Coach Training World (CTW): More then a coach training institute

Formerly known as Baraka Institute, Coach Training World, recognizes that successful coaches need more than just coaching skills, that the whole pathway to success includes a deep and powerful immersion in how to create human transformation, the ability to launch and sustain a successful, lucrative coaching business that reaches a large and enthusiastic audience, and a coaching business model that keeps clients coming in even when you are off doing the powerful work of creating change – or off enjoying your own life and the people you care about.

CTW can help you hit the fast lane with every possible advantage because we answer the top concerns and challenges of coaches.

Our programs are designed to relieve you of the stress of “having to figure it all out” so you can focus on learning what you need to succeed and have a solid plan, process and platform to launch your successful, thriving coaching business that richly rewards you for being in service to others.

Our programs cover everything from learning to coach and transform the lives and businesses of others, leading your own coaching programs, seminars and workshops as a lucrative way to expand your reach and heighten your bottom line, and the essential techniques for sales and marketing that are authentic and make the process fun.

With over two decades of marketing experience to augment our ten years as the top holisitic transformational coaching method, we help you create your materials including your website, brand, copy —- everything you need to launch a breakthrough coaching business and successfully acquire clients so you can focus on what you love – making a difference – while making a sustainable living.

Valuing the good work you do in the world.

As a fellow change maker in the world, we deeply value our coaches, their gifts and the contribution they make in the world. We know that the key to success for any business owner is sustainability and prosperity, therefore our comprehensive programs are devoted to positioning our graduates for success and prosperity over the long haul.

whole person life coach kelly mcfarland

Kelly McFarland, WPCC

“Coach Training World offers an open environment that is challenging and free of judgment. All aspects of coaching and various different learning styles and levels were honored. The attention to detail ~ was extraordinary! The result life-long.”

Kelly McFarland, WPCC
~ Wellness Coach & Egoscue Trainer

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