Become a Whole Person
Certified Coach

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Act on your passions. Fulfill your purpose.

Becoming a Whole Person Certified Coach isn’t just about helping others
(although it’s what we love to do most).

Our Whole Person Coach Certification training
is designed for…

  • New Coaches who want to begin their career or business pathway as a professionally trained holistic coach to evoke change in any niche.
  • Service Providers & Community Leaders who want to add coaching services into their offerings or enhance the outcomes of their specialty with coaching tools and techniques
  • Coaches seeking to deepen their impact and expand their skills through a ground-breaking, holistic coaching method
  • You… if you desire to evoke change your way through a co-evolutionary method that brings out your best to help others to do the same.

Gain the proficiency to champion human excellence in any situation while addressing any underlying barriers to success. Help others to achieve what matters most working with the whole person.

Looking to earn an ICF credential and train to become a Whole Person Certified Coach? Visit our ICF programs where you can have it all!

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Whole Person Certified Coach Program Overview

From creating a self-defined niche to champion change and getting clients…

Step 1: Get Niched
Discover You:
Innovate From Here

Uncover your ideal niche and create your signature coaching style.
This 1-day live coaching program assists you to distill your most valuable skills, expertise, and life experience into a self-defined niche.

Position yourself to become the go-to-coach with ideal clients and get discovered for the true value you have to offer. (This bonus course is valued at $297)

Step 2: Train & Certify
Whole Person Certified Coach Training

Attend your 6 coach training
courses to certify as
Whole Person Certified Coach.
Cement your coaching proficiency with our full 125-hour ICF/ACTP-accredited Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) training program.

Courses include your own success coach and practice hours.

Step 3: Start your coaching business or pursue a coaching career

Training to become a Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) equips you to start working with your own clients. While many people choose to start or enhance a business others consider working for a coaching firm or company as an internal coach.

Note: Many coaching firms and organizations are now requiring an ICF credential. You can always upgrade your training to include the additional training, mentoring and evaluations required to earn an ICF credential…

I’m no stranger to trainings and certifications—massage licensing, Bachelors in Social Work, certified yoga teacher, certified aromatherapist…My training at Coach Training World exceeded my expectations. Feroshia Knight is a master coach, both in title & execution. Plus she knows how to teach in a way that addresses the group and the individual needs at the same time. One thing that surprised me about my experience with Coach Training World is the ongoing support long after completion of the program. Feroshia continually shares resources, tips, job opportunities, networking opportunities, etc. My experience with some programs is that you never hear from them again unless you want to sign-up for more training. I’m more successful in my career because of the ongoing support from Feroshia. Thanks!

Sharon Roemmel, Certified Professional Coach

Expert Coach Training

  • 125+ Hour ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)
  • 400+ Hours of extended learning through our content library, bonus coaching tools, developmental resources, and sample coaching sessions
  • 4 Live, 3-Day Coach Training Courses (Attend: Zoom, In-Person, or Self-Study*)
  • 2 On-demand Digital Courses
  • Instruction presented by experienced PCC & MCC Instructors
  • All printed and digital manuals and workbooks
  • Everything you need to coach others, including contracts, customizable coaching tools, and promotional materials
  • Two Certifications & Digital Badges


  • ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)
  • Two Certifications & Digital Badges from CTW
  • Option to add two additional certifications from ICF
  • Option to add Board Certified Coach (MA/Ph.D required)

Business Development

  • Listing in our “Find-a-Coach” directory
  • 4 Bonus Business Courses (Valued at $1197)
    + Set-up Your Business Base Camp
    + Your Essential Coaching Business Plan
    + Authentic Client Enrollment
    + Coaching & Assessments
  • Your own Personal Success Coach
  • Life Long access to included business course updates
  • Option to add the CoachPreneur Academy Business School for coaches (up to 33% discount)

Lifetime Support

  • Your own Personal Success Coach
  • Coach & Transform private online support group
  • Lifetime Access to Coach Training Courses & Recordings
  • 1:1 Peer coaching practicum
  • Global Coaches Connect
  • Coaching & You Webinars
  • New CCE courses

Our Unique Method

Create life fulfillment, vitality, balance and prosperity working with the whole person.

