The Coach Training World Difference: You

Trusted by individuals and organizations globally since 2005

Born inside the corporate arena, we pioneered holistic coaching with the development of our Whole Person Coaching method. Designed to be customized for each client, it created breakthrough results for business leaders and their companies who suddenly found themselves singular among their competitors.

Given this success, we adapted the method to become niche independent. This enabled us to open the doors to anyone seeking to become a change maker.

Today our graduates and attendees make their impact in an ever-expanding range of industries.
From international retail chains, medical high-tech, and space technology to individual life, finance, and health coaching businesses, each is making an authentic impact in their own way.

We relieve the stress of having to “figure it all out.”

Our programs address the concerns and challenges that coaches face, both short- and long-term.

Learn how to work with the whole person

Our proven Whole Person Coaching method empowers you to work with the whole person – mind, body, heart, and spirit. The real benefit here is freedom: you are not limited in how or who you coach.

As one of the most comprehensive coach training schools in the world, we train you in our unique holistic transformational learning method. It’s rooted in interpersonal neurobiology, mindfulness, and somatics, as well as narrative and archetypal psychology.

Combined with the best practices of the ICF core competencies, our approach instills within you a unique blend of tools and techniques. In unison, they allow you to create outcomes that are sustainable, exponential, and well beyond what can be achieved with standard coaching models.

We teach you how to impact the lives of those you serve immeasurably and create results that last for a lifetime!

Whole Person Coaching Book Cover

See how our difference can help you to make yours...

“Everyone says, ‘We coach for the whole person’, but Coach Training World’s program brings that in a way the other programs don’t.” ~ Kim

“It’s important to address every aspect of a person and every aspect of their life. You can’t just focus on coaching one aspect of a person and expect to create sustainable change in others.” ~ Shirley


You set the schedule (Online or In-Person)

We know that traveling to in-person sessions can be prohibitive, whether it’s family and work obligations or financing the travel. That’s why you always have the option to attend our live trainings 100% online or join us for our three-day intensives and summer programs in person.

Busy schedule? We record all our courses. If you miss a portion of the class, or simply want to review, all content is available on-demand 24/7.

PLUS… In addition to your coach training, business courses, and mentoring, you’ll have lifetime access to our ever-expanding student resource center. Inside you’ll find hundreds of hours of videos, audio recordings and additional reading materials.

“My schedule is insanely busy. If it wasn’t for the flexibility of the program I would never have been able to complete my training and certification.~ Ami

Easily expand into group & team coaching

Learn how to coach and transform the lives and businesses of others by leading groups large and small. When you build your own group coaching programs, seminars, and workshops, you enter a lucrative market that’s also a lot of fun! It offers substantially higher returns in comparison to the time required to book individual clients. You also expand your reach, improving the lives of tens, hundreds, even thousands of attendees at once.

If you ever envisioned yourself as the next personal-improvement celebrity, standing center stage, group coaching is your calling. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less personal than a one-on-one session. Your expertise, insight, and authentic self are the cornerstones of any successful group coaching practice.


Become an instrument for change

At Coach Training World, you receive the space and support to go deep within yourself as you prepare to help others. We invite you to discover and step into your very best self – a version you define.

Your ultimate goal is to help others. But coach training has a transformative effect on you too.

When you become a Whole Person Coach, you gain a variety of holistic coaching tools and techniques that make you self-innovative in your own life.

From working through your own stopping blocks and blind spots to achieving your best, this is the groundwork that empowers you to champion the same within others.

Not only does this extra step make you more effective as a coach, it opens your path to countless new possibilities.

“Who I became as a result of the program was far more then a highly effective changemaker…” ~ Richard

You’ll learn experientially, whether you join us virtually or in-person

At Coach Training World, we use a “Whole Person Learning” method. It ensures deep engagement and applied learning regardless of how you choose to attend. For example, you’ll receive rich live demonstrations supported with step-by-step processes. You also have ample opportunity to work one-on-one with the other members of your cohort. These valuable interactions happen within our private online breakout sessions. They also take place in the “real” world, outside of the classroom, where you’ll partner with coaches from our global community.

Plus, upon enrollment, you can immediately begin working with a senior coach one-on-one. They’ll help get you up to speed as a coach while you make important changes in your life and prepare to help others do the same. The importance of reliable mentor support cannot be overstated. That’s why we make it available throughout your training and inside our ICF Certification and Business Mentoring Programs.

Feel like you might be in the right place?

Affordability without compromise

Our main competitors charge nearly double for their programs. These exorbitant fees are often spent on vast amounts of advertising. Sadly, this cost bars many people from the opportunity to pursue their personal development goals or achieve them to the degree they had envisioned.

We invest in you. Because you shouldn’t have to subsidize our marketing budget. The fees we charge are invested back into trainers and support personnel to ensure you get a simple, streamlined training experience. And that experience should be complete.

Other coach training programs fall well short of the types of training and options we provide. Here you can enter the coaching profession, gain your ICF credential, and even learn to build and market your own business from the ground up. No second mortgage required or lengthy credit card payments required.

