every day.

Interested in becoming an ICF Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC)?

Train to become a professional Whole Person Coach® and leverage your experience and expertise as the go-to-coach in your area of passionate interests.

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