To truly understand how to create a magnetic website that works for you 24-7, you might be tempted to do a little research online. However, this will quickly show you at least a million results. How overwhelming is that?

Instead of looking at what your website does technically, or what everyone else is trying to do, save your time and focus in on the five most powerful strategies to generate leads and profit from your website.

Grab your pen and let’s see if your website is truly providing the value it can for you. It’s important that you compare what you currently have to see how you can easily get way more sales just by making a few tweaks so that’s why I suggest you grab a pen to take notes.

Does your website…

Showcase your expertise

You’ve probably heard of the concept of raving fans. Based on the book of the same name, the theory suggests that our work should be so amazing, so compelling, that people don’t just praise us…they “rave” about us to others as well.

These evangelists, the book goes on to teach us, are a business owners best friend because of what they are sharing with others. Your website can act in the same manner, shouting out to the world your brilliance and the breakthroughs you’ve helped create for others.

The best way to show a website visitor your expertise and skill is with the use of:

  • Case studies
  • Portfolios
  • Website content
  • White papers
  • Visual design

And don’t forget that your raving fans love to help, too. Testimonials are a non-negotiable element of showcasing your expertise, and crucial to building trust, so be sure to include them on your site.

Remember that a good testimonial follows a formula:

  1. Person was suffering and in pain
  2. Person found your business
  3. How you solved the problem
  4. Resolution thanks to you
  5. What they are now able to do that they couldn’t before (the real reason someone will want to work with you!)

The key, of course, is that an excellent showcase of your expertise builds credibility with your audience. And that means they will like, trust and purchase your offerings. When you demonstrate your experience you become the go-to expert at what you do for those who need you the most.

Provide a playground

Now, let’s look at the bigger picture here; you don’t want a website that sits alone, but one that is a gathering space. You want live interaction and your visitors to connect with you. You want to work towards building a community within and around your website.

Create posts that engage your audience around what matters most to them. Encourage them to react and respond with blog comments, include social media share buttons, or offer a live chat feature. To build and sustain your tribe, don’t leave out these critical interactive components.

Amplify your success by creating an interactive quiz or provide a little game for your potential clients to play. A great mind-trick is to bring back their childhood and use the games your teachers used to help you learn new things. Recently I went to a workshop and we sang songs from grade school. I never saw 100 people light up so brightly before. This works.

Get yourself opportunities

While your ultimate goal is to attract clients to your website, that isn’t the begin all and end all of what your website can do for you.

Use your site as a hot spot for public relations opportunities. Set yourself up to attract speaking engagements, or offer to provide expert opinions for journalists. Don’t forget about affiliate partners that can accelerate your success through cross-promotional opportunities.

One of my favorite ways to get opportunities is to create your own station and offer radio, webisodes, or podcasts. This type of media exposure can be quite transformational for your audience and really show them the value that you bring to the table.

If you want to get the word out in a big way, you have to promote and share yourself on your website, plain and simple. Don’t expect everyone to know that you’re open to these ideas either; tell them you are. And ask them to book you for a speaking gig, hire you to podcast with them, or schedule a free consult to discuss additional opportunities, etc.

Generate quality leads

At the heart of your website is the very essence of who you are, what you do, and who you do it for. Having this information available clearly helps your clients decide if what you’ve got to offer is what they need to buy.

What you say on your site matters, but more importantly you’ve got to move them from visitors into your database so that you can effectively continue to market to them. The most effective way to do this is to offer a freebie, otherwise called a lead magnet, opt-in offer, or ethical bribe.

Up front and center on your website should be your opt-in form, making it easy, simple and quick for your visitors to trade their contact information for some of your wisdom. Don’t be hasty. Take your time and decide on a juicy nugget that everyone would really love to learn from you. What you share is going to help them to see the value that you can offer them if they invest in your services as a paying client.

Make yourself money

For someone to buy from you, you must be selling them something. This is the number one mistake on most websites; they are not selling anything or it is unclear what is being sold.

Of course, you don’t want to hit a website visitor over the head with buy now, and purchase here, but you do want to make your sales page jump out so that they know where to find your saleable items.

Do you have a clearly labeled section of your website that says, Products? Packages? etc. Are the prices listed, and the links to your payment systems working correctly? Is it fast and easy to pay you?

Second, does a Buy Now page go to another page that goes to another payment page? This could be limiting your sales. Streamline the payment process to make it as easy as possible to buy from you.

Okay – now count up your check marks. How did you do? If you’re still struggling to see the big picture with your website, contact me for a free strategy session. I’ll help you get on the path to a clear vision.