Whole Person Coaching is based on the premise that when a person comes to know, embrace and express all aspects of their whole self, they are positioned to thrive throughout their whole life. They become rich in resources, grounded in their being, and at peace within. Through Whole Person Coaching, clients not only accomplish their goals, but shift from outdated or inhibited versions of themselves into the whole of who they truly are, fully and freely expressed in a life of their choosing.

Coming to Coach Training World was one of the best decisions I ever made. My former coach training left me woefully unprepared for real world coaching. I am certain that I can be a successful coach and I have the tools necessary! I would and have recommended your Whole Person Coach program not only to future coaches, but to anyone who wants to go along the path of self discovery and personal transformation.

Monica Wheeler - Whole Person Certified Coach

Your Whole Person Coach Training Pathway

Your learning journey shown below also includes your own personal
success coach and additional bonus courses.
** Click each diamond to view course details **

Discover You

Innovate from Here


Whole Person Starter Kit


Revolutionary Relationships


Catalytic Communications


Science & Psychology


Tools For Change


Holistic Change Mastery

When I was looking for coach training that meets ICF credentialing guidelines and requirements, I was drawn to Coach Training World. Feroshia, CTW’s founder, has created more than just a training program. She has built a training world where you can learn the tools of the trade, practice coaching and being coached, and join an amazing community of novice to seasoned coaches. Being part of CTW has equipped me to become a certified coach, given me the confidence to start my own coaching business, and connected me to a caring and supportive coaching community.

CL Black Certified Professional Coach

Starting Your Own Business?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from coaches is, “How do I get clients?” The answer is so simple, that most don’t even think about it till it’s too late.

Introducing…Our Coaching Business School

White Version CoachPreneur Academy Logo

Become visible, credible and profitable by contributing your best to help others.

Our step-by-step business development program offers you everything you need to authentically attract your ideal clients: digital courses, workbooks, live mentoring, 1:1 coaching, accountability and more!

Why not train yourself to become a coach and master marketing without compromise along the way?

Upgrade your coach certification training program & include the CoachPreneur Academy for as little as $997.

** One-time $500 upgrade voucher offered at time of enrollment**

View Program Details

Get Started…

Upon enrollment you’ll have immediate access to your digital courses and the ability to start interviewing for your own coach. We’ll be standing by to welcome you into our learning community and provide you will everything you need to get started with ease!

Choose Your Coach Training Program
Pay in Full
Our starter program Includes:
60-Hour Program

Coach Training Courses 1 - 3
Earn your Core Certification

Pay in Full & Save $$2995 (USD)
Our starter program Includes:
60-Hour Program

Coach Training Courses 1 - 3
Earn your Core Certification

$995 Down + 4 month payment plan | (USD)$550/mo
Our Signature Holistic Coach Training Program Includes:
125-Hour program
Coach Training Courses 1 - 6
Bonus Business & Assessment Courses
Earn your Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) Certification

Pay in Full & Save $ $5795 (USD)
Our Signature Holistic Coach Training Program Includes:
125-Hour program
Coach Training Courses 1 - 6
Bonus Business & Assessment Courses
Earn your Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) Certification

$995 Down + 5 month payment plan | (USD)$1040/mo


Coach Training World Founder Feroshia Knight, MA, MCC

You’ve probably got questions…

A central component to your success is finding the right program (and an expert guide) for your needs. We’re here to make sure you do! Our goal is to help you discover the right path that will lead you to the results you seek. Below you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. 

What are the training dates and times?

Our programs all include our Discover You: Get Niched program which is a 1-day live course. 

From here you’ll have either two or four 3-day intensives along with the self-study portion of the program to complete for the “COACH TRAINING” portion of your program.

In addition, your ICF mentorships and additional practicum assignments can be scheduled at your convenience.

View All Dates & Download Course Calendar

Is your coach training program Accredited?

Yes, our 125+ Hour Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) program is fully accredited as an ACTP program with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

What's the difference between the CORE & SIGNATURE trainings?

