Welcome to our video library. Inside here you’ll find interviews with a few graduates from Baraka Institute: Coach Training World who are out in the world making their difference.  Enjoy!

What is Whole Person Coaching?

with Feroshia Knight, MA, MCC

Should you become a coach or a therapist? Learn about the distinctions and how our unique method works with the whole person.

with Feroshia Knight, MA, MCC

Helping Attorneys Succeed Personally & Professionally

with Frieda Levycky, WPCC, ACC

Life After Sports
Coaching Your Next & Best Career

with Allison Falk, WPCC, ACC

In the business of change – secrets to changing lives

with Melanie McCloskey, WPCC

Forty Years in the Making: Relationship Coaches Share Secrets to Life-Long, Satisfying Relationships

with Bob & Holly Dohrman, WPCC

Topping the corporate ladder, Asian American Podcaster, Brian Kang saw a new view for his life.

with Brian Kang, WPCC

Introverts-Extroverts: Coaches Talk Relationship Realities and Rumors

with Carol Merwin, CPC & Sarah Budd, WPCC

Dentist, Author, Speaker, Teach & Coach!

with Dr. Kim Kutsch, CPC

You can only Teach who you are!

with Ryan Murtfeldt, WPCC

From Yoga to Coaching: Transforming Lives

with Sharon Roemmel, CPC

From Artist to Entrepreneur: Overcoming Vulnerability

With Coach Bonnie Kahn, WPCC

Digital Coaching: The Future of Health & Wellness Coaching

with Arielle Adelman

Stacey Brown’s MindLinkResources

Coaching Translation Business Owners to Success, CPC

From Hair to Happiness

with Matthew John, WPCC

The Impossible Dream

with Coach Darryl Cortello, CPC

Drawing Upon Multiple Dimensions: Holistic Spiritual

Coaching with Elysia Nelson, WPCC

Beyond the Numbers Game: Business Coaching with a Twist

With Ana Isabel Villalobos, WPCC

Magical Experiments: Spiritual Coaching

with Taylor Ellwood, WPCC

Nicole Anderson, WPCC
Michelle Wirta, WPCC
Jennifer Moore, CPC
Tony Seminary
Client Testimonial
Eva Pena Cruz, WPCC

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