Kokoro MindStyles Coaching Toolkit

Full-Color Archetype Cards & Booklet

Whether you intend to work with clients, friends, family or even yourself, the Kokoro Coaching Toolkit is designed to amplify both your impact and income.  Informed by the personality traits of classic archetypes, you can assist clients to identify the aspects of themselves that both limit and increase their capacity to be highly effective.  This allows you to empower your clients to come to truly know, embrace and express themselves in a way that’s entirely unique to them.

Our Kokoro toolkit also supports you at every skill level. If you’re not a coach but still want to use coaching tools for yourself or those you care about, this is a highly affordable way to get started making your difference in the lives of others.

The applications are unlimited…
Your clients will benefit from the Kokoro Coaching Toolkit in the following ways:

  • Recognize limiting beliefs and lifelong stories that prevent them from feeling and being at their best
  • Transform the “survival dances” that ensnare them in habitual, self-defeating patterns toward inner peace
  • Identify hidden or underutilized strengths then step into their wholeness and deepest potential
  • Transform conflict and inner turmoil through a process of self-understanding and self-compassion
  • Gain the clarity they need to understand and stop struggling with challenging personalities and situations
  • Eliminate negative self-talk and replace it with an empowering, self-witnessing inner voice
  • Live a deeper life, rich with meaning and connection to themselves and others

Not only will your clients benefit from this coaching tool, so will you:

  • Infuse your coaching practice with a highly creative and adaptive approach.
  • Work with small groups or teams of people to create new and deeper understandings and move beyond conflict
  • Increase your income by selling these coaching tools to your clients inside your own coaching program (or as a licensed StoryArtistry Coach)
  • Bring more fun and play into your work using tools and a process that invites both you and your client to a new level of coaching

This list is far from complete. With some creativity, you will find even more ways to use these cards to help others and yourself – in fact, I encourage it!

Free 3-Hour Intro to StoryArtistry Coach Training with purchase

StoryArtistry is about learning to identify the stories that govern your life experiences and recondition the voice that narrates it. It’s also about coming to deeply know yourself and the various aspects of your persona that come to life in your inner world.

Inside this training, we’ll explore ways to help others identify the hidden internal influences that unconsciously affect their capacity to thrive in life. We’ll also look at the most effective ways to shift inner and outer conflict with ease and grace. Most importantly: you’ll learn to tap the hidden aspects of “the whole person.” Once awakened, this insight can lead your clients to new and even more joyful and fulfilling experiences.

StoryArtistry leverages the Kokoro archetypes to create a sequence of coaching processes that you can use with anyone, including group coaching programs. You’ll emerge with a bounty of ideas and easy-to-implement processes for working with clients regardless of the type of coaching you offer others.

At the end of the intro course, I’ll also briefly discuss our full StoryArtistry Coach Training Certification program. If you’re interested in the full certification for this unique, highly creative process, this is your chance to learn more and ask any questions related to applying StoryArtistry to your chosen coaching context.

This workshop is especially for you if you are new to coaching and want to start working with others immediately. But it’s not just for newbies. Our 3-hour Introduction to StoryArtistry can also help you enrich and enliven an existing coaching practice. You’ll gain numerous options to work with your clients in a structured yet highly adaptive fashion…

…because the only insight capable of directing our life’s path is our own!