Master Class Series

Earn ICF continuing education credits and/or pursue your Master Credentialed Coach (MCC) credential with our Master Class series

Deepen your knowledge in the science and psychology of Whole Person Coaching as you accrue ICF continuing education credits applicable to renew or upgrade your ICF Credential.

Each training offers a unique blend of theory with relevant, actionable techniques and coaching tools. Integrate your new tools immediately into your practice and life with your client-ready workbooks and/or handouts.

Want more? Put your learning-into-action with the optional coaching practicum included in each training. Receive additional guidance as desired as you master change adding the science and psychology of Whole Person Coaching into your process.



Trauma Informed Coaching

Sept. 29th – Nov. 3rd, 2021
Wednesdays 4:00p-6:00p
(Pacific) |  7:00p-9:00p (Eastern)SOLD OUT

NEW DATES: October 14th- November 18th, 2021
Thursdays 3:00p-5:00p
(Pacific)  | 6:00p-8:00p (Eastern)

12 ICF CCE’s

As a changemaker, you can’t help but feel the weight of the world. From societal developments to nature’s influence, the chaos can seem all-encompassing with so much imbalance:

  • Powerful wildfires and hurricanes here and abroad
  • Tragic loss of life within political conflicts
  • Ever-shifting health guidelines and restrictions
  • Limited and increasingly unaffordable housing
  • Growing disparity related to wealth, opportunity, and healthcare
  • …and a cultural divide that some are only too happy to fuel and deepen

The impact has become personal to so many of us.

Many remain separated from family and friends.

We struggle to move forward and achieve the goals we set for our lives.

And a palpable sense of fear and avoidance now pervades even a small gathering of people – not to mention Zoom burnout.

As a Certified Trauma-Informed Coach you champion your clients to move forward and step into their best life regardless of what else may be happening around them…

Help your clients self-create the safety, connection, and respect they need. Then witness them as they shift into their most resilient, authentic, and thriving selves, letting go of past influences to step into what is truly possible for them. Understand and support others through the wisdom of Relational Neuroscience and psychology. Offer supportive tools and techniques your clients can clearly understand and self-employ. Also learn to advocate for the right kind of support and referrals your clients need.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the different forms of trauma and its effect on the whole person.
  • Easily recognize indicators for trauma present within clients and responsibly offer support while working with the whole person.
  • Invite clients to discover and develop techniques to self-regulate and reclaim their sense of self.
  • Help your clients understand the self-recovery process and engage them to develop their own resiliency practice.
  • Motivate clients to self-master their unique circumstances so they can move into the life they truly are meant to live and gently let go of the past.

This 6-session course is delivered via Zoom includes a practicum designed to strengthen and deepen your learning. All sessions recorded and made available for students to revisit content. Includes reading material and optional books to deepen your learning journey. Optional lab included.

Tuition: $397 | Enrollment Limited


Positive Psychology Coaching

Waitlist Only (Use link below to get on the waitlist)

April 22nd, May 6th, 13th & 20th
8a-9:30a (Pacific) |  11p-12:30p (Eastern)

Learn how to foster and develop positive attitudes in clients who struggle with challenging life experiences, self-undermining habits, and life-altering events. Positive Psychology is the scientific study of positive human functioning and flourishing. During this experiential training you’ll learn how to help your clients (and others) to adopt a more resourceful and optimistic point of view, regardless of what is happening (past or present).

  • Understand the scientific underpinnings of Positive Psychology
  • Employ the lens of Positive Psychology toward cultivating thriving mindsets, regardless of childhood or cultural impacts
  • Shift your client’s inner critic and your own
  • Explore various tools that leverage the mind-body connection and the core principles of Positive Psychology
  • Receive guidance and practical experience honing your skills while you fill your coaching toolbox

This 4-session course is delivered via Zoom includes a practicum designed to strengthen and deepen your learning. All sessions recorded and made available for students to revisit content. Includes reading material and optional books to deepen your learning journey. Optional lab included.

Tuition: $497

2022 Upcoming Trainings


Cognitive Behavior Coaching

Coming in 2022

Successfully challenge and shift your client’s self-destructive thoughts, limiting beliefs and emotional patterns by developing real-time emotional and behavioral strategies to target ongoing issues. Employ best practices from Cognitive Behavioral Psychology as you encourage practical, step-by-step approaches to change. Assist your clients to overcome worst-case scenario thinking and polarity thinking.


Narrative Coaching

Coming in 2022

Leverage the power of story to fuel your coaching process with right-brain tools and techniques rooted in Narrative Psychology – the study of how humans create stories to make sense of their experiences and world. This training provides a full palette of right-brain creative approaches to working with self-discovery, meaning and purpose.


Somatic & Energy Coaching

Coming in 2022

Deepen your capacity to leverage the mind-body connection with your clients through the wisdom and best practices of Somatic & Energy Psychology. Assist your clients to self-discover the interconnectedness of their thoughts, emotions, energy, and body. Confidently guide your clients through mental blocks by incorporating practical tools in mindfulness, energy, and somatic experience.

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