The main difference is that our SIGNATURE Certificate program includes all 6 of our Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) training courses. This professional training extends your capacity to work with deeper dimensions of transformational change. And equips you to work with even the most challenging coaching contexts. Think of it as a rich suite of tools to work with the whole person in any coaching niche. It also includes these two bonus courses: Coaching & Assessments and Authentic Client Enrollment.

Our CORE: Certificate program includes the first 3 coach training courses and is designed to provide you with the core essentials to get started coaching. We offer it as a stepping stone for those wanting to get started in coaching and prepare to deepen their learning in the future with our upgrade program.

Can I upgrade from one certification to another?
Yes, you can. If you decide to upgrade your certification within 6 months of starting the program, you can apply the tuition paid toward another higher level certification. Please note there is a $200 upgrade fee. Please contact us for full details.
Are their additional expenses that I should know about?

No. Our Signature and Core coach training programs are all-inclusive. That is unless you find yourself on Amazon with our recommended reading list going wild!

What is the time commitment for the program?
That all depends on you! On average, our students report that they spend 3 to 10 hours a week on the program. Unlike a university or community college, most of this time is spent at your convenience. Whenever you can fit the training into your schedule, it’s there waiting for you. Please note that you have up to 2 years to complete your coursework.
What if I have a schedule conflict with a course?

From time to time, we all have unavoidable scheduling conflicts or find ourselves a little under the weather. Unlike a college course, all of our sessions are recorded, enabling you to take part live or at a time that’s more convenient for you. Audio files of our trainings are uploaded to the web and available for on-demand streaming. This ensures that you’ll never miss out or fall behind. Please note: if you are applying for your ICF credential and know that you are going to miss more than a couple hours of training, Contact Us for your options.

If I attend “Live” Virtually, what can I expect?

Some of us prefer to attend trainings in-person. But there are many factors that can make it a challenge to do so: travel expenses, time away from home, scheduling difficulties, and the myriad of preferred learning styles and speeds. That’s why our global student population loves the online coach training courses offered here at Coach Training World!

In a recent poll conducted through our private Facebook group, we discovered that students found “no difference” in their learning capacity between training live online and in-person. This was especially true when considering the interactive design of our Intensives and our attention to support.

These findings can’t diminish how much we love having you visit us here at our facility in Portland, Oregon. But the web-based coach training program opens our curriculum to a diverse mix of students around the globe – deepening the learning for all of us. That’s why so many new and seasoned coaches are gravitating toward the online platform.

If you’re participating for the first time, you still might be wondering about the actual experience. Here’s what you can expect…

The virtual experience So what’s it like to train online for three days? As any of our graduates will tell you: it’s convenient, comfortable and immersive.

Our Virtual Intensives are highly interactive. Expect a comprehensive mix of education on all the essentials and coaching competencies. These are combined with active participation in demos, group discussions and practice sessions. You’ll also have unlimited access to the vast coaching resources and manuals we’ve amassed in the past two decades in our student center. And we’ll be there to mentor you every step of the way. If you have questions or need any additional support, we’re ready to help. Feel free to chime in at any point if you need further examples or explanation on any of the concepts we present. By the way: that doesn’t apply to just questions – if something strikes a chord with you, let us all know. Our differences make us great! You may share an example that snaps a concept into focus for someone else. Don’t be shy: your contribution makes our Online Intensives unique to you!

Technical aspects We use Zoom, a web-based platform that provides conferencing and messaging on any device. One of things we like most about the platform is that it gives you the option to view all the participants at once or focus solely on the speaker. During breakout sessions, you’ll move to a private chatroom with 1 to 4 other people, depending on the exercises. Here you can enjoy the privacy to practice, deepen your understanding of the material, and apply it to your chosen application. Many coaches have discovered new opportunities based on the conversations and ideas that spring from these fun, creative gatherings. Plus, you’re only a click away from calling your instructor’s attention should you need help or additional clarification on something. We are always there for you! The Zoom conference setup allows you to attend on multiple devices, syncing between your smartphone, tablet and home or office computer. We recommend participating on the largest screen possible. This enables you to see the other participants and allows them to see you. For this reason, we do ask that you participate on a device that has an active web-cam.

What is the success rate of your students?

