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The road to success is paved with exceptional coach training, mentoring and a thriving community of professionals devoted to making their difference. Successful coaches also know coaching skills are only half the equation. That’s why we offer you a choice in how far you want to go. At Coach Training World you can train, certify and start your own coaching business.

Choose Your Program Certification Level
Our 60-Hour Core Coach Training Program

(First 1/2 of the full WPCC program)

Earn your CPC

Our 60-Hour Core Coach Training Program

(First 1/2 of the full WPCC program)

Earn your CPC

Full Pay-Save $990.00 from Ala Carte Pricing$2795 6 month payment plan$545
Our Full 125-Hour Whole Person Coach Certification.

Includes: Core: Level I Certification + 65 Hours of Advanced Coach Training

Earn Your WPCC Credential

Our Full 125-Hour Whole Person Coach Certification.

Includes: Core: Level I Certification + 65 Hours of Advanced Coach Training

Earn Your WPCC Credential

Full Pay - Save $2,775.00 from Ala Carte Pricing $4995 10 month payment plan $565
Your Best Value
Our Full 125-Hour Whole Person Coach Certification

+ ICF PCC Credential Process

+ Full Business Start-up Course

Over 250 hours of curriculum

Earn Your WPCC + ICF PCC Credentials

Your Best Value
Our Full 125-Hour Whole Person Coach Certification

+ ICF PCC Credential Process

+ Full Business Start-up Course

Over 250 hours of curriculum

Earn Your WPCC + ICF PCC Credentials

Full Pay - Save $4,765.00 from Ala Carte Pricing$6995 12 month payment plan $645

Frequently Asked Questions

A central component to your success is finding the right program (and an expert guide) for your needs. We’re here to make sure you do! Our goal is to help you discover the right path that will lead you to the results you seek. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find the information you need, please call us at 1-888-660-5588.

What are the differences between the 3 different program options?

MASTERY: LEVEL III Certification is our most robust certification package. It includes our full 125+ hour ICF Accredited Whole Person Coach Training program. It also includes your ICF credentialing requirements: ICF mentor coaching, coaching practicum, evaluations and oral test. It is for you if you intend on using your coaching skills either inside a corporation or business. Or to serve corporations, non-profits, healthcare systems and other companies that are now demanding an ICF credential from their hires.

Also, please note that other training organizations like Brené Brown’s require an ICF credential to participate. Within this setting, your Whole Person skills combine with your ICF credential to demonstrate an elite level of commitment and professionalism to current and future employers. This track is also an excellent option for career positioning. Many employers value the globally-recognized credential of an ICF certification on your resume. It’s also the fastest, surest way of positioning yourself and your services above others.

Upon successful completion you can call yourself an ICF credentialed Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC or PCC)

SIGNATURE: LEVEL II Certification is our full Whole Person Coach Training Certification program sans the ICF credentialing process. This package includes our full 125+ hour ICF Accredited Whole Person Coach (WPCC) Training program. The SIGNATURE track is for you, if you are ready to transition into becoming a certified professional coach and want to start your own coaching business or start a career in coaching with the most advanced holistic transformational skills and tools available.

This training track offers our proprietary Whole Person approach to creating sustainable change within individuals and business systems. It also positions you to be able to work with a wide variety of coaching contexts and challenges, deepening your skills and capacity to truly transform the lives of others and step into your ability to be the go-to-coach in your area of passionate interests.

Upon successful completion you can call yourself a Professional Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) or Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

CORE: LEVEL I CERTIFICATION is our basic coach training certification program. The CORE Certification is for you, if you are already working in some capacity as a change maker and want to add the basic tools and techniques of professional coaching to your toolkit. It’s also worth noting that some people new to coaching use this as a starting point in their training process as they pursue a new career or business in coaching.

Upon successful completion you can call yourself a certified coach.

Do you have a introductory course?

Yes. You can enroll in the INTEGRAL: Whole Person Coaching. It provides an accurate feel for how Whole Person Coaching can help you translate your experience and expertise into your own life-changing career, all while earning ICF or BCC credits.

Can I take a course ala carte?

Yes, our ala carte pricing is listed below:

Ala Carte Courses

  • INTEGRAL: Whole Person Coaching $795
  • INSIGHT: Whole Person Coaching Starter Kit $995
  • IMPACT: Revolutionary Relationships $1495
  • IGNITE: Catalytic Communications $1495
  • INTEGRATE: Holistic Change Mastery $1495
  • INNOVATE: Holistic Change Mastery $1495
  • INFUSE: Live & Brand Your Brilliance $1997
There are so many options for coach training. How is Coach Training World unique?

