Gain the visibility, credibility, confidence & and success you deserve!

As a change maker your experience, knowledge, expertise and passion offer transformative value to your ideal clients.
Don’t remain a best kept secret!

Join us and build your ideal change making business!


Does this sound like you? You want to…


Attract Your Ideal Clients? Fill your inbox with warm, receptive, qualified clients on the verge of saying “yes” – and once they meet, it’s “heck yeah!”


Be Paid What Your Worth? Fill up your practice and programs with your IDEAL clients who recognize the true value you offer.


Enjoy Marketing? Employ marketing strategies that spark joy and align with your values and character.


Be Strategic & Streamlined? Focus on helping your clients instead of spending countless hours marketing and selling your services.


Be Sustainable? Achieve a sustainable client base and cash flow without frustration and burn out.


Do it your way? Learn at your own pace AND receive the support necessary to build your own one-of-a-kind coaching business. Create marketing content that is uniquely YOU.

If you want to achieve the visibility, credibility, profitability, and success you desire being who you are…

Immerse yourself in a supportive network of experts
and peers devoted to your success and you’ll be able to:


Be Memorable. Confidently articulate your true value and stand out in a crowded marketplace with your unique message.


Feel Rock-Solid Confident. Powerfully share your wisdom, perspective and personality with those who need you the most.


Gain Credibility & Respect. Position yourself as a trusted resource almost instantly (even if you’re just starting out or launching something new).


Self-Remove Blocks. Overcome limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging habits that prevent you from shining your light and getting discovered by your ideal clients.


Step-by-Step Blueprint. Equip yourself with an easy-to-implement strategic business and marketing plan.


Marketing Tools. Authentic market yourself with customized marketing tools and media platforms.


Easily Convert Prospects. Authentically take command of any stage – from a one-on-one sales conversation to a global speaking summit in front of thousands.


Receive Tailored-Support. Receive support and advice tailored to your marketing goals and business outcomes.

What’s inside the CoachPreneur Academy?

1: Magentic Marketing Masterplan

Start Smart. Equip yourself with an easy-to-implement strategic business and marketing plan. Your personalized M3: Magnetic Marketing Masterplan guides your every-step in your marketing efforts ensuring that you’re able to focus your time on the right actions and decisions.

2: On-Demand Digital Courses

Start Immediately.  From claiming your niche to building your website and enrolling clients 24-7, you won’t find a more robust coaching business school. Begin your program anytime with the digital content which includes workbooks, templates and swipe copy to get you started. Program includes lifetime access to curriculum and content.

3: Monthly Mastermind Groups

Actionable Guidance. Get the help you truly need, whenever you want it. We walk with you every step of the way as you craft your marketing message and materials. These bi-weekly, small group mastermind session are held via Zoom and are designed for expert coaching and mentoring. This high-value opportunity means that we’ll help you write your copy, build your site and get out there so your ideal clients can find you! Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to our recordings library.

4: Global Online Community

Professional Friends from Afar. Surround yourself with a like-hearted community, other Coachpreneurs on a similar journey. From finding resources, sharing content to networking, our global entrepreneur community is here to help! Post questions or discuss work in the private online group and get the feedback and support you need 24-7. Program includes lifetime membership to online group.

5: Business Buddy Groups

Inspiration. Feedback. Accountability. Need help or a little extra accountability? Join one of our small business buddy groups. You’ll partner with 3 to 5 people committed to keeping you on track and championing you to success. The accountability alone is worth it! In fact, these powerful pods of supportive changemakers often work together for years after the program.

6: Updates

Stay up to date on what works!
While we believe there is no better way to market yourself as a coach than to leverage educational and relational marketing techniques. We want you to stay in the know. Your membership in the CoachPreneur Academy allows you to receive any future updates and courses for free!

Simple. Strategic. Supportive.

It’s now time to learn to market yourself, authentically that is!

Your Digital Courses Include:


Business Essentials

Establish the base of your coaching business operations. From legal to technology, this is where it all begins.


Get Clients Fast

Secure your first clients and start building your business through networking and relationship building.

Coaching Business Plan

Map out a strategic business, marketing and business launch plan that establishes trackable milestones.

