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Business and entrepreneurial coaching focuses chiefly on sustainable best practice business growth and change — change that enhances and accelerates both the well-being and happiness of the individual and the business. Baraka Institute specializes in business performance enhancement, leadership skills, communication strategies, presentation skills, strategic thinking, alliance building, marketing and business start-up. This program’s design stems absolutely from the client’s business needs and is shaped solely by the client’s agenda on any scheduled day of a session.

The beauty of business and entrepreneurial coaching is that it supports clients’ efforts to attain a profitable yet enjoyable business while providing tools and techniques to not only reach their goals more rapidly but which are applicable to other changes and enhancements made throughout life.

What is business and entrepreneurial coaching?

Business and entrepreneurial coaching is a vehicle for optimizing your business potential, sharpening your awareness and enabling you to develop/expand plans for the business you have always wanted. Business and entrepreneurial coaching is focused on evaluating your present business condition, if applicable, and reshaping or building it to suit your desired business plans. When correctly employed, this system of coaching allows you to more readily understand and advance your business goals and provides you with the tools necessary to make this happen. Business and entrepreneurial coaching puts you in charge of discovering and creating/growing the business you want. As a result, you feel self confident, optimistic and motivated about the future of your chosen business and life, in general.

A Business & Entrepreneurial Coach works in partnership with you exploring your leadership skills, goals, habits, values, attitudes, perceptions, decisions, habits and barriers. You then discover and begin utilizing your unique talents, abilities, passions, desires and sense of purpose to demonstrate business acumen, personal fulfillment and professional/life success.

Who would benefit from business and entrepreneurial coaching?

Just about any one could benefit from business and entrepreneurial coaching, including those wishing to:

  • Set clear business priorities and goals
  • Define, design useable business and marketing action plans
  • Significantly increase revenue and grow resource networks
  • Improve time management and reduce stress
  • Eliminate self-limiting behaviors that slow or halt the mechanisms for success
  • Sharpen skills, attitude and increase confidence
  • Brainstorm more creatively
  • Enjoy guilt-free time off while continuing to generate income
  • Upgrade client base
  • Delegate more often and more effectively
  • Learn to communicate powerfully
  • Discover new techniques for problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Take responsibility for follow-through on declarations made for desired business plan
  • Enjoy a more satisfying personal and/or professional life
  • Create a balanced, harmonious life

What can you expect from working with a Business & Entrepreneurial Coach?

A business and entrepreneurial coach will help you restore, achieve and maintain a productive, profitable, balanced business. Together you discover where you stand and where you want to go. Your coach will get you to look at everything from a broader perspective and assist you in developing strategies to overcome barriers, obstacles and excuses and for dealing with your unique business challenges. You profit by actively engaging in processes that help you understand your own personal roadblocks. Additionally, you gain from your coach’s experience as a successful business owner, one who understands the language. Your coach is committed to helping you remain focused and establish the mindset you need to make lasting changes and will also challenge you to become successful in reaching your chosen goals. As you achieve a milestone, your coach will help you evaluate, acknowledge and celebrate your success.

Your coach will work with you to strengthen the foundations of your business, helping to set up supportive systems, resources and networks. This is an essential part in developing your action plan for change. Your commitment to open, honest communication with your coach can yield a successful business and a balanced, vibrant, happy life.

Partnering with the right coach will unquestionably improve your business! A successful coach/client alliance provides discovery, enlightenment and direction on the path to your vision, aligning what’s most important to you with your chosen goals. A business and entrepreneurial coach can aid you in developing higher levels of emotional intelligence, improving communication skills, dealing with rapid change, leading more effectively, and achieving breakthrough results with coworkers and staff. It can empower you to reach or even exceed your business goals, achieve a work/play balance or tackle many other aspects of your business or personal life.

Do you need business and entrepreneurial coaching?

Here are a few reasons individuals seek the assistance of a business coach:

  • Is your work unrewarding?
  • Would you rather be working for yourself than someone else?
  • Do you have some great business ideas but have difficulty putting them into action?
  • Is your work taking over your life causing you to neglect your family and friends?
  • Do you tend to accept what you have but yearn for something better?
  • Ever wish you could communicate more effectively with colleagues and clients?
  • Are you seeking a personalized program which deals with your mindset, your unique situation and barriers to success, and helps you make changes that last?

Your business coach will help you to set and achieve your business development and marketing goals through focused, well-defined business initiatives and action plans.

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