Tara Stricker Whole Person Coach Medicine Hat Canada

“The supportive coaching community at CTW has been the tribe I have been looking for, dare I say, my whole life. They are a group of like-minded individuals that want the very best for everyone. I feel right at home.”

Tara worked for 20 years in the human services industry before discovering the coaching profession. Her days were spent helping individuals and families who struggled with everything from anger, bullying and addictions to parenting and homelessness.

She loved her career. But her desire to truly help people was frequently in conflict with the restrictions created by large bureaucracies. The result was stress. It left her feeling like she was constantly banging her head against a wall… and going nowhere.

“I was so deeply entrenched in my old career that my evenings and weekends were spent recuperating and getting prepared for the next week. I see now: that is no way to live. I missed out on the “living” part of life because I was constantly drained and exhausted.”

When her husband suddenly passed away after a short illness, Tara found herself in a place where she needed to reinvent her life. All her future plans involved her husband – buying a house, starting a family – plans that were no longer a reality.

Yet despite her immense grief, Tara also found inspiration through the loss of her husband: in his last days, the one regret he shared was that he did not follow his passions. That spark gave Tara the courage and drive she needed to create a new life. She swore in his honor, she’d live a life with no regrets. Her new life journey began as she researched a variety of professions but locked onto coaching – Whole Person Coaching in particular – for its unique ability to facilitate meaningful, sustainable change.

After graduating from Coach Training World, Tara became a first-time business owner, launching TSW Life Coaching. Today she coaches women who have gone through one of the “5 D’s”: death, divorce, dumped, downsized or disease. Working one-on-one with her clients, Tara supports them in finding answers to their questions, discovering their new starting point, and creating the life they want.

“As much as we want to make changes in life, we are often our own worst enemy. I witnessed too many people, including myself, trying to make positive changes but unable to maintain their forward momentum. As an observer, it became clear there were underlying beliefs, fears and patterns that would continually sabotage them.”

Her vast experience with the complexities and challenges of life enable her to help sift through the rubble and pick out the treasures. Establishing the new foundation on which they rebuild their lives, Tara coaches her clients to move from a place of questioning ‘What now?’ to a place of hope and excitement. As Tara once did so beautifully for herself, she helps women create their Plan B.

In addition to coaching sessions, Tara is currently researching self-care and self-compassion practices for the creation of workshops and specialized courses. She’s also creating a program around the “5 Pillars of Positive Living.” Her free time is now spent with her “fur baby,” her family, and learning about the things that truly interest her.

Learn more about Tara: www.tswlifecoaching.com