Your Ideal Client Avatar

Finally identify your niche and create a client avatar that boosts marketing success.

Your Captivating Bio & Story

Share your own heroic journey and build a connection with prospective clients while showcasing your experience, knowledge and credibility.


The Transformation You Make

Showcase your unique way of helping others. Position and price your services with clarity and confidence so clients understand the transformation and value you deliver.


Craft Your Personal Brand

Develop the must-have brand elements to stand out from others and become memorable with a clear and consistent message and visual appeal.


Your Core Message

Translate your unique gifts into a message that connects with your ideal clients in a strategic, authentic and memorable way.


Authentic Conversion Copy

Learn copywriting techniques that use your voice, personality and brand message to converts leads into clients.

Your Workhorse Website

Create a website that attracts and converts clients, saving you time, energy and lost leads.

Social Media Strategy & Content Planning

Build a multi-channel social media strategy that that attracts leads like ants to honey.

Expert Writing: Blogging & More

Build trust and respect to become the go-to-coach in your area of expertise through blogging on your site and others.

Making the most of Videos & Podcasting

Take your brilliance into the global marketplace and build your audience though digital media.

Successful Sales Conversations

Discover the art of conducting discovery calls that result in ready-to-buy clients without feeling sleazy, smarmy and spammy.

Lead Generation - Opt-ins & Freebies

Earn the confidence of your audience while building your email marketing database.


Email Marketing

Architect highly-effective funnels that nurture your hard-earned leads into qualified high-paying clients.

Money Mindset Mastery

Build mindset awareness skills that help you navigate and overcome any personal blocks around success, money, failure and self-worth.
  • I debated paying the extra money for the CoachPreneur Academy, but knowing what I know now, I would be floating around out there with no sense of direction or skills in website creation and program building, among other things. I was smart enough to realize that I lacked knowledge in marketing, but it did so much more. It helped to coax me out of my shell, identify what’s holding me back from putting my authentic self out there, and build a business that reflects who I am and who I want to coach. I would’ve been spinning my wheels, creating a lot of useless material and spending countless hours on research. This cut through all that and is a treasure trove of business know-how worth every penny!
Nikki Hewitt, Whole Person Certified Coach

The CoachPreneur Difference

We address the real issues other business development programs don’t.

Three obstacles prevent most coaches, healers, and other changemakers from generating the income and financial security they need to offer their gifts to the world…

  • They are invisible.
  • They lack credibility.
  • They are not profitable.

Yes, these seem obvious. Yet they continue to remain the most formidable barriers for most people. Most notably for the costly effect they have on your ability to reach the people who need you most.

The real issue is how people try to address these challenges. That’s what we’re here to help you with…


Be Irresistible

The phrase, “put yourself out there,” is so common it’s clichéa. This is often followed by hundreds of ideas for how to create endless forms of content for every conceivable platform. And for what? You might get lucky by connecting with one of the many people who need you most. It’s exhausting to even think about how much time you need to earn this single impression. And without outsourcing, this blanket effect is next to impossible.

The truth is simple: no matter how much you share, you won’t get the clients you need without a strategy that positions you as the ONE THEY NEED for their top-of-mind problems. I’m skimming the surface of how to magnetize clients to you. Yet this is the central goal for what you learn here inside the CoachPreneur Academy.

Be treasured

As a newer coach, you’ve facilitated transformations with friends, family, and peers. Now you’re stuck trying to sell people you have never met on something they have yet to achieve: a future outcome. Even as a newer coach, you possess a great deal to leverage. It’s just a matter of looking in the right place and translating that expertise into value.

f you’re just getting started, we can save you time, money, and a whole lot of frustration. Let us help you discover exactly what you’ve got that will build trust, respect, and credibility with your ideal clients. You’ll want more than just “client” success stories and testimonials to convince others to invest their hard-earned money into themselves.


Be worthy (for yourself & others)

Let’s be honest: all the visibility and credibility in the world won’t matter if you aren’t profitable. You already know the adage, ‘work smarter, not harder’. But what does that really mean in marketing?

  • First, stop trading all your time for money.
  • Second, develop a healthy money mindset. The transformations you make are truly priceless. In return, you can feel confident in receiving what you deserve, not only for your time but your brilliance as well.
  • Lastly, develop sustainable profitability through a spiral business matrix. This empowers you to leverage all your gifts to help those who need you most.

