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Hi! I’m Feroshia… and I’m ferociously devoted to helping you to help others.

If you are like many people, you feel held back, trapped in work and a life that doesn’t fully enliven you. You’re looking for a meaningful work where you are rewarded for you gifts, talents and commitment. You want to be thriving in all areas of your life – health, relationships, finances and creativity to name a few.  You’ve earned your street-cred. You’ve accumulated an abundance of experience, expertise and possess a willingness to do what it takes to help others. Or you are one of the lucky few, that know sooner then later (lucky you) that you want to change lives and enjoy a lifetime of meaningful work!

Being a heart-centric, influential entrepreneur making your impact in the world is about making change – big changes for your clients and big change for yourself.  Both kinds of change require skills that can be learned.

And as a Change Master, that’s exactly what I’ll teach you.

Do what you love & love what you do

My Soulful Mission:

My mission is to help heart-centric change makers to prosper in the business of change.

~ Feroshia R.J. Knight

Portland Oregon Business Coach

How I got into coaching…

My first company Foto:Grafika focused on portrait and product photography quickly morphed into my second company Agent 47: Marketing & Communications. Before I realized it, I had 42 subcontracts and was constantly adding services and talent.

Initially, I loved my work with all of its challenges and fast-paced tempo. But the stress began to slowly overwhelm me. And my self-imposed workaholism fostered a general lack of life outside work. Sure, I had earned rock solid credibility as the go-to-marketing expert for thought leaders, changemakers and businesses throughout the world, none of this mattered once I received a cancer diagnosis seven years later.

Wake-up calls are actually blessings in disguise. Within a matter of minutes my entire world changed, hitting the pause button as one does when life changes so rapidly. Through deep soul searching and supportive partnerships with various healers and guides, I found my way back to myself. I reclaimed the curious and optimistic person I had unknowingly left behind. I swore to myself, that I’d change my career and change my life.

Now at a crossroads, I began my search for a new career that would reflect the whole of who I was. Creative. Curious. Compassionate. I didn’t want to start over, I wanted to a career that would allow me to build upon and leverage my vast experience to help others. One thing I knew for sure, I never wanted to go back to the daily grind.

And this is how I discovered coaching.

Like many people I meet today, it took someone else noticing my gifts and ability to help others. That person was Kyle. As a senior manager in a global corporation. Kyle had been given my name as the go-to-gal for those seeking to hit the fast lane in their start-ups. Kyle too, was looking to leave the corporate world to pursue his own passions.

After a 2-hour power session focused on his business launch and marketing strategy, Kyle gave me what is still today the most important advice I’ve ever received.  He said,  “Feroshia, you should become a coach.”

At that time, I had no idea what he was talking about – COACH? At the time most people used the term coach in sports. Curious to learn more, I started my exploration.

Within the next 6 months I hired a coach, and then trained to become one myself. Shortly thereafter, I started my first coaching business The Good Living Guide. As a professional holistic coach, I coached others around work-life balance. It’s funny how we do capably and willingly for others what we ourselves need most.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m a non-stop learner and I love a good challenge. While I enjoyed coaching these individuals, it wasn’t enough. In the next year I started working in the conflict arena building upon my interests and studies in mediation and compassionate communication. From here I shifted into transformational leadership trainings and retreats.

What I discovered then is now the foundation of my work in Whole Person Coaching today.

Working inside corporations, non-profits, family-run businesses and other communities, my ability to tame the tigers and to heal the effects of conflict inside these organizations, earned me a reputation and a non-stop referral base.  My secret to helping others simple. Work with the whole person through a deep empowering and life-enhancing relationship.

Although, my training and development work originated inside of corporate and business arenas, it became evident to me that my soul’s calling was to create a global community of change makers. Baraka Institute: Leadership Development & Coach Training Center was publically launched in 2005. A few years later it became obvious that it was time to make Whole Person Coaching available to a global audience via the an online platform, hence the name change to Coach Training World.

The journey has been rich and rewarding, personally and financially. But one thing stands out above all else: I’m thankful everyday for my tribe, a community of like-hearted individuals that inspire and support me as much as I strive to do the same for them. Together our lives are truly better.

My business ventures have also provided their own spiritual teachings. They have collectively taught me valuable lessons around who I am when I’m at my best, what a treasure each moment of life is, and the rewards that come with pursuing what I absolutely love.

Three decades later, that brings me here… for you.

Business Coach Feroshia Knight with Digital Fame Course Attendees

My Street Cred

Ok, I’m going to PROVE myself a little bit here: I create businesses, products, programs and offer killer services. I work with heart-centric, soul-driven entrepreneurs who want to make their difference and earn the money they deserve simultaneously. Over the years, I’ve worked alongside thousands of unique individuals who’ve gone on to leverage their special talents to great success (and quite a few of them to more than a little applause!). Bottom line: if you are not committed to making money while making your difference, I’ll probably annoy you. I’m in the business of change. And I believe that to make a difference in the lives of others, you have to make a difference in yours first. After all, how can you expect to save someone from drowning if you yourself don’t know how to swim? My work has been shared with thousands of people (many of which coaches) who in turn are changing the lives of thousands more using my methods. My online marketing services and business development mentoring has helped hundreds of business owners. And today I’m opening doors for thousands of committed entrepreneurs with the robust courses offered through my Wisdom to Wealth Business School.

  • Founder of 5 Businesses in the past three decades
    • Foto:Grafika Visual Communications
    • Agent 47: Marketing & Communications
    • Baraka Institute: Leadership Development & Coach Training Center
    • Coach Training World
    • Feroshia, Intl.
  • Creator of 2 Coach Training Certification Programs & 5 Products
    • Whole Person Coaching®
    • Archetypal Systems Coaching®
    • Kokoro Life Mastery®
    • StoryArtistry
    • Discover U Toolkit
    • Kokoro MindStyles Self Identity Toolkit
    • Hero’s Journey Treasure Map
  • Author of 3 Books
    • If then Only, Life Lesson’s Learned
    • Whole Person Coaching: Innovate From Here
    • The Business of Change
  • Master’s in Organizational Leadership & Transformational Learning
  • ICF Master Credentialed Coach (MCC)

And the accomplishment I’m most proud of…  is being a loving, understanding and deeply heart-fueled person who makes her difference at home and in the world by just being me at my best. You are welcome to ask around. : )


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