You’re called to become a
professionally certified coach…

But you want more than a certificate, you’re seeking a proven system, a holistic process, and transformational tools that are easily customized to champion real change.

Would you like to:

Build on your experience and effectively work with the whole person…
Cultivate deep, lasting change in any aspect of life or business…
Address the underlying barriers that prevent others from being at their best…

We’ve been waiting for you!

Meet Master Holistic Coach Feroshia!

As veterans in the business of change since 2005, my team and I have personally trained, certified, and championed thousands of coaches around the globe.

Here at Coach Training World, we believe in endless support that extends beyond your coach training program. And it shows…

Harnessing the value of their experience and expertise, our graduates work with the Whole Person inside a wide variety of organizations, non-profits, coaching firms and in their own businesses.

If they can do it, so can you!

Your success is our mission.

Watch this video to understand your program options!

Choose your ideal coach training program from here…

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Get Started…

Start your coaching career or business with our CORE Certification. Upgrade from here as you are ready.

Learn the essentials of Whole Person Coaching® and start coaching in a niche of your choosing within a few months.



Pivot into a coaching career or business with the credibility of our Level 2 ICF Professional Whole Person Certified Coach certification program.

Become a Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) + earn an International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Coach and/or Professional Coach credential.


Advance your ACC

Already an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)?
Earn your PCC or MCC with our Advanced Whole Person Coach Training Program.

This advanced coach training requires that you are a certified coach to attend.  Sorry, no exceptions.

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Get Board Certified

Earn a Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential from the Center for Credentialing Education.

This coach certification training program requires that you hold a Master’s or Ph.D. It is designed for individuals who seek to pivot into coaching from an existing practice.

Here are just a few of the many reasons we are the #1 choice for holistic coaches, leaders, healers and other transformational change makers around the globe


  • All-inclusive from start to finish
    Enter the coaching professional with every possible advantage. At Coach Training World, we’ve already addressed the biggest concerns and challenges coaches face both short- and long-term. This allows you to focus on what you need to succeed within your chosen niche and in your dream-come-true career or business. Plus, our pricing includes everything you need to apply for your ICF or BCC credential. NO hidden fees.
  • Earn multiple certifications
    Begin your journey into coaching with our globally recognized Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) credential. Add the credibility of a second or even third certification from the International Coach Federation and/or Center for Credentialing Education.
  • Limitless potential for your future
    Our proven Whole Person Coaching method empowers you to become a creative, agile and highly effective coach working with the mental, emotional, social, physical aspects of the whole person. The real benefit here is freedom: you are not limited in how or who you coach. Bring your whole self into coaching! Work with a variety of people, coaching scenarios, even offer group or digital coaching courses.
  • Start experienced. Be confident.
    From rich live demonstrations supported with step-by-step processes to working one-on-one and in small groups with mentors and instructors our support is unsurpassed. You’ll gain “real” world experience inside and out of the classroom and feel confident and competent in your capacity as you pursue clients and/or coaching positions in companies.
  • The perfect blend of science, psychology, business & purpose.
    Our program is deeply rooted in neuroscience, psychology, and proven marketing strategies and tools. But our philosophy and guideposts are what makes it possible for you to become the go-to coach known for your capacity to cultivate the transformational results that bring in steady referrals and raving reviews. There is no better way to generate positive change, than to work with the whole person.
  • Diversity, inclusion, and you.
    We embrace and champion your wholeness. Nothing is prized higher here than the unique contributions inherent in your age, experience, national origin, culture, ethnicity, language, race, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, veteran status, color, religion, disability, and beliefs. For nearly two decades, we have remained steadfast in one of our core values: you are welcome here as a whole person!

Introducing Empowerment Coach Nikol Peterman

“My confidence has soared, and I feel much clearer about my purpose and message. I am connecting to so many more inspiring entrepreneurs and artists, and stepping into the collaborations I have wanted to cultivate my whole life. In turn, my clients are stepping into their inner resources and recognizing they are capable of their dreams!”

Introducing Wellness Coach Sharon Roemmel

“The training I received at Coach Training World enables me to blend the skills I’ve honed over my career and combine them with new skills to empower women to live their richest, most joyful lives.”

Introducing Life Coach Justin Cassens

“I believe freely sharing appreciation with the people around us will help make the world a better place, and I can’t get enough of people who share that point of view. I can’t imagine anything better than working to help people realize their full potential.”

Introducing Chief Empowerment Officer Yvonne Chang

“Coaching has enabled me to help individuals find in themselves the kind of value, meaning and grounding that it took me years to find in myself. Through coaching, I can consolidate my experiences and studies into a personalized plan and approach matched to each client’s needs and aspirations.”

Introducing Success Coach Claire Yeung

“Coaching has allowed me to become an entrepreneur doing what I love. Prior to becoming a coach, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to build a business doing something I was passionate about.”

Introducing Wholly Sober Coach Teresa Rodden

“After becoming a certified professional coach, I had the freedom to explore my unconventional process of living sober without struggle.”

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