Let us help you do it your way. Come develop the confidence and competence that allow you to creativity share yourself with the world in an authentic way.

“I love working for myself and the flexibility it brings.”

CoachPreneur Graduate – Frieda Levychy
Life Coach for Legal Professionals

Meet Frieda…

The CoachPreneur Academy gives you the steps and strategies to nail your message, marketing and mindset… and start making sales!

Goes above and beyond any other coaching school that I have seen. This program is more comprehensive and fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. I highly recommend.
Karyn Snyder

This has been one of the most transformational programs in my life. So much wisdom, so much excavation. I won’t say it’s been easy, but it has been so worth it!
Ryan Sharp

CoachPreneur Academy is one of the most comprehensive programs, as well as challenging undertakings, that I’ve ever done. It’s pushed me to move into arenas that without taking this class, I would never have known about nor touched. I feel especially fortunate in that we have such personalized attention we need to succeed.
Gail Conrad

“I’ve attended other coach training programs, but where Coach Training World stood out was their CoachPreneur Academy, global community and continued support. I wasn’t just dumped out at the end of the program and left on my own.

The idea of being an entrepreneur was overwhelming. Owning your own coaching business requires many different skill sets. With so many pieces to the puzzle, I didn’t know if I could be successful. The CoachPreneur Academy program gave me the manageable building blocks to build something of my own. That has been my biggest take-away and worth every penny and moment of time I’ve put into this program.”

Stone Cairns, Whole Person Certified Coach


Feroshia Knight, MA, MCC

Entrepreneur, speaker, author & creator of bold motivational systems for online coaching business mastery

As a heart-centric, influential entrepreneur, making your impact in the world is about making change: transformational changes for your clients and a sustainable income for yourself.

Both kinds of change require skills that can be learned.

For over three and half decades, I’ve had the great pleasure of partnering with motivated, soul-driven entrepreneurs and luminaries ready to build their businesses through relational and educational marketing techniques.

Each leveraged their special talents to great success as coaches, speakers, authors and luminaries earning the income they deserve being their unique and authentic selves.

Today, I share the exact business and marketing strategies I used to propel them (and myself) to success. 

Would you like to have your own behind-the-scenes marketing strategist and best champion ever on your team?

We’ve thought of it all, because we’ve traveled the road.

Attend the CoachPreneur Academy and gain so much more than standard marketing knowledge and skills. You emerge with confidence and credibility, ready to take center stage and share your gifts with the world. You’ll discover how to get known and get paid by being your authentic, whole self.

Imagine you are a candle. The moment your wick is lit, everything changes. The space around you lights up. This enables your ideal clients to discover you and benefit from your radiance.

Pivoting from helping others to stepping into the light of who you are can be scary. This is especially tough if you lean towards introversion. I get this whole-heartedly. But you deserve more than to remain stuck as a best-kept-secret to a lucky few!

Prior to becoming a coach myself, I was a personal marketing strategist for decades. I served thought-leaders, changemakers, authors, and coaches. My experience gifted me a serious advantage: I learned firsthand how future outcomes are sold effectively… and how they’re not. Even with the keys to success in my hand, I remained a behind-the-scenes strategist for far too long.

Instead of becoming the successful coach I was meant to be, I remained glued to my computer helping other changemakers earn their seven-figure incomes, doing exactly what I dreamed of. I had all the knowledge, tools, and experience I needed. Yet I was caught in the shadow of my own doubt. My lack of confidence consumed me. This showed up in several ways:

  • Perfectionism
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Fear of Exposure
  • Fear of Success
  • And the list goes on…

My inability to ask for help was the biggest limiting factor in my success. Ironic that I didn’t recognize the value of a support team (one I was routinely a big part of), and how it impacted the momentum of my most successful clients.

The step-by-step process we followed to create and implement marketing efforts and build community for their international brands is the exact one I’ll teach you.

If there’s one lesson I learned in nearly three decades as a professional coach, it’s this: we all benefit from the expertise of others. With the right type of personalized support, you can cut the learning curve. Here you avoid the uncertainty and false-starts of a new business by developing an entrepreneurial mindset and business strategy that empower you to reach your ideal clients in an authentic way.

