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Well, hello there!

I’m Feroshia, founder and master coach here at Coach Training World. I’m delighted that you’re here.

Whether you are considering becoming a coach or advancing your coaching skills we believe it all begins with choosing the right coach training school and coaching method for your needs.

At Coach Training World, we proudly celebrate the diversity and individuality of our students. Their brilliance enriches our community with a singular commitment to the people and issues that mean most to them. To ensure their success, we match their devotion with a coach training program designed to produce the results they want to achieve – both here in the classroom, and as they venture forth to make their unique impact in the world.

Scroll down through this page and explore the success stories and personal experiences shared by our global network of changemakers.

At Coach Training World, you are in good company.

“I love working for myself and the flexibility it brings.”

Frieda Levychy, WPCC, ACC
Life Coach for Legal Professionals

Meet Frieda…

“I really benefited from the depth and breadth of Feroshia’s experience and skill. It is so valuable when she is teaching concepts as well as when she is modeling them. It is a gift to learn from a master. I was pleasantly surprised how well the Zoom format facilitated learning. I attribute a lot of the value I got from the weekend to my class mates as well. This is likely the most self-aware, open-to-learning, and non-judgmental group of students I’ve studied with. The environment was safe and conducive to learning. I really appreciated the breaks about each hour. It allowed me to fully concentrate during our learning time. Homework on Friday and Saturday was good too – it helped cement learning. Finally, opportunities to practice were so valuable.

I am completely engrossed with this content. Everything I am learning resonates as incredibly valuable. The further I progress into this training, the more certain and excited I am that I am on exactly the right path, with exactly the right program. You have my permission to quote anything in this evaluation form.”

Brandee Gerke, WPCC

“Radiance is about bringing your inner light into the world.”

Yvonne Change, WPCC, PCC
Leadership Coach

Meet Yvonne…

“The concept of working with the whole person spoke to me. There’s a big focus in executive coaching on brain training and neuroscience and that’s part of what the program includes. But I’m also very spiritual and I want to understand everything about what makes a person who they are. So how could I coach any other way besides the whole person? It’s the only thing that made sense to me.

We’re so well prepared. The program is rigorous in that we are 100% when we go into the ICF exam, which isn’t a cakewalk either. But she makes sure we’re ready.” 

Emily Shutt, WPCC, ACC

“I went on a long personal development journey that brought me to coaching, and I’ve never felt more alive! It is possible to have a job you truly love and that enhances your life instead of taking away from it. If I can find it, anyone can.”

Hillary Bennett, WPCC, ACC
Business Growth Coach for Mompreneurs

Meet Hillary…

“I expected to just learn some things and move on. But the coach training created a personal transformation and I started dealing with a lot of things in my own life. I knew if I did my own work, I could help other people even more.”
Ken Olinger, WPCC

Testimonials from past graduates…

“At Coach Training World, I discovered the power of community, connection, and holding the space and time for yourself to build awareness and fuel self-growth.”

Allison Kirby Falk, WPCC, ACC
Life & Health Coach

Meet Allison…

“Feroshia’s background in leadership and organization development was attractive to me. She understood my constraints working within a larger system and yet was able to help me to create effective interventions through coaching by seeing the best in others.”
Richard, WPCC

Ahhhhh this is not the easiest thing to do… Feroshia connects and works with you at such a deep level that words are far incapable of describing. She is a true master coach and not just a Master Certified Coach (MCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Feroshia is extraordinarily patient, an amazing listener (at both verbal and non-verbal levels) and a mesmerizing coach. The experiences of being taught, coached and/or mentored by her are second to none in my lifetime. Thank you Feroshia for playing all these roles in a time of my life when I was building myself up from the scratch.

Phoenix (Mohammad) Soleymani Ashtian

Founder, Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by ICF

Feroshia is wise, compassionate, and a master of her craft. I’m continually impressed by the level of care that is apparent in everything she does. She creates exceptional quality coaching and business programs, mentors students, and weaves valuable gems of feedback into the content. I’ve felt supported every step of the way by Feroshia’s expertise and deep understanding of the inner dialogue of her students. This gives her the ability to address the personal as well as the professional aspects of becoming a coach. Feroshia has created much more than a school with Coach Training World; she has built a supportive community of some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met.

Rebekah Stanush, ACC

Transformational Life Coach at Irie Life Coaching

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