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Coaching Demo Transcript

Kourtney:        Hi Elrena. How are you?

Elrena:             I’m good. How are you?

Kourtney:        Good. So what would you like to work on today?

Elrena:             The thing that I really would like to focus on today is really how do I tap into my intuition. I think it’s one of the things that I struggle with and I really could use some help in that particular area to help me better focus on when my intuition is talking to me, how do I interpret that, and so on and so forth because right now I’m just all over the place.

Kourtney:        Gotcha. So you want to focus on getting a little bit clearer on your intuition, when it’s presenting itself to you and what to make of those intuitive hits. Does that sound correct?

Elrena:             Yes, that is correct.

Kourtney:        Alrighty. And then, how would you know today, by the end of our session, that you’ve gotten clearer on your intuition? What would that look like for you?

Elrena:             I think that what I would like to walk away with is just having a better understanding of … I think, really kind of hone in on, “This is your intuition, this is what it’s saying to you, and these are the steps that you need to take as a part of that indicator.”

Kourtney:        Okay. So, to start, do you already have a definition of intuition for yourself and how that presents to you at all?

Elrena:             I think that when I think about intuition, I think about it as inner-knowing. I don’t know if that also includes … I don’t want to call it necessarily symbolisms, but sometimes there are certain things that I’ll be thinking about and then all of a sudden it’s almost like I get a … I don’t know if it’s a confirmation. Yeah. So, I don’t know if that’s my intuition or is that something else that I’m connecting to it. I’ll give you an example.

Elrena:             So, I was debating whether or not to go to this workshop, and then I was like, “Eh, I don’t know if I feel like going.” And then there was just something inside of me said, “You know what? Just go to the workshop.” So I did and the workshop was great and I actually ended up meeting a really lovely lady there that we had coffee together a couple of times. She’s been sharing some things with me in terms of what she wanted to do and she also wanted to know if I would be willing to partner with her.

Elrena:             So, I had this … And I’m not sure what it is, but for whatever reason, two one two shows up. It shows up all the time. It can be in the car, it can be on my phone. This day, when I went to that workshop, it showed up on a bus.

Kourtney:        Wow.

Elrena:             I was just like, okay, is this my intuition saying, “No, you’re in the right place at the right time. This is where you should be,” or am I just bat crazy?

Kourtney:        Gotcha. So, what I’m hearing is you’re having these instances where you have this definition of it of being your inner-knowing, essentially, and then you’ll have some moments out in the real world and you’re questioning are those moments your intuition, is that instance a moment of intuition, or something else, shall we say? Does that sound correct?

Elrena:             Yeah.

Kourtney:        A little bit? Okay. So, let’s dive into that a little bit. I want to know more about what do you think this something else may be?

Elrena:             I don’t know. I think I’m looking at it as a way of, I’m being guided, as a way of saying, “Well, yes, you’re on the right path. This is where you should be, and you’re here for a reason.” Sometimes I don’t know what that reason is. Yeah, and I don’t know if it’s something that you can call forth, so that’s something I’m not sure of because sometimes it’ll be strange. I’ll be thinking about something, and then something that would happen to be related to what I’m thinking. Now, that’s a little scary.

Kourtney:        No, yeah. Yeah.

Elrena:             But that has happened like a couple of times. I’ve been trying to journal it and write it down because I was just like, “If I was to say this to probably one of my friends or my family, they would be like, ‘This girl is coo-coo. She has lost her marbles.'”

Elrena:             But I don’t feel like I’m crazy and that I feel that … Because sometimes it’s so obvious. How do you deny it? I know it has to be something that is bigger than myself.

Kourtney:        Gotcha. I have a question in there for you. Do you feel at all that this area of … Even though you know you’re not crazy, and, maybe, if you were to express what’s happening to those around you, they may question that a little bit themselves, do you feel that impacts your actual recognizing that this is an intuitive hit or following or listening to your intuitive guidance?

Elrena:             I think sometimes it does, and I think I don’t wanna question it. I just want it to just flow. I just want it to be like, if I’m sort of being guided to step in this direction, then I don’t question it. I just go with where I’m being guided. At least, I think that because, for me, I feel like it’s not clear and I feel that sometimes when it happens, it’s really almost unbelievable. That’s the word that I would describe it.

Kourtney:        Right.

Elrena:             But at the same time, too, as I said, I feel like it’s giving me direction. It’s pointing me to take a certain path, and as I said, I wanna be much more in tune with, “No, this is what’s being shared with you” and that I’m going to move in this direction because, as I said, it’s bigger than myself. It’s bigger than my friends. It’s bigger than my family. And it knows much more than I do. Sometimes I think you might think something for yourself, but it has a way of saying, “Yeah, maybe that’s not the right area that I want you to go in. This is where I want you to go.”

Kourtney:        Could you elaborate on that last bit a little bit more for me?

Elrena:             In terms of …

Kourtney:        It not … You were saying that it, unless I misheard you, about it not being the right area, the direction that you wanted to go into.

Elrena:             Right. So I would say that sometimes what ends up happening is that your own fears and your own doubts kind of come to the surface, so even though you’re getting every indicator to … For instance, I went to a meet up group, and I met the host, and she was like, “Oh, I’d like for you to come and do a presentation at my meet up group.”

Elrena:             So it was like everything … I have to go back to my journal ’cause I try to write it down, but I was like sort of just kept getting these signals like, “Yeah, you should go ahead and do this.” But, of course, now, I’m like, “I don’t like public speaking. I don’t like being in front of people. Oh, my God.” But, as I said, I was like, “Okay. I know that you’re feeling despair and you’re feeling all of this doubt within you, but everything, all the signals that you’ve been getting is to go and do this workshop”, which I did.

Elrena:             But, as I said, I want to really hone in because I think that there’s opportunities that are being missed in the process, and I wanna really be tuned in to listening to my intuition and not questioning it. Even though I might feel afraid or doubtful that I’m insane, “It’s okay. You’re intuition is telling you that this is the direction that you should take, and go for it.”

Kourtney:        Okay. What I hear from a few of your examples actually, what we’ve talked about so far, is that you are pretty clear on your ability to receive the intuitive hits and the guidance. It’s so much, too, a matter of acting upon what information that you’re receiving and also recognizing that sometimes the information that we receive is a little scary, a little nerve-racking, if you will, in the areas that it’s telling you to follow through in.

Kourtney:        I wonder what could you do to become a little bit more clear in being able to follow through on your intuitive guidance?

Elrena:             That’s a good question.

Kourtney:        And you’ve actually mentioned a couple … One activity so far, you’re journaling. I feel like that’s been probably something that would be helpful for you, too.

Elrena:             Yeah, as I said, I probably journal more so just to validate that I’m not crazy.

Kourtney:        Hey, well, that’s great, too. We all need that from time to time.

Elrena:             I think that I need to listen a little bit more because I think that you can easily get caught up in the hustle and bustle of your day. I think sometimes when my intuition is kind of connecting with me, I’m not always paying attention to it. I don’t know. I think maybe …

Elrena:             I don’t know if trying to be a little bit more quiet, if that could maybe help in that area, just to take some time to pause. If something comes up for me, to maybe stop and give it some stop, and, as you said, maybe it’s a way to just kind of get more connected is to journal, like, “Okay. This is what I feel like my intuition is telling me.” Then, maybe document if there is some way to validate that.

Elrena:             I don’t think validation happens all the time, but I feel like a lot of things that get called to my attention, I get some type of validation. It could just be me, and it might be different for someone else, but I always feel like I get validation when my gut feeling or that knowing is talking to me. As I said, I think taking time out to pause when something kind of catches my attention and not just kind of like … ‘Cause I think I have a tendency to … I’ll go on, and then I’ll get back to it later, and I think what happens is it gets … I don’t wanna say it gets lost, but I think it’s like a missed opportunity.

Kourtney:        Right. Like a fleeting moment almost.

Elrena:             Yes.

Kourtney:        Okay.

Elrena:             And I wanna be able to, as I said, just when it happens be able to just stop and say, “What are you trying to tell me?”

Kourtney:        I love that.

Elrena:             You know? “What do I need to know? Where do you want me to go? What do you want me to think?”

Kourtney:        Wonderful. Yeah. That’s great. I like … I think there’s two things in there, actually. So what I’m hearing is you’re pausing and reflecting on that moment and taking it in at that time and also the journaling. Not even necessarily a validation, but you could even take it as a journal for when you listen to your intuition and what happens and, maybe, when you did not listen to your intuition and what happened as well. But it sounds like you’re getting a lot of validation already, which is wonderful, too.

Elrena:             Right. And actually that’s … That’s actually … I didn’t think about that, but that’s a good way of sort of documenting what happens as a a way of saying, “All right. Your intuition is telling you to do X, Y, and Z, so you need to.” If I don’t, then it’s just like, “Okay. Well, what happened in this scenario versus this scenario.” But, as I said, I really want to be sort of in tune because I think that things that I have questions on, I want to be able to put it out there to say, “What’s the answer?” But I still have to be open so that I can receive the answer and not be just kind of like all over the place and you’re not paying any attention, so how do you really connect if you’re distracted?

Kourtney:        Yes. No, that’s such a great point. A lot of times we will ask for help or guidance, but we forget to listen. It’s not always, maybe, the major sign we wanna take it for. It’s just subtle, intuitive hits that you do have to be, like you already mentioned, you’re already aware of. You just have to be in that moment, willing to receive that.

Elrena:             Yeah.

Kourtney:        So that’s very true and great. Yeah.

Elrena:             Yeah. And I’m trying to think of, is there anything else that I can do in terms of … I think maybe even just trying to sort of tap in to my awareness because I think that it comes through different mediums. So being quiet and listening is one way of connecting, but, maybe, also being aware that it may not always come through the still moment, but there might be other opportunities where it can be a conversation with a friend or maybe something that I’m listening to or something that I’m reading maybe. I think maybe trying to see if there are other ways by which I’m connected that I’m just not, again, just kind of paying attention. It’s really sort of heightening my awareness.

Kourtney:        Yeah. Absolutely. I feel like even shedding light on that moment right now may kind of be the switch that you just needed to be aware of that, just recognizing that it can come in in different ways and in different situations and being open to that. It’s kind of a conscious switch. Are there things that you feel like you could do out in your daily life in addition to that to maybe be more aware?

Elrena:             Yeah. I think one of the things that … Now that it’s getting warmer here ’cause we’re just kind of rolling out of winter into spring, and I walk in the wintertime. If it’s cold or if it’s snowing, I just bundle up, and I go outside. Being out in nature, I think, does something to me mentally that I think I feel much more connected when I’m either out walking. I was down by the beach yesterday, so I decided to go down and read one of my books down by the beach, and there’s something about, as I said, being in nature. You feel at peace. You feel centered. You feel grounded, so I think it’s one of those areas where I feel, as I said, much more grounded and centered. That might be a good opportunity for me to connect, maybe, in that way –

Kourtney:        Absolutely.

Elrena:             When my thoughts are not reeling with 101 different things.

Kourtney:        Wonderful. I’m sorry. Go ahead. Yeah.

Elrena:             No, I’m just gonna write that down.

Kourtney:        Absolutely.

Elrena:             Yeah, ’cause it’s like, you say all of these things, and then you’re like, “What did I say again?”

Kourtney:        Yes. No, I have notes for you, too, if you don’t get it. I was gonna recount them for you, so I can actually do that while you go ahead and write as well.

Kourtney:        Just extra ways that you can work on being able to connect: pausing and reflecting in that moment where you receive that intuitive hit. That was one of the ones we talked about, too. Continuing in your journal and actually journal on whether or not you listened to your intuition and what happened when you did or did not listen to it. You also mentioned being open in your daily life to other ways that intuition may come in, whether it’s through a conversation with others or reading. Then, you just mentioned being out in nature, which is a lovely way, actually, of connecting and just regaining your center and grounding as well, too.

Elrena:             All right. That is … I’m excited.

Kourtney:        Yay.

Elrena:             ‘Cause it’s … I think sort of taking all of those steps into consideration … I really like the journaling piece of that as a way to just kind of, “Hey, this is the message that I feel that I’m getting. Okay. I followed through”, and what came out of listening to that. I really like the aspect, the journaling aspect of it, because I think to be able to go back and reflect and saying, “Okay. You just need to do more of this in this area, and as long as you continue to do more of this, then all will be well.”

Kourtney:        Right. And it’ll be a great validation for you, too, to look through and see all these ways that you are connected and all these moments that you did receive intuitive guidance in. And we are human, so whether or not we’re able to listen certain times to that guidance and act, it’s still there. You are still connected. You still have free will, and you can still choose to follow or not follow through with it, but I just wanna highlight how connected you are in that even still if you do make that choice not to necessarily follow through in that moment.

Elrena:             Right. Right.

Kourtney:        But I’m sure you’ll also probably find all the wonderful things that may happen when you do follow through if you document that, too, so that would be great to look back on.

Elrena:             And this is the thing, too, because I think, sometimes, it’s like yes, sometimes it’s no, and then sometimes it’s like not yet or maybe. So, as I said, just kind of being just aware of that because sometimes you’re like, “Yeah. No, that’s not what I’m asking.”

Kourtney:        Yeah. Not right now.

Elrena:             Not right now or just not at all, but just to be able to … And I think the journal aspect of that is going to be able to really help me to sort of be able to get a little bit more clarity in terms of, “Yeah. This is what’s going on, and this is the reason why you need to pay attention to this.” So I think that’s gonna help not only in the clarity aspect of it, but probably also the focuses of, “No, this is not where your focus should be. This is where it should be.” So, yeah, I’m excited.

Kourtney:        Yay. I’m excited for you.

Elrena:             Well, as I said, I was just like, “Okay. I feel like there are certain things that I’m sort of being guided or a path on which I’m supposed to go”, but, as I said, sometimes, in your head, and again, this is where your thoughts can get the best of you, it starts telling you you’re a little coo-coo.”

Kourtney:        Oh, no. And that’s the thing that’s so funny about intuition, though, too. It’s kind of like, “Okay. Well, there’s this logical side, and then there’s this side of …” It just kind of comes in, and you’re like, “What is that? That came out of nowhere. It’s kind of subtle.” And what to make of it. We all go through our days where we’re more in that train of thought that is not necessarily in flow with our intuition just being human beings and whatnot, so it is a little bit of a muscle that you start to flex. Just like anything that you would do with repetitiveness, you gain strength with it, so I think that these are all wonderful ways that you’ll start to continue to be really strong in your intuition and what it’s telling you. Yay.

Elrena:             I’m very excited. I’m just, as I said, I just always sensed that it’s been there, but just to be able to get more connected and not just kind of having it as this fleeting moment. It pops up here. It pops up there. Just to be more in the awareness of when it’s happening and the message that it’s trying to tell me and then sort of just, as you said, really kind of charting the ways.

Elrena:             Like, “Okay. I feel like this is what’s been going on. I’m gonna follow through. Okay. And this is what the results were.” Or if I’m being sort of led, and like, “No. That’s not what you’re supposed to do”, and hopefully make sure that it’s not grounded in like fear or doubt or insecurity or anything along that line. It’s this strong presence like, “No. Don’t do it.”

Elrena:             So, yeah. I’m excited because, as I said, it’s one thing I wanted to be able to … An area that I wanted to grow in, personally, because I always felt, as I said, it’s been there, and it’s shown up, but a lot of times, as I said, I don’t pay attention.

Kourtney:        Right. Yeah. Well, you’re gonna have lots of practice now.

Elrena:             Oh, I’m gonna have tons of practice. I’m gonna be in the zone.

Kourtney:        Yay. That’s so great. Is there anything else you wanna focus on? Or do you feel comfortable in what we’ve got so far?

Elrena:             I think I feel comfortable in what we have so far because I think that, as I said, just being able to pause and reflect and be able to journal, to heighten my awareness, I think it’s gonna really help me to, I think, have that clarity that I’m looking for in terms of, “Yes. This is your intuition. It’s connecting to you. This is what it’s trying to communicate” and just kind of take it from there. Yeah.

Kourtney:        Wonderful. I can’t wait to see in our next session what you’re gonna tell me about, what’s happening, and how this is working for you.

Elrena:             Hopefully I’ll have pages and pages of stuff [crosstalk 00:27:55]

Kourtney:        Yeah.

Elrena:             That I can share, so …

Kourtney:        Yes. Wonderful. Thank you so much, Elrena.

Elrena:             You’re welcome. Thank you.

Kourtney:        No problem. Have a good one, okay?

Elrena:             Okay. You, too.

Kourtney:        Thanks.