Right now, you’re focused on growing a business. But what if your business could be a launchpad for something even bigger?

“I have been through other coach training programs but made CTW stand out was the CoachPreneur Academy, the community and the continued support. I wasn’t just dumped out at the end of the program and left on my own.

The idea of being an entrepreneur was overwhelming to me. Owning your own coaching business requires many different skill sets. With so many pieces to the puzzle, I didn’t know if I could be successful. The CoachPreneur Academy program gave me the manageable building blocks to build something of my own. That has been my biggest take-away and worth every penny and moment of time I’ve put into this.”

Stone Cairns, Whole Person Certified Coach

Time, energy and money are your most precious assets, and should be spent well.

Other programs catapult you into the fast lane over the course of a few weeks. In a blur, you’re left standing on your own, unsure of what should happen next or where to turn when you need help (if there’s even anyone there to turn to). Yes, there are 10,000-100,000 people in their FaceBook groups, but you still need help. Individualized support.

We’re here for your long-term success. That’s our guarantee to you. In the CoachPreneur Academy, you never walk alone. We’ve built a strong, close network of coaches throughout the world, making their difference just like you, and ready to offer step-by-step advice or simply just listen.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t sprint full-speed ahead. In fact we encourage it.

We don’t limit you: we liberate. You determine the path. You establish the pace. We’ll give you the tools, support and process that help you reach any goal you can think of – no matter how out of reach it may seem.

That’s why we created the CoachPreneur Academy.

Get started with the right course of action for your needs and budget.
Customize your experience with these options:


MasterPlan: Custom Marketing & Business Plan & Strategy Session
Monthly Mastermind Q&A Sessions
20+ On-Demand Digital Courses
Monthly Q&A
Curriculum, Workbooks, Case Studies, Templates, Swipe Copy & More!
Business Buddy Support Groups
Expert Individualized Business Consulting
Lifetime Access: Courses, Recordings, Online Global Community & Support Group

Choose your ideal program...
Pay in Full
Take the lead on your learning and go at your own pace.

This independent-study option includes:

Monthly Live Q&A Sessions
INFUSE: Live Your Brilliance Course ($1997 Value)
20+ Digital courses + future upgrades/additions

Workbooks, templates, + marketing swipe copy
Lifetime access to private online support group

    Pay in Full & Save $ (USD)$1497
    Take the lead on your learning and go at your own pace.

    This independent-study option includes:

    Monthly Live Q&A Sessions
    INFUSE: Live Your Brilliance Course ($1997 Value)
    20+ Digital courses + future upgrades/additions

    Workbooks, templates, + marketing swipe copy
    Lifetime access to private online support group

      4 month payment plan | (USD)$397/mo
      Want a 100% personal touch? Receive private strategic marketing coaching outside of class.

      This individualized coach program includes:
      Everything included in the CoachPreneur Independent... PLUS
      10 - Private 90-minute coaching sessions with Master Business Coach Feroshia (Valued at $7500)
        Pay in Full & Save $ (USD) $4997
        Want a 100% personal touch? Receive private strategic marketing coaching outside of class.

        This individualized coach program includes:
        Everything included in the CoachPreneur Independent... PLUS
        10 - Private 90-minute coaching sessions with Master Business Coach Feroshia (Valued at $7500)
          9 month payment plan | (USD)$697/mo

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.
          Who can attend?

          In short: you! The CoachPreneur Academy is for ANY coach, helping professional and entrepreneurs who offer coaching or similar services. These services can be in the form of 1:1, digital courses, live workshops, coaching programs, etc.

          You do not have to be a student or graduate of Coach Training World.

          This program is for you if you are devoted and willing to embrace the highs and lows of a learning journey that isn’t just about you growing your business. Here, you also develop your confidence and ability to be seen, treasured and discovered in the world as the changemaker you are.

          Starting and growing a business isn’t for everyone. Those who have the entrepreneur bug already know the destination is worth the trial and tribulations. Put simply, the road is never easy.

          If you prefer to have someone else provide you with clients, we recommend you find a great coaching firm or employer who’ll handle the solicitation and booking of those clients. But if you want to take charge of your time, money and energy and are willing to roll up your sleeves, welcome home: you’re in the right place!

