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 Prepare yourself to cultivate positive, sustainable change helping people thrive amid complexity, chaos, and uncertainty.

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12-23 ICF Continuing Coach Education Credits Available

May 23rd – June 27th, 2023 
Tuesdays 8a-10a (Pacific) + Practicum*
Program meets for 6 consecutive weeks.

As a changemaker, you can’t help but feel the weight of the world. From societal developments to nature’s influence, the chaos can seem all-encompassing with so much imbalance:

  • Powerful wildfires and hurricanes here and abroad
  • Tragic loss of life within political conflicts
  • Workplace challenges from mergers/acquistions to endless job openings
  • The uncertain and uncomfortable return to life/work from Covid
  • Limited and increasingly unaffordable housing
  • Growing disparity related to wealth, opportunity, and healthcare
  • International wars unfolding in front of our eyes
  • …and a cultural divide that some are only too happy to fuel and deepen

The impact has become personal to so many of us.

As a Certified Trauma-Informed Coach you champion your clients to move forward and step into their best life regardless of what else may be happening around them.

Help your clients self-create the safety, connection, and respect they need. Then witness them as they shift into their most resilient, authentic, and thriving selves, letting go of past influences to step into what is truly possible for them.

Understand and support others through the wisdom of Relational Neuroscience and psychology. Offer supportive tools and techniques your clients can clearly understand and self-employ. Also learn to advocate for the right kind of support and referrals your clients need.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the different forms of trauma and its effect on the whole person.
  • Easily recognize indicators for trauma present within clients and responsibly offer support while working with the whole person.
  • Invite clients to discover and develop techniques to self-regulate and reclaim their sense of self.
  • Help your clients understand the self-recovery process and engage them to develop their own resiliency practice.
  • Motivate clients to self-master their unique circumstances so they can move into the life they truly are meant to live and gently let go of the past.
  • Leverage a wide variety of tools and techniques to support your clients in the moment and long-after their work with you.
  • Confidently work with whatever arises during your coaching sessions to be there for the client and retain a professional boundary.

Navigating the tender complexities of trauma can be incredibly difficult for many coaches. When your only desire is to help your clients step into their best lives, having the right tools and support methods is essential.

Our Trauma-Informed Coach Training program will give you a deep understanding of all the different types of trauma and teach you how to offer support and help your clients reclaim their sense of self.

This 6-session weekly course is delivered via Zoom includes a *12-hour practicum designed to strengthen and deepen your learning.

All sessions recorded and made available for students to revisit content.
Includes reading material and optional books to deepen your learning journey.
Optional practicum included and required for students to receive the 23 CEU’s and their certification.

Tuition: $597 | Enrollment Limited

The door it opens to a new approach to help my clients. The training takes into consideration the whole person and not only the trauma. The approach is different and really put the person first. I’m excited that I can include this competence in my coaching profile too!


Since the first week, I feel I have gained a much deeper understanding of how I can better support my clients develop resilience in the midst of stressful situations. The class offers so many additional skills that I have been able to easily integrate into using with my current coaching clients, with very good results! Over my years as a coach, I have taken many different continuing education courses but this definitely ranks up on the top of the list! It is unparalleled for developing a deeper holistic understanding of my clients with easily translatable models and tools that integrate seamlessly into a coaching practice. Highly recommended! 

Christine E.

These topics and tools have been extremely relevant and helpful for me. I’ve already integrated the tools into my life and using them with my clients. This program not only helps your clients, but provides you with foundational information that you’ll use for the rest of your life. 

Cory R.

This course will help you understand trauma, recognize its impact and support your clients in their work to grow more resourceful and resilient. The topics were interesting and relevant, plus it was great to work with others outside of class.

Anni P.

I enjoyed the breakouts and watching Feroshia coach in these sensitive areas.  I appreciated the quality of the information and the way the course was facilitated. I’m able to use the information personally and to enhance my coaching practice.

Debbie C.

I loved the interactivity of this program and the charts/tools. Being able to work with peers and try out what we learned along with the the chance to watch Feroshia coach was very helpful. This course was fun and empowering!


Coach Training World is unconventional in how relaxed you can be in this space. You can reach out and ask for exactly what you need. Expect to be offered ideas and options you’d never considered. I’ve already incorporated this new perspective along with the tools and resources into my coaching groups and courses!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your Whole Person Certified Coach training and this one?

Our Trauma-Informed Coach Certification develops and enhances your capacity to be effective at supporting clients who’ve been impacted by trauma or chronic stress.

If you are looking to become a professionally trained holistic coach and/or pursue your ICF certification then we’d recommend our longer and more robust coach training programs. (CORE, SIGNATURE, ICF ASSOCIATE and/or ICF PROFESSIONAL) certifications. These courses educate and empower you to work with the whole person in a niche of your choice.   

Do I need to be a coach to attend?

No, you don’t have to be a coach to attend this program. This training is for anyone seeking the knowledge and skills to effectively respond to clients who may suffer from chronic stress to traumatic experiences. Our goal isn’t to “TREAT” trauma but to equip ourselves to “RESPOND” responsibly to the signs and symptoms of an activated nervous system.

What should I expect during this program?

At Coach Training World, we believe in experiential learning.  Not only will you learn about relevant science, psychology and case studies related to chronic stress and other forms of trauma… You will be developing skills to work with someone who presents with signs or symptoms to invite them to self-discover their own resourcefulness.  From specific targeted mindfulness tools to relational techniques.

What is the practicum?

The practicum is for students who wish to become a Trauma-Informed Certified Coach. 

The practicum includes time outside of class working with peers/clients/colleagues to practice the tools.

In addition, students will maintain a self-reflection journal and submit a final paper related to what they are learning. 

If you are not interested in the Certification you can always attend the live program for your ICF Continuing Education Credits and/or for your own personal/professional applications.

Can I do this program via Self-Study

You are welcome to attend this program via self-study by watching the videos. Please note there is additional homework if you choose this path and you want certification.  We highly recommend that you participate in some of the practicum labs where you’ll get to work with peers so you can test drive the tools and techniques prior to working with your own clients.  If you have questions please ask!

How long is this program?

The program meets once a week for 6-weeks. In addition you’ll be invited to work with peers for 12-hours of practicum labs.  These labs are typically scheduled based on your groups availability. 

Will you list me in your Find-a-Coach Directory?

Yes, after you’ve completed the full program including a written case-study exam, we’d be delighted to list you on our website as a resource for clients seeking a Trauma-Informed Coach in your niche of choosing.  Please note you’ll also get a digital badge along with your certificate.

Can I get a refund?

Our Trauma-Informed Coach Training program has a very limited number of seats. Due to the size restrictions we do not offer a refund. We do offer the opportunity to move once to another training and/or the option to participate via self-study as long as you’ve attended the first day of class.

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