Start your own coaching business that makes the life you really want possible with the support of a master changemaker!

Hi! I’m Feroshia… and I’m ferociously devoted to helping you to help others.

If you are like many people, you feel held back, trapped in work and a life that doesn’t fully enliven you. You’re looking for a meaningful work where you are rewarded for you gifts, talents and commitment. You want to be thriving in all areas of your life – health, relationships, finances and creativity to name a few.  You’ve earned your street-cred. You’ve accumulated an abundance of experience, expertise and possess a willingness to do what it takes to help others. Or you are one of the lucky few, that know sooner then later (lucky you) that you want to change lives and enjoy a lifetime of meaningful work!

Being a heart-centric, influential entrepreneur making your impact in the world is about making change – big changes for your clients and big change for yourself.  Both kinds of change require skills that can be learned.

And as a Change Master, that’s exactly what I’ll teach you.

Do what you love & love what you do

My Soulful Mission:

My mission is to help heart-centric change makers to prosper in the business of change.

~ Feroshia R.J. Knight

Portland Oregon Business Coach

About Master Business Coach Feroshia Knight

As a three-decade veteran in the business of change, my journey began in the world of marketing, sales and business development and then expanded into the holistic coaching arena.  If you want the specifics, drop down for my street-cred.

I’ve traveled the road five times over as a serial coachpreneur, coaching business owners attract those who need them the most and make a real difference in their clients’ lives and/or businesses. As a sought-after strategist and business coach, I’ve helped hundreds of luminaries, holistic healers, and entrepreneurs create and market their products, services and programs to millions of people around the globe.

I am no stranger to selling a future result (including intangibles such as coaching or transformation). In fact it’s one of my superpowers.

AND I’ve always been the business owner’s BFF when it comes to combating the fear and resistance that inevitably creep in whenever someone is on the breakthrough pathway to success.

Up until the last couple of years, I worked exclusively one-on-one, serving as a business coach. I served many but was forced to turn others away due to the financial investment required. That broke my heart, as many of those people had tremendous potential and were already doing extremely good things in the world. I knew there had to be a better way. So after working within a broad range of “growth oriented” businesses, seeing what worked and fixing what didn’t, I harnessed my knowledge and time-tested experience to build systems and programs that enable others to produce similar results at a fraction of the cost.

Business Coach Feroshia Knight with Digital Fame Course Attendees

My Story

I’m a dreamer who has always been unstoppable. Invincible in my pursuits, I am a self-proclaimed workaholic in recovery. Lucky for me (and you) I developed skills in marketing and business development and grew to become masterful at business coaching because of my addiction to my work. (Alright I do have the best job in the world and am surround by the most amazing people ever…)

I became especially masterful at educating others because I never wanted to be seen as anything less than indispensable to my students and clients. I call this “Proving It.” It’s my own brand of perfectionism, extreme achievement and productivity that has earned me dozens of long-term clients – individuals and companies that have remained steadfast in their loyalty and support of my business evolutions.

As with growth in any business, it was a level of devotion that was hard-earned. I had created a world where as a treasured business coach, others deeply depended on me, one where my own needs often went neglected. If I was providing services or managing another aspect of the company, something else would inevitably fall through the cracks. Sound familiar? Then there were those who would go elsewhere because of the long wait to get in to see me. The biggest challenge to loyalty is a long wait line. And as the business owner, you really can’t blame anyone but yourself. Unfortunately, you can ‘do it all’ for only so long – eventually something will break. It took several big health-threats and the loss of a few loved ones before I realized this very truth.

Image of text: Our Time Is Our Most Precious Commodity

Your time is valuable.  You can never get it back.

That’s why I’m here today inviting you to create your own coaching business in a way that allows you to break free! Get back your precious time and create the income you want delivering your best!

Today, things are much easier for me, a whole lot more FUN, and yes, much more LUCRATIVE.

When, I’m not at the helm at Coach Training World, I hand-pick my one-on-one business coaching clients and serve others through the power of my online programs and products in a coaching business that serves me. I’m free to do what I want, whenever I want, and have the financial means to do so. I work from home (yes, in my sweats on some days) and travel the world at my whim. Without hesitation, I’m free to say yes to the adventures, family gatherings and special moments with those who matter the most to me. And did I forget to say – I love being a business coach!

I got back my time without having to compromise my services or commitment. The best part: I’m able to make more money by doing less – and you can too.

My Accomplishments

Ok, I’m going to PROVE myself a little bit here: I create businesses, products, programs and offer killer services. I work with heart-centric, soul-driven entrepreneurs who want to make their difference and earn the money they deserve simultaneously. Over the years, I’ve worked alongside thousands of unique individuals who’ve gone on to leverage their special talents to great success (and quite a few of them to more than a little applause!). Bottom line: if you are not committed to making money while making your difference, I’ll probably annoy you. I’m in the business of change. And I believe that to make a difference in the lives of others, you have to make a difference in yours first. After all, how can you expect to save someone from drowning if you yourself don’t know how to swim? My work has been shared with thousands of people (many of which coaches) who in turn are changing the lives of thousands more using my methods. My online marketing services and business development mentoring has helped hundreds of business owners. And today I’m opening doors for thousands of committed entrepreneurs with the robust courses offered through my Wisdom to Wealth Business School.

  • Founder of 5 Businesses in the past three decades
    • Foto:Grafika Visual Communications
    • Agent 47: Marketing & Communications
    • Baraka Institute: Leadership Development & Coach Training Center
    • Coach Training World
    • Feroshia, Intl.
  • Creator of 2 Coach Training Certification Programs & 5 Products
    • Whole Person Coaching®
    • Archetypal Systems Coaching®
    • Kokoro Life Mastery®
    • StoryArtistry
    • Discover U Toolkit
    • Kokoro MindStyles Self Identity Toolkit
    • Hero’s Journey Treasure Map
  • Author of 3 Books
    • If then Only, Life Lesson’s Learned
    • Whole Person Coaching: Innovate From Here
    • The Business of Change
  • Master’s in Organizational Leadership & Transformational Learning
  • ICF Master Credentialed Coach (MCC)

And the accomplishment I’m most proud of…  is being a loving, understanding and deeply heart-fueled person who makes her difference at home and in the world by just being me at my best. You are welcome to ask around. : )

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