          The CoachPreneur Academy is right not for you, if you are seeking a get-rich-quick scheme, but instead are seeking proven strategies backed by an authentic, sustainable approach to market and build your business now and into the future.

          Do I need to be a certified coach to join?

          No. The CoachPreneur Academy training is ideal for coaches  who are just starting out (even those still completing their certifications). It’s also designed to integrate seamlessly with an established businesses for more experienced coaches who aren’t achieving the growth and results they desire.

          How far along do I need to be in my business?
          No experience? No problem! If you are brand new to your coaching business, you’ll love our bonus course:  INFUSE: BRAND & LIVE YOUR BRILLIANCE. It’s an excellent primer that helps you to get radically clear about who you help and what specifically you are selling.

          You will learn how to define and describe your signature solution, strategically pursue an audience of ideal prospects, market yourself effectively, and crate value so your clients stick with you long-term. These are the foundations of any successful coaching business and essential to any startup.

          How much time should I allow each week?
          We all learn at different paces and have an endless variety of obligations in our lives. This makes it impossible to establish an expectation that applies to everyone.

          Rather than locking into a hard time commitment, we focus instead on the relevance, value and timeliness of the training and tools you receive. That’s why our program is designed to support you as you work at your own pace. Our graduates have found tremendous success in this style of learning, and it makes sense: who needs the added pressure of time when working on something this big and important?

          Generally speaking, the more time you invest in growing your business, the faster you achieve your goals and realize the ROI for your time and financial contributions. If you’re in a hurry, plan on spending at least 10 to 20 hours a week. If you have the luxury of time, a minimum of at least 5 hours a week should help keep you motivated and on track.

          Do I need any specific software or licenses to access the training materials?
          All you need is a reliable Internet connection and either a computer, web-enabled phone, tablet or iPad with video and audio access.

          Our bi-weekly Lab calls are hosted on Zoom. This free app works with your desktop or mobile device and can be downloaded at:

          All additional course materials are available digitally via secure login on our website. No additional software or license is required to access these materials.

          Can my business partner/friend/spouse take the course with me?
          Yes! We’d welcome them into the community as a separate student enrollee.

          What types of payment do you accept?
          We are able to accept the following methods of payment:

          • Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB, Discover)
          • PayPal and PayPal Credit
          • Transfers
          • Personal or Company Check

          Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?
          Other than the monthly payment plan, we do not offer any additional financing options such as financial aid or scholarships at this time. Please contact us for details.

          It’s worth noting that many people earn back their investment within the first year. Some even earn 10 times their tuition (or more). Results are different for each participant. Those who are committed do succeed.

          What’s not covered in the program?
          You will have access to seasoned business experts who are focused on helping you build a thriving coaching business through the power of your online presence.

          However, we are not attorneys, CPAs or qualified to advise you on any legal or financial needs related to the formation or management of your business. While trainers and other CoachPreneurs may recommend additional providers, Coach Training World does not endorse any third-party forms of business support or personnel.

          What is the refund policy?
          To learn more about our refund policy and terms of sale, please click here.

          What if I'm an introvert? (And don't want to market via social media?)

          No worries. There are many ways that you can attract clients to you. Our goal is to help you to figure out your way so you feel good and achieve the clientbase you want.

          Introducing Life & Health Coach Allison Kirby Falk

          “At Coach Training World, I discovered the power of community, connection, and holding the space and time for yourself to build awareness and fuel self-growth. Your brain is not your only source of information – there are tools to tap into your body that give you insight and clarity. Coaching is transformation. Literally.”

          Introducing Life Coach for Legal Professionals Frieda Levycky

          “Starting your own business is hard work! I never realised the effort that went into marketing strategy, branding, networking and other aspects. It’s been eye-opening to say the least – particularly when juggling a full-time job. But when you are passionate and driven by a bigger purpose, you find time to fit it all in.”

          Introducing Return to Work + Female Empowerment Coach Hillary Bennett

          “I went on a long personal development journey that brought me to coaching, and I’ve never felt more alive! It is possible to have a job you truly love and that enhances your life instead of taking away from it. If I can find it, anyone can.”