So often we look into the future for ourselves as if we live out there when what is happening in the present is what is actually determining our future.

Your Present Self is Creating Your Future

Who you are being in any given moment defines how effective you can be not only in that moment but is also contributing to the success of your future. If you are motivated and happy it’s easy to accomplish things and stay in flow. And if you are caught in emotional turmoil you’ll feel nothing short of exhausted.

The more intimately you know yourself, and the better the relationship you have with yourself . . . the more effective you will be in any aspect of your life.

But seeing yourself isn’t always as easy as looking in the mirror, because of those pesky blind spots that can only be seen from a perspective other then our own.

As a coach, one of the many gifts you offer your clients is that of a mirror. As the mirror you are help your clients to become aware of their thoughts, feelings and actions. Ultimately you are shining the light so they can see how they contribute to their own success and struggle. By being a mirror your client can access the deeper parts of who they are and truly see within in real time the truth of who they are today creating their preferred future.