You might see websites that claim X% of their students make “X” amount of money.

The truth is: success is defined by the individual.

Those who are devoted and willing to do the work necessary to launch their business will prosper. Those who are already entrepreneurs are further down the road – they’ve learned some skills – and so can you. With your devotion and the right support, it’s 100% possible, and that’s where we’d like to help you. 

If you are serious about starting your own business, you’ll love our CoachPreneur Academy. We can’t guarantee your success. But we can promise to give you what you need to pursue success, as you define it, in the most efficient, strategic and cost-effective way possible. With hard work and creativity, you’ll be amazed how far you can go. For examples of our past graduates, please view our success stories distributed through out our website.

It’s a lot of money for me….

Past graduate Amy – shared with us recently, “Signing up took a pretty good measure of trust in the universe that I’d be able to do this. And of course, I did and it’s paid off.“

While graduate Melanie offered this wisdom, “I pondered it for a long time and finally got up the nerve to put the investment down for it. I’d  been thinking about getting a Masters in Organizational Development (about $60,000!) or I could take Feroshia’s program – for MUCH less – and still fulfill my passion to help.”

While certainly training to become a professional credentialed coach is an investment, in our opinion one well-worth making if you are ready to change your career, life and maybe even start a business.  There has never been a better time to step into the coaching profession. Long gone are the days where a coach is thought of as a sports coach. People, businesses and large corporations are using coaching to improve their lives and become highly effective. In fact, many of our students have shared that the training alone was worth every penny if if they never became a coach.  Coach training is about leveling up all areas of your life.

What is that worth to you?

Are there financing options outside of CTW's payment plans?
Why yes!  There are a number of financial institutions that are here to help you with your career change. Please check this link to see what is possible for you! In additional you can always go through companies like to create a payment plan with them similar to a credit card loan.
What forms of payment do you accept?

We are able to process payment as follows:

  • Credit Card:  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, and Discover
  • Check: Personal or Business Checks
  • Money Orders
  • PayPal & PayPal Credit
  • Direct Transfer
  • International Direct Transfer
Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

Other than split-pay, we do not offer any additional financing options, such as financial aid or scholarships, at this time.

Because of the deep value we’re committed to providing, we keep our school small. This enables us to provide the highest level of professional coach training and business mentoring possible. In this program, you won’t be swimming in a sea of thousands but rather engaging and learning alongside a select group of others who are deeply devoted to developing a highly successful business of their own. Also, we have discovered that when someone invests in their development, they are positioning themselves for success. This is one of the lessons you’ll learn to do strategically and effectively in this program. In turn, you’ll be using this same philosophy to ask your clients to invest in your services and programs.

It’s worth noting that many people earn back their tuition within the first year. Some even earn 10 times their tuition (or more). The results are different for each attendee. And those who are committed to do what it takes, do succeed.

How do I get my employer to pay for this?

We’ve found that employers are often delighted to fund your training, especially if you position the training as a solution to what they perceive as their biggest needs and show them how you could be the next game changer within your company.  Companies throughout the world are bringing coaching into their culture as their secret weapon to success. Why not? If you’ll recall Amy from our student interviews – her HR department told her how much less turnover there was – that’s a HUGE money- and time-saver for businesses!

Will I be learning from Master Coach Feroshia?

You may have gotten wind that Feroshia has trained some exceptional Coaches from our community to step forward and take over at the head of the classroom. It’s true. Those who have stepped into her shoes are every bit as knowledgeable, seasoned, supportive and committed to the success of future coaches.

That being said, Feroshia will still be in the classroom teaching the second half of the program  for those who are in our Signature program. 

Other commonly asked questions…

What if I don’t want to quit my job?
Coach training skills are needed everywhere. While it may seem like 1000’s seek coach training to leap out of their day jobs – just as many recognize these skills help them become more effective leaders, developers and better communicators and that often leads to promotions and professional acceleration. Coaching amplifies your capacity to work effectively with others. And some of our graduates stay in the career they have while taking some private clients on the side – additional income!
What if I don’t know how to get clients?