Our Whole Person Coaching Method

Whole Person Coaching is based on the premise that when you come to know, embrace and express all aspects of your wholeness, you are positioned to thrive in any aspect of your life. You become rich in resources, grounded in your being, and at peace within. At CTW we teach you to help others achieve their dreams while facilitating core self-development and whole self-integration as part of the process. Your clients gain access to the depth and whole of who they are: mentally, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually. They are then free to draw upon their multiple intelligences and remove any blocks within these areas. This approach is what enables them to step into their wholeness, confident and self-certain in who they are, what matters most to them, and how they define their very best.

Our Holistic Tools for Change

Change is hard. Changing others is even harder. As a Whole Person Coach, you’ll possess a robust suite of tools. It will allow you to work with stopping blocks that range from self-sabotaging behaviors and ineffective mental and emotional states to limiting stories. These tools draw from:

  • Narrative Psychology
  • Jungian Psychology & Archetypes
  • Systems Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology
  • Expressive Arts & Movement
  • Voice Dialog
  • Somatic Psychology
  • Yogic & Mindfulness Techniques

With our tools, you’ll not only know what to do to support you client in their own transformational process, you’ll also have full confidence that the proven resources you bring to each session will reliably facilitate positive momentum and results – every single time.

Our Personal Touch

You are not a number. At Coach Training World, we embrace you as who you are and immediately bring you into our rich, diverse, compassionate community of leaders and change makers. With us, you’ll feel confident, comfortable and, above all, well supported.

Our CoachPreneur Academy

Not only do we provide you with the skills, tools and competence to change lives, we also teach and mentor you on how to succeed in the Business of Change. Like any other product in the marketplace, your talents and experience have real value. To capitalize on them effectively, you need the business skills that allow you to effectively strategize and market your brand. This is how you attract your ideal clients. No other coach training school offers a comprehensive program that specializes in launching a coaching business. Our CoachPreneur Academy teaches you the A to Z of business skills – everything from identifying your niche to branding. You will learn authentic sales and marketing techniques, how to build websites and leverage social media, and how to take the most effective steps forward to save time and money.

Our Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)

Our full ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) includes everything you need to become an International Coach Federation credentialed or Board Certified Coach. This is an important distinction. Institutions that have earned the ACTP merit are accredited, fully vetted, and maintain the highest standards for comprehensive instruction around the ICF’s core competencies, code of ethics and definition of coaching. Notable among these standards is the requirement of a Master Coach (MCC) as training director. This ensures you are learning from the best. Another benefit of ACTP training programs is that they are all-inclusive. ACTP tracks provide professional coaches a basic to advanced level of coach training as well as the opportunity to practice coaching. One of the big perks is that you receive mentoring by an ICF professional coach who holds at least a PCC certification. These individuals are frequently the best part of the program for many coaches, offering insight and wisdom that simplifies and elevates the process for those seeking ACTP accreditation. Once you complete the full ACTP program, you will possess the skills necessary to apply for the ICF’s Professional Certified Coach credential (PCC), as well as the training hours to apply for ICF Global Membership. It’s important to note: this training is only one portion of the requirements necessary to submit an application for the PCC. You can review the full list of application requirements for this program type of accreditation here:

What are the dates and times?

For specific times and dates for each individual coaching course please go here: View Dates Here. Each session is designed to maximize your time and utilize your coaching skills without compromising your ability to learn at the deepest levels possible. All additional other coursework is flexible, making it easy to schedule at your convenience.

Can I skip around in the program?

Yes. You can jump into any of our six Whole Person Coach training modules. It is highly recommended that you complete the first few modules in  INSIGHT:Whole Person Coaching Starter Kit first.  INSIGHT is a 10-module digital course available on-demand upon enrollment.

Are their additional expenses that I should know about?

Our programs are all-inclusive with the exception of any membership or final exam fees that the International Coach Federation or Center for Credentialing Education (BCC) may require. All three levels of our program include the following:

  • Coaching Workbooks, Tools, Manuals

  • Coach & Transform Online Support Group

  • Listing in our Find-a-Coach Directory

  • Available Online or In-Person (Portland, OR)

  • All Sessions Recorded

Mastery: Level 3 Certification also includes all of your ICF requirements for mentoring and practicum. All that you need to do to earn your ICF credential is take your final exam at the ICF website.  Those attending Core: Level I may upgrade their package to include ICF Mentoring at the time of enrollment.

How does the program work?

