Earn up to three Coach Training Certifications

Get certified in our signature Whole Person Certified Coach training method. Add the additional credibility of a second or even third certification from the International Coach Federation and/or Center for Credentialing Education.

Here’s what we cover in this coach training program overview video:

00:00   Welcome!
01:06   Types of Certifications & Credentials
02:00   Whole Person Coach Certifications
04:49   ICF Credentialing Programs

08:20   Board Certified Coach Programs
10:39   Coach Training Course Descriptions
16:05   Bonus Courses
17:30   CoachPreneur Academy Brief Overview


What coach certification program is best for you?

ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

This starter certification is ideal for working coaches seeking to earn an ICF certification.

Includes the first 3 courses in our Signature Whole Person Coach Certification (WPCC) training.

Plus all the additional requirements to apply for your ICF Associate Certification (ACC) via the International Coach Federation’s ACSTH pathway.

ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

This professional certification equips you to master change while becoming an recognized ICF certified Professional coach. 

Includes our full Signature Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) program.

Plus all the additional requirements to apply for your ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) via the ICF’s ACTP pathway.

Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC)

Our signature coach training program… For those seeking to gain the proficiency to champion human excellence in any situation by addressing any underlying barriers to success working with the whole person.

This program does not include the additional requirements to apply for an ICF credential.

Board Certified Coach (BCC)

For those who hold a Masters or Ph.D degree.

The BCC is the only coaching credential that incorporates your verified education, professional training and work experience.

Offered in conjunction with the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE), an affiliate of the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC).

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Discover You: Get Niched

Confidently transition into coaching with a roadmap for success.

Come uncover your most valuable skills and traits and learn how you can help others while generating an income that rewards you for
being you!

You’ll develop a step-by-step plan to achieve your vision while test driving coaching as you witness your impact on others using Whole Person Coaching®.

Advanced Coach Training  (ACT)

Created especially for trained and certified coaches.

This program includes the second half of our Signature Whole Person Certified Coach program.

It allows you to upgrade from an ICF Associate Certification to an ICF Professional Certification while learning our signature holistic coaching method to enrich your capacity to evoke holistic and sustainable change.

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Program Comparison Chart

Testimonials from past graduates…

Introducing Empowerment Coach Nikol Peterman

“My confidence has soared, and I feel much clearer about my purpose and message. I am connecting to so many more inspiring entrepreneurs and artists, and stepping into the collaborations I have wanted to cultivate my whole life. In turn, my clients are stepping into their inner resources and recognizing they are capable of their dreams!”

Introducing Wellness Coach Sharon Roemmel

“The training I received at Coach Training World enables me to blend the skills I’ve honed over my career and combine them with new skills to empower women to live their richest, most joyful lives.”

Introducing Life Coach Justin Cassens

“I believe freely sharing appreciation with the people around us will help make the world a better place, and I can’t get enough of people who share that point of view. I can’t imagine anything better than working to help people realize their full potential.”

Introducing Chief Empowerment Officer Yvonne Chang

“Coaching has enabled me to help individuals find in themselves the kind of value, meaning and grounding that it took me years to find in myself. Through coaching, I can consolidate my experiences and studies into a personalized plan and approach matched to each client’s needs and aspirations.”

Introducing Success Coach Claire Yeung

“Coaching has allowed me to become an entrepreneur doing what I love. Prior to becoming a coach, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to build a business doing something I was passionate about.”

Introducing Wholly Sober Coach Teresa Rodden

“After becoming a certified professional coach, I had the freedom to explore my unconventional process of living sober without struggle.”

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