Earnings Disclaimer

The products and services sold through Feroshia.com, CoachTrainingWorld.com, CoachPreneurAcademy.com and websites do not represent a promise or guarantee of earnings. Furthermore, the tools, techniques, ideas, and examples presented in our products and services, as well as the websites and marketing collateral we use to promote them, are not to be interpreted as a “get rich quick” scheme or any assurance of income. You understand that your success with these concepts and tools will be directly affected by your business experience; understanding, proficiency, and comfort level related to the practice of coaching; the time you devote to mastering the skills presented in our products and services; your personal financial situation; and any and all background knowledge, training, and experience you currently possess. As these factors vary immeasurably among each individual, we are not able to guarantee the successful adoption or integration of the products and services sold through this website. In addition to your personal situation, success is directly impacted by a wide range of factors in the external environment. These may include shifts in consumer demand, competition, emerging technologies, global events, and governmental legislation. These events may impact the level of success you achieve using the products and services sold through our websites. Any and all forward-looking statements posted to Feroshia.com, CoachPreneurAcademy.com and Coach Training World websites are meant to express our opinion of the potential for earnings that some people may attain through our products and services. These statements can be identified through the use of words like “start,” “possible,” “helping,” “expect,” and “plan,” and by the fact that they do not cite or include a specific financial return or level of success. There is no guarantee that one individual’s past success can be replicated in the future. Therefore we cannot guarantee the results you achieve will be similar to ours or those we present as examples. While all case studies and testimonials used on Coach Training World websites represent an accurate portrayal of a single occurrence, none of these examples are meant to depict an average or typical experience.

Our promise to you

Even though we cannot guarantee a specific result, we stand behind all of the products and services sold through Feroshia.com, Coach Training World and CoachPreneurAcademy.com websites 100%. This means that if you are not completely satisfied, you are welcome to a full refund of tuition (or the purchase price associated with any of our e-materials) as long as your request falls within the parameters established in our refund policy. If you do not understand or agree with any of the conditions laid out in this earnings disclaimer, please do not order. If you have additional questions or need clarification on anything contained within this policy, please contact us.

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