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Three Books to Grow Yourself and Change Your Life in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of personal development and empowerment, 2024 promises a transformative journey through the written words of remarkable authors who are not just coaches but illuminating guides on the path to self-discovery and change. In this blog post, we shine a spotlight on three must-read books crafted by individuals who transitioned from Coach Training World students to awakening authors.

Robin, Lindsey & Nikol have each channeled their coaching expertise and life experience into the art of storytelling, creating narratives that resonate with authenticity, wisdom, and the shared human experience. Each book stands as a testament to their commitment to shining their lights and evoking change in a world hungry for inspiration.

From coaching to awakening, these authors transcend traditional boundaries, offering insights that extend beyond the coaching session and into the realms of literature, touching the hearts and minds of readers.

As you embark on your literary journey in 2024, immerse yourself in the transformative narratives penned by these authors, and witness the power of words to ignite change, foster self-awareness, and kindle the flame of personal growth.

Get ready to be inspired, moved, and awakened by the brilliance of these Coach Training World graduates who have not only mastered the art of coaching but have also become beacons of light in the world of literature.



Robin Wald WPCC

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My Jupiter for Personal Growth Book

Robin is an ICF Professionally Certified Whole Person Coach, professional consulting astrologer, certified yoga and meditation teacher, intuitive Tarot reader, and adult and teen spiritual wellness educator. Through her business, Robin Wald Cosmic Wisdom Coaching, she supports clients in achieving self-understanding, growth, success, wellness, and joy.

Employing deep listening, thoughtful questioning, a loving presence, and collaborative exploration and strategizing, Robin partners with her clients at a profound level for transformational work, facilitating positive change and the accomplishment of their personal and professional goals. As a cosmic wisdom coach, she offers the unique advantage of integrating astrology, mindfulness, embodied practices, Tarot, and mystical wisdom into coaching sessions, tailored to her clients’ preferences, to support their process, growth, and potential. Robin is unwaveringly committed to helping clients tap into and trust their own inner wisdom, wholeness, and resourcefulness.

Robin specializes in powerful one-on-one coaching with adult and young adult clients, addressing topics such as life purpose, career, relationships, adulting, parenting, and physical and spiritual wellness.

“I am grateful and humbled by the heart-centered relationships I form with my clients” ~ Robin

In her book, “My Jupiter for Personal Growth and Purpose: An Astrology Coaching Workbook“, Robin guides readers to deepen awareness around their aspirations, potential, growth, and purpose. Through hands-on, self-reflective astrology and coaching worksheets, readers explore the meaning of Jupiter’s placement in their birth chart (by sign, house, and aspects to other planets) and how Jupiter’s twelve-year return cycles support their growth and abundance. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student of astrology, this accessible book will help you create fresh insights and connections with your life purpose and possibilities, inspiring you to take those insights into action.

Lindsey Goodwin, Coach-in-Training

Robin Wald WPCC

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Book Available On:

My Jupiter for Personal Growth Book

Lindsey possesses a remarkable strength in powerful questioning and active listening, guiding her clients to discern the best next steps towards creating their dream lives. As a deep listener, she uncovers underlying aspects of conversations, collaborating with clients to explore their hidden strengths and desires in positive and empowering ways. Working with individuals of all ages, in various life stages, and from diverse backgrounds, Lindsey offers coaching in Career, Confidence & Authenticity, Communication & Relationships, Creativity, and Self-Publishing.

Her book, “Powerful Life Skills For Teens & Young Adults,” serves three primary goals: to Inform, Inspire, and Empower young people worldwide. Reflecting on the choices and exploration of lifestyle and career options, Lindsey recognizes a lack of exposure, explanations, and empowerment in conventional education. The book addresses this gap by providing valuable information on topics ranging from mindset and nutrition to careers and fulfillment, aiming to empower readers with essential life skills.

Lindsey shares her personal journey into adulthood, marked by frustration and rage towards societal expectations. Lamenting the limited examples and opportunities for exploring skills and talents, she emphasizes the detrimental impact on mental well-being. Acknowledging the tragically common experience of limited education and social support, Lindsey underscores the importance of resources for personal development and joy.

Grateful for the help she received, Lindsey pursued self-exploration, education, and creativity, studying the science of happiness and fulfillment. She learned valuable mindset hacks, self-care techniques, and the art of saying “no.” As her confidence grew, opportunities expanded, and her skill sets flourished. Recognizing the significance of education, support, and confidence, Lindsey was inspired to launch her life coaching practice.

Reflecting on the limited opportunities for deep exploration and self-awareness in many conventional education and support systems, along with the impact of her discoveries, Lindsey is driven by a desire to inform, inspire, and empower others. Her coaching practice and first book, tailored for teens, aim to illuminate the abundance and infinite opportunities in the world. Lindsey hopes to ignite a spark within readers, offering them a guiding light during challenging times. Her goal is to help every reader understand the true nature of the world, recognize their worth, and explore their options, enabling them to live powerful, intentional, and fulfilled lives through the practice of essential life skills.

Nikol Rogers, WPCC, PCC

Robin Wald WPCC

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Book Available On:

My Jupiter for Personal Growth Book

Nikol Rogers is a dynamic speaker, best-selling author, and empowerment coach dedicated to helping individuals reclaim their confidence, expand their audience, and bring their fearless vision to life. Globally renowned for teaching the ZenRed Method, Nikol empowers clients to become confident versions of themselves aligned with their true purpose through her signature course, Powerful Presence.

With a 20-year professional performance career, including time as a Rockette, Nikol has graced countless stages. Her work is deeply influenced by her Zen practice, Energy Medicine, Qi Gong, Nonviolent Communication, and extensive experience as an artist. Nikol emphasizes that the heart of transformation lies in the discovery of one’s true self—a journey that unlocks an individual’s greatest power and allows the manifestation of a life they love.

Clients of Nikol have achieved remarkable milestones, such as publishing books, selling out events and concerts, creating solo shows, speaking on large stages, and establishing award-winning businesses that nourish and fulfill them

About Her Book:

While the number 13 is traditionally considered unlucky, for Nikol, it proved to be the most transformative year of her life. Her book narrates the story of a year when Nikol’s life went up in flames, consuming everything she thought defined her. Despite the devastation, a new, quiet voice emerged within her—the voice of 13.

In sharing the vulnerable aftermath of losing her identity, Nikol’s writing creates a powerful space for self-empowerment, resonating with those who have felt stuck in relationships and a life that no longer serves them. The book is for individuals seeking a fresh start, recognizing the preciousness of their lives. It delves into the significance of sacred numbers and how devastation can open doors to one’s greatest power.

Nikol was inspired to write this book after witnessing the impact of sharing her 2013 story during client interactions and podcast interviews. Each recounting stopped people cold, sparking hope and inspiring action. Motivated by the transformative potential of her narrative, she decided to pen a book titled “13.”

“I want you to know you are a powerful force. I’m here as an example, teacher, and guide. I want you to leave here with the definition of what a 13 is, so that whether you are going through a 13 now, or in the future as we all will, you have the tools to use your challenges as magical portals of transformation. A 13 is actually the most alchemical process you can go through in your life’s journey. As Paulo Coelho teaches in his international bestseller The Alchemist, when metal achieves its own personal legend, it turns into gold. This is the same for us, our personal 13’s are taking us closer to our dreams, and our deepest desires, because your 13 will not only show you who you really are but offer the path to realize your greatness in this lifetime.” ~ Nikol


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