You are an individual, not a number

We will never be able to boast thousands of coaches graduating every year… and we’re okay with that.

In the world of professional coaching, we are artisans, not a faceless corporation. This means constant one-on-one interaction with your trainers and lots of personal attention. We want you to feel certain that you made the right choice for your future career or business. More than that, our personalized approach empowers you to feel confident and competent as a coach, whether you work with individuals or auditoriums.

We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest quality training within an experiential learning environment that is personal, caring, and fun. This supportive approach shapes you into a top-notch coach who not only loves what they do but excels at it!

Feroshia and her team really care about the community in the long and short term. Her intuition & understanding of people – and her enthusiasm about what she sees in you – are as important as what she’s teaching.” ~ Elysia


You’ll learn experientially, whether you join us virtually or in-person

You’ll quickly discover that it’s both personal and personalized here at Coach Training World. You possess your own experience, knowledge and skills. Everything you bring to the table is rich and rewarding. This forms the unique brilliance you share with the world and that the world is actively seeking you out for.

Whole Person Coaching is about helping your clients rediscover and step into their wholeness. But we also emphasize the necessity of you realizing and acting upon your greatest potential, passions, and purpose. Because you can’t coach others as whole individuals without first starting there yourself.

Regardless of your age, education, life experiences, or work background, you possess something of deep and intrinsic value to others.

Let us help you identify it and give you the framework that’ll enable you to use this knowledge in service to your chosen tribe!

We’re the perfect blend of spiritual, practical & business

Our program is rooted in neuroscience, psychology and proven marketing strategies specific to the promotion of coaching services. Many schools offer you plenty of philosophy. We provide that too. But we also give you the tools and training that address the full spectrum of launching a successful coaching practice.

Remember: sitting across from a coaching client is the end result of a lot of background work. It’s often the last step, not the first. So we ensure you have a solid foundation in the art, science and business of coaching.


Diversity, inclusion and you

Our differences make us unique. They are also the foundation upon which each of our coach trainees establishes their future and makes their own impact.

We embrace and champion your wholeness. Nothing is prized higher here than the unique contributions inherent in your age, experience, national origin, culture, ethnicity, language, race, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, veteran status, color, religion, disability, and beliefs.

But we take it one step further. Not only does the combined wisdom of your background make you someone to celebrate, it also gives you tangible value. Many of our coaches are drawn to the profession to help those who are like them. 

So for nearly two decades, we have remained steadfast in one of our core values: you are welcome here, exactly as you are!

Transformational (not transactional) coaching Method

Coaching holds the power to shift an individual’s limitations permanently. It goes beyond merely helping them be more effective at what they do. It empowers them to become the best version of themselves moving forward and throughout life.  

And that’s why we believe in the deep importance of coaching the whole person – mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual.

As a Whole Person Coach, you gain the capacity to work with the inner being of an individual. This supports them to achieve their goals while also learning and growing as a whole person.  It’s also how your efforts as a coach become exponential!


Keys to navigate the ICF Credentialing process

Becoming an ICF credentialed coach requires devotion, effort, and time. Whether you are working full-time, part-time, or have all the time in the world to dedicate to your training, we help you achieve the training goals you set, step by step. 

Our programs build in extensive layers of support and resources. These address everything from completing your program and earning your coaching experience hours to passing the ICF’s final test, the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA).

After you complete your training and are ready to enter the profession, we introduce you to potential employers and coaching firms. We also regularly showcase you and your fellow grads throughout our international network and to the general public.

Start your own business, confidently
and cost-effectively

Over three decades of marketing experience augment our twenty-plus years as one of the top holistic transformational coaching methods in the world. If you want to create your own coaching business, this translates to insight and support you cannot find anywhere else. 

Our CoachPreneur Academy walks you through the entire process of setting up your authentic coaching business. From defining your niche to choosing the methods and messages you will use to communicate with them, we help you develop and create all your marketing materials.

You enter the world of professional coaching with an established brand, complete website, and content marketing framework targeted to your ideal clients. It’s everything you need to launch a breakthrough coaching business and successfully acquire clients at a fraction of the cost of a traditional marketing program.

Here you learn how to focus on what you love – making a difference – while still earning a sustainable living.

“Trying to choose between the many coach training options available, I wanted a coach training method that would work for my way of helping others. But I also wanted support for starting my business. I got all of that and so much more!” ~ Alex

All this gives you the freedom to transition into coaching in your own time, feeling confident every step of the way.

Because at Coach Training World, you make the difference!

Introducing Vedic Astrologer & Coach, Jonathan Crews

““Professional Coaching has been a wonderful adjunct to what I currently do. It assists people in discovering their purpose and unfolding the gifts they are meant to give in this life. Practical yet profound, it’s a vehicle for helping people bring into manifestation their heart’s desires. “

Introducing Life Coach Tara Stricker

“Starting my own coaching business through CTW gave me back my freedom! Not only am I my own boss, but I get to work from home and take my business on the road to visit friends and family.”