You’re not alone – that’s a common concern. While we’ll address your first steps to get clients within the training program, we’ve included our “Authentic Client Enrollment” course so you can confidently ask for what you are worth and address any objections when it comes time to sell your services.  

 And, if you want to go the distance, come join us in our CoachPreneur Academy where you’ll learn the A to Z of starting and succeeding in your coaching business!

Do I need to know what my niche is?

No! While it’s very common that through the training process you discover hidden talents and passions that often lead you to an unexpected dream-come-true client base, we’ve bonused in our Discover You: Innovate from here coaching program.

During this event you’ll explore various niche opportunities, and then create your self-defined niche. A niche that allows you to infuse your experience, expertise and personality into a way of helping those who need you the most!

Can I really make good money as a coach?
There seems to be a “belief” that coaching work or doing good for others doesn’t pay well. That simply isn’t true. While some of our graduates are making 6-figures annually, it’s up to you to decide how much you’ll make. We can’t promise you a certain income – no school should. But we do give you the training and business support you need to be successful. You really can make money doing what you love.

Still wondering if Coach Training World and Whole Person Coaching is right for you?

Don’t Forget Your Bonus Courses…

We’ve covered all the bases on the pathway to becoming a successful coach…
These additional courses are also included in our Whole Person Certified Coach program.

coach training world logo on transparent background

Coaching & Assessments

Embellish your coaching services with assessments. Gain a deeper understanding of your clients and add richness and depth to your client’s goals and desired outcomes. This course gives you a suite of options to explore and best ways to specialize your niche with various assessments. ($297 Value)

coach training world logo on transparent background

Your Essential Business Plan

Business plans are vital when you hope to procure financial backing. As a coach, you are more likely to use your business plan as a “living” document – something to help define and clarify your business. Over time, you will sculpt and revise your plan as your business grows. This guide will help you drive success on your terms! ($297 Value)

coach training world logo on transparent background

Authentic Client Enrollment

No one likes to be “sold.” And very few of us like to sell… unless it feels natural and in service to others! Learn how authentic ways to convert prospects into clients through an educational sales process that leaves them with no other option than to say YES to you and themselves. ($297 Value)

coach training world logo on transparent background

Set-up Your Business Base Camp

Ready to make it official? Set yourself up for success while saving time and money. Establish the base of your coaching operations with these foundational steps. From technology to insurance we’re covering it all! ($297 Value)

Choose Your Coach Training Program
Pay in Full
Our starter program Includes:
60-Hour Program

Coach Training Courses 1 - 3
Earn your Core Certification

Pay in Full & Save $$2995 (USD)
Our starter program Includes:
60-Hour Program

Coach Training Courses 1 - 3
Earn your Core Certification

$995 Down + 4 month payment plan | (USD)$550/mo
Our Signature Holistic Coach Training Program Includes:
125-Hour program
Coach Training Courses 1 - 6
Bonus Business & Assessment Courses
Earn your Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) Certification

Pay in Full & Save $ $5795 (USD)
Our Signature Holistic Coach Training Program Includes:
125-Hour program
Coach Training Courses 1 - 6
Bonus Business & Assessment Courses
Earn your Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) Certification

$995 Down + 5 month payment plan | (USD)$1040/mo

Not quite ready to attend the full program? Try INSIGHT: Whole Person Coaching Starter Kit for only $995.

Introducing Vedic Astrologer & Coach, Jonathan Crews

““Professional Coaching has been a wonderful adjunct to what I currently do. It assists people in discovering their purpose and unfolding the gifts they are meant to give in this life. Practical yet profound, it’s a vehicle for helping people bring into manifestation their heart’s desires. “

Introducing Life Coach Tara Stricker

“Starting my own coaching business through CTW gave me back my freedom! Not only am I my own boss, but I get to work from home and take my business on the road to visit friends and family.”

Introducing Soul Translator Michelle Wirta

“Becoming a coach helped me bring my core passions together in a way that benefits people greatly. In turn, it also allows me to run a business that is my true calling.”

Introducing Spiritual Healer Elysia Hartzell

“Starting my own coaching business through CTW gave me back my freedom! Not only am I my own boss, but I get to work from home and take my business on the road to visit friends and family.”

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