jonathan crews life purpose coach vedic astrologer Santa Fe, New Mexico

“We, are on the spiritual path, often try to “transcend” with our spiritual practices the more painful aspects of our emotional life.”

Inspired by his early exposure to the Vedic wisdom of India, Jonathan has dedicated his life to pursing personal and collective transformation. He has spent more than 45 years offering people the techniques and processes that raise consciousness and provide an effective system for life-guidance.

Like many successful individuals who use coaching to complement and enhance their services, Jonathan was looking for a context to support his astrology clients on a more ongoing basis. The problem is that many astrology clients only tend to seek out readings on a semi-annual to annual basis. But when considering the knowledge and wisdom Jonathan has accumulated over the course of his life, he knew he could do more to guide people toward the evolution of their soul and their purpose in this incarnation. That’s where coaching came in.

“Professional Coaching has been a wonderful adjunct to what I currently do. It assists people in discovering their purpose and unfolding the gifts they are meant to give in this life. Practical yet profound, it’s a vehicle for helping people bring into manifestation their heart’s desires. But manifesting those goals is generally not something that gets accomplished in one session. It takes time and a committed support system to help a client bring them to fruition.”

Jonathan’s mission is to assist those who are interested in greater self-understanding. Unafraid to confront the challenges they face in life, most of his clients are dedicated to making the world a better place as they fulfill their life’s purpose.

With degrees in Psychology and a Masters in Business Administration, Jonathan also has training in Body-Centered Psychotherapuetic Techniques. In addition, he has spent the last 15 years practicing Vedic Astrology, the oldest and most preeminent form of life guidance. Commonly known as Jyotish (which translates as “Lords of Light”, referring to the planets and stars), he uses this ancient predictive science to accurately identify a person’s strengths, gifts and talents, as well as their challenges in life.

By combining an initial Vedic Astrological Life Guidance reading with the concepts of professional coaching, he is able to work with individuals on a more intimate and extended basis. This approach helps his clients focus their awareness on the practical steps that can be taken to manifest the gifts and talents identified in their Vedic Chart.

Yet despite his professional accreditations and advanced learning, Jonathan also frequently credits a teacher much closer to home: his wife, Brii. Attending coach training as a couple, Jonathan and Brii (a practicing psychotherapist) were looking for a way to take their individual practices to a higher level of effectiveness. And though they each apply the tools and techniques of coaching in a unique way, their joint training has enabled them to deepen the learning for one another.

“Brii has been one of my most significant teachers. In our experience together, we have learned important principles of communication and conflict resolution that have allowed us to consciously manage our differences while celebrating the dreams and aspirations we hold in common. Perhaps the most important thing we’ve learned is to honor the reflection the other gives us, positive and challenging, as a gift from Spirit and have learned to walk the path of love.” (Courtesy of

Today Jonathan specializes in solving problems related to emotional expression, relationships, career and finances, health and well-being, and egoic identification – all of which have the potential to create suffering in our lives when out of alignment with our true purpose.

“We, on the spiritual path, often try to “transcend” with our spiritual practices the more painful aspects of our emotional life. This contributes to a marked lack of integration. Rather than turn away from our wounds, I [find] it far more beneficial to compassionately accept and embrace them before we [heal them].” (Courtesy of

In addition to his consultations, he also routinely lectures on the benefits of meditation and, as a certified instructor, teaches courses in meditation and yoga on a regular basis. For those interested in learning more about Vedic Astrology, Jonathan gives presentations on Vedic Philosophy and the nature and purpose of the practice as put forth by the ancient seers of India.

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