At CTW, we offer you our personal best. That means our programs are designed to ensure you gain the skills, confidence and capacity to become a highly effective holistic coach. Beyond that, we also want to make sure you’re able to start your own coaching business, build it by attracting your ideal client base, and succeeding long-term. So we provide countless hours of attention as well as ongoing resources and support to ensure you succeed. Though portions of our program are offered exclusively as digital courses, you’ll discover a number of ways in which our personal touch will champion you to success. These include small live classrooms, various mentoring groups, and one-on-one support. Please note you can visit this page to see your options for attending each of our courses. Our Certifications reflect the highest standards and requirements of an ICF accredited program, including four core elements:

  1. Professional ICF Accredited Coach Training. These are delivered online and in-person (Portland, OR) over the course of four Three-Day Live Intensives, held once a month. You can choose the order and timing of these weekend intensives. But if you plan on earning your ICF credential with us, you will need to attend the live sessions and participate. (Certification Levels I, II  & III)
  1. Professional MCC Level ICF Mentor Coaching.In addition to your coach training weekends, you’ll receive one-on-one private mentor coaching and participate in a 12-month group coaching mentor program held once a month. You are encouraged to attend as many of these two-hour sessions as you like and are required to participate in a minimum of four. (Level III only)
  1. Coaching Practicum.These are your additional practice hours where you’ll be coaching others and receiving coaching from peers and advanced students. If you are currently coaching, you may earn these hours with your existing/new clients. If you’re interested in finding practice clients outside of class (whether paid or pro bono), our program teaches you how to do that. (Certification Level III only)
  1. Coaching Evaluations.Throughout the program, you’ll be participating in several formal coaching evaluations. This is where you’ll receive appreciative and developmental feedback related to the ICF Core Competencies. (Certification Level III only)

BONUS: Independent Study. In addition to the live portion of the program, you’ll receive coursework and access to our video library. This supplements the classroom training and further develops your robust toolkit by giving you a wide range of additional material and examples. (Certification Level II & III only)

What is the time commitment for the program?

That all depends on you! On average, our students report that they spend 3 to 10 hours a week on the program. Unlike a university or community college, most of this time is spent at your convenience. Whenever you can fit the training into your schedule, it’s there waiting for you. Please note that you have up to 2 years to complete your coursework.

What if I have a schedule conflict with a course?

From time to time, we all have unavoidable scheduling conflicts or find ourselves a little under the weather. Unlike a college course, all of our sessions are recorded, enabling you to take part live or at a time that’s more convenient for you. Audio files of our calls are uploaded to the web and available for on-demand streaming. This ensures that you’ll never miss out or fall behind. Please note: if you are applying for your ICF credential and know that you are going to miss more than a couple hours of training, Contact Us for your options.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

Other than split-pay, we do not offer any additional financing options, such as financial aid or scholarships, at this time. Because of the deep value we’re committed to providing, we keep our classes small. This enables us to provide the highest level of professional coach training and business mentoring possible. In this program, you won’t be swimming in a sea of thousands but rather engaging and learning alongside a select group of others who are deeply devoted to developing a highly successful business of their own. Also, we have discovered that when someone invests in their development, they are positioning themselves for success. This is one of the lessons you’ll learn to do strategically and effectively in this program. In turn, you’ll be using this same philosophy to ask your clients to invest in your services and programs. It’s worth noting that many people earn back their tuition within the first year. Some even earn 10 times their tuition (or more). The results are different for each attendee.

Can I speak with a current student or graduate about the program?

Absolutely. We’d be more than happy to share a list of references. Just ask or download our Informational Toolkit where you’ll find a list of students who are more then happy to speak with you about their experience.  These people are not our SALES TEAM.  If you have specific questions about the program investment, logistics and other details please contact us at 1-888-660-5588 or via our contact form. You might also view some of our success stories to see how Whole Person Coaches around the world are making their difference.

Should I earn my ICF credential before starting my business?

Even though your ICF Credential lends credibility to you as a professional coach, it’s not what truly throws you in the thick of it. As part of the ICF certification process, you are working as a paid coach. This not only allows you to begin making money right away, it also provides invaluable experience upon which to build your coaching practice. That’s why we encourage our coaches-in-training to start their businesses upfront and immediately begin attracting clients. As you continue to build your business, you simultaneously complete your coaching practicum hours – getting paid as you do so.

How do I get clients?

It’s a common question. And believe me: converting leads into paying clients can be intimidating and even impossible without the proper guidance and support. But in our CoachPreneur Academy: Our Convert program, makes it easy for you to turn your leads into long-term clients. And, if you hop onto our mailing list or like our Facebook page, you’ll receive additional free tips on how to marketing and sell your coaching services, programs and products. By Living Your Brilliance, you become known for the service aspects that are unique to you (knowledge and expertise your clients are unable to find elsewhere). Maybe you’re highly analytical and organized. Or maybe you’re more of a big picture, free spirit who’s brimming over with creative inspiration. Whatever your particular specialty, you have to deliver results. No one wants to pay for something when they aren’t getting a return on their investment. Our program enables you to earn top dollar by attracting your ideal clients. Simply customize the tools and methodologies we provide to address the particular needs of any individual client or business application. And as for the secret to your success, it’s achieved by producing desired outcomes in line with the client’s stated goals. That’s also the secret to long-term client relationships and referrals. Before long, your business shifts from you pursuing ideal clients to your ideal clients pursuing you.

What is the success rate of your students?

You might see websites that claim X% of their students make “X” amount of money. The truth is: success is defined by the individual. Those who are devoted and willing to do the work necessary to launch their business will prosper. Those who are already entrepreneurs are further down the road – they’ve learned some skills – and so can you. With your devotion and the right support, it’s 100% possible, and that’s where we’d like to help you.  If you are serious about starting your own business, you’ll love our CoachPreneur Academy. We can’t guarantee your success. But we can promise to give you what you need to pursue success, as you define it, in the most efficient, strategic and cost-effective way possible. With hard work and creativity, you’ll be amazed how far you can go. For examples of our past graduates, please view our success stories distributed through out our website.

What if I don’t know exactly what my niche is?

If you are still struggling to figure out your niche or determine exactly what your business is all about, you’ll enjoy “INFUSE: Live Your Brilliance.” This is our unique program geared toward helping you achieve the clarity around your offer, your audience and how to market yourself effectively. This program is included in our Level III: Mastery Certification and is also available ala carte for $1995. Inside this course, we’ll explore:

  • What you have that others want and will pay for!
  • Curing “ideaitis” – sifting through your many options to create the best offer with an eye on your passion that meets your financial goals
  • Translate your unique offering into an irresistible offer for others.
  • Specifics of your unique offering (What problem do you solve?)
  • Your ideal audience and how to know that your idea is right for them
  • PLUS: You’ll also create a business model and marketing plan to ensure you begin (and remain) strategic in the steps ahead

These are vital foundational steps toward starting a successful coaching business – one that will sustain you financially and emotionally by generating happiness, fulfillment, and success throughout your life. You’ll walk away from this program with radical clarity on exactly what you have to offer, who wants it, and how you can earn the most from it.

What if my life isn’t perfect?

Being a change maker for others isn’t about being perfect. However, it is about being a role model for others. As a coach, your devotion to working on yourself and your life shows others what is possible. It has the power to inspire those around you. And honestly: whose life is perfect all the time? In coaching, you’ll focus on being your best in service to others and to yourself. Simply by doing that, your light will shine like a roaring bonfire on a darkened beach or a lighthouse in a storm.

I’m brand new to coaching. Is that a problem?

Our youngest student (thus far) was 18 years old. Our most seasoned student was 77. Each individual brings their unique life experience to the training sessions. But it’s their willingness to help others figure things out for themselves that often serves as the foundation to their commitment – not their age or level of coaching experience. No matter where you are in life, you are in the perfect place to develop your ability to evoke change in others. This is true whether you’ve been coaching informally all your life, just started your own coaching business, or are brand new to the profession. As a professionally trained Whole Person Certified Coach, you can immediately increase your capacity for helping others. Coaching is a skill, one that goes beyond simply inspiring others. Whole Person Coaching enables you to lead the way and influence others to go the distance. You help them create the desired outcomes they want most in a way that is reliable, sustainable, and easily repurposed to affect change in any other aspect of their life. That is the benefit of starting from a holistic point of view. What you’ll learn in our program has little to do with your working knowledge of the coaching process (after all, that’s why you’re here – to learn!). At Coach Training World, we teach you how to build upon and leverage the talents, experience and resources you currently possess. Our program also gives you a comprehensive, proven system and holistic method designed to change lives. This method is applicable to any aspect of a person’s life, personally or professionally. If you are a newer coach, you’ll enjoy the advantages of a step-by-step system and the support that allows you to get started immediately. It provides the flexibility to adapt, adjust and apply the tools you’re learning, developing the way you work with clients as you go. Regardless of your skill level, you can and will get started helping others and profiting from your passions almost immediately.

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