Whole Person Coach Michelle Wirta

“Becoming a coach gave me the freedom to work in a way that feels right for the type of clientele I work with. I am now able to support them with my signature intuitive style while bolstering insights through coach-like inquiry, the power of accountability, and enacted change processes.”

With a history in clinical psychology, Michelle discovered well into her graduate program, that clinical psychology wasn’t where her heart was. Suddenly faced with the prospect of a career that did not engage her, she began searching for a framework that allowed space for positive psychology in combination with active, intentional transformation. That’s when she discovered Whole Person Coaching.

“Becoming a coach helped me bring my core passions together in a way that benefits people greatly. In turn, it also allows me to run a business that is my true calling.”

Since becoming a coach in 2006, Michelle has crafted a successful coaching practice as The Soul Translator. She combines purpose and identity coaching with a profound process for deep spiritual validation and energetic clearing. She primarily works with women who identify themselves in one of two ways:

  • Highly Driven – Women craving to reconnect with their feminine, spiritual, and intuitive side in their personal lives then translate that into how they run their companies or new entrepreneur endeavors.
  • Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) – Women who want to learn how to be powerful and prosperous by being themselves and doing things their way instead of becoming someone else they think they need to be to earn acceptance, success, and happiness.

Michelle also uses coaching to help her clients integrate and activate the self-awareness and growth they experience through Soul Translations and in Tarot Led Coaching (T.L.C.™). This unique branch of coaching uses Tarot as a representative and intuitive system to help individuals and business owners create sustainable change and broaden their self-awareness.

These offerings are representative of Michelle’s most impressive achievements: she has embraced who she truly is and successfully brought all of herself into play!

Today, Michelle is tapping her highly intuitive capacities as she creates a Sheroes Journey Tarot deck, a wordplay book for kids and adults, and a book about soul translation. A proud mom, she is also currently teaching a course entitled The Sheroes Journey Purpose-full Planner Immersion.

“Coaching’s tools and processes enable me to seamlessly bring my clients to identify with who they really are. We then extend that insight into a business that can match, express, and serve them as an extension of their genuine desires.”

Learn more about Michelle: www